an ATC with a (re) purpose !

Always looking for those perfect pieces of life to use for another purpose.   In clearing out my attic a few weeks ago, I was taken back to the late 80’s when I cross stitched about as much as I am currently papercrafting.  I found MANY old stitched pieces that as much as I loved them then….I do not necessarily want them NOW.   I kept a few for my childrens sake, in MANY years to come, but I also found alot of small elements to cut apart and “repurpose” into other things, and this piece in particular will be on its way to a fellow swapper that has “quilts” as her chosen theme.   It is all about looking outside the box!!!!!!!   it is really the most interesting place to look!!!


2 Responses to “an ATC with a (re) purpose !”

  1. Christy Says:

    Wowie!! What a really wonderful ATC, Kelli! It’s cool to see what you come up with, you are soooo good at thinking outside the box. The saying on this card is so appropriate.

  2. expressionswithheart Says:

    oh, I’m surprised we didn’t run into each other back then in the needleworks store! I was always in there – I think the computer place is there now! I cross-stitched on linen…I remember you asking me about the sampler in my dining room! Now, I know why! you’re an ex-stitcher too! I did tons of the little ornaments too! still have a bunch…this is WONDERFUl! I hope I get to see it b/4 you send it off!

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