Simply Altered pendants

ok.  Venturing out beyond boxes, magnets and notepads for my Simply Altered business, and am now creating pendants.  As with any Simply Altered items, these are easily personalized!!  note the “destination” one is not only from Iowa, but specifinally created with map of my hometown, Oskaloosa!!  I will be taking orders for the pendants, as well as showing all of them off at Art on the Square!!  (I am preparing 4 months ahead this year, as opposed as to a couple weeks ahead LAST year!!)  live and learn!!  🙂   ……….My intentions are to sell them with chain in assorted finishes, pendants of all kids of shapes and sizes,  and sell pendants alone to make them interchangeable.  I will also have the same pendants for key chains, fobs, etc etc etc…oh the possibilities are endless.  Why have something that is good for only ONE purpose???  that is no fun.     😀   enjoy looking!!!!!!!  and if you feel the need to  S P R E A D the word about my blog , or the items I have available, pass this info on to ALL your family and friends!!!   🙂    Thanks!!!!


5 Responses to “Simply Altered pendants”

  1. Christy Says:

    Awesome jewelry!! You are so full of talent, girl…keep up the great work.

  2. expressionswithheart Says:

    Kelli – so FUN girlfriend! Thanks for sharing what you’re up to!

  3. Maddi Says:

    okay here i am looking at your blog. awsome,. jk =]

  4. bejes Says:

    More pictures of these please!!!!

  5. kim aka machita Says:

    i totally agree with BeJes MORE MORE MORE

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