Got Magnets?  
I know I do and I have 122 of them done!!  whew, and I FINALLY have them posted.  It took me forever to get a decent picture of them, and I finally had to be happy with what I ended up with.   ( I really need advanced photography classes) or maybe “beginners” training for that matter!!   I had too much reflection to suit me, and without a flash, you could not see the details!!!  arrghhhhhhh  beyond the flash capabilities, I am clueless.   ANYWAY….look closely and enjoy!!  there are some really neat ones in here.  I will take about half to The Book Vault in Oskaloosa, where they sell them exclusively….and the rest are going to an Art show in June, along with many other fun items!!  These sell like CRAZY!!  great for impulsive purchases at the check out, or great for gift giving… a practical way. 

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  1. stampit74 Says:

    Kelli – your magnets are so cool and all grouped together like this, they are FAB!

    Pam Going Postal

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