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Throw Out Fifty Things…..

March 31, 2009


Can you feel my excitement????

Can you feel my excitement????

Just published March 2009, so I obviously do not have one in my possession (yet!!)   but the I am safe to say this is a MUST read!!!!   it just HAS to be…right???   the title alone, and also the fact that it is endorsed by my favorite magazine of ALL times!!!   “Real Simple”.      I am excited!!!   I will get my hands on my own copy as soon as I possibly can, until then, if you want to read the reviews, go to  and check it out for yourself.    If you struggle to find “fifty things” in your own home  (although I can not imagine!!)  give me a call, I will be more than glad to HELP  !!!!!  I am highly motivated by the thought of flinging other peoples “stuff”  , just as much as my own !!!!!!!    🙂


Spare parts….

March 30, 2009


spare parts.....

spare parts…..

Not as pristine as one I own and used  for my blog  header  / banner, but none the less, USEFUL !!!!!   A friend of mine nabbed this VERY vintage typewriter as it was landfill bound!!!!  can you imagine???   I think she maybe paid $2 for it.  Look at those AWESOME keys alone!!!   not to mention my son took this beauty completely apart, and we found some VERY interesting teeny “parts” inside that have been used on a variety of Simply Altered items!!!!

Some people may have a jigsaw puzzle laying around to work on…..not us.  We have vintage machines and plenty of tools.  He and his friends had a great time.  What boys do not LOVE to disassemble thing???   and within a few days, I have a pile of “spare parts” to get creative with!!!!!!

Just another way we try to be “green”    🙂

Saturday Soap Making….

March 28, 2009


following my lead....
following my lead….

ok….  Success already!!!!!.  I have one sister  being a CopyCat  following my lead.  Anyone that knows my sisters, will not be shocked by this.   :)    Kim mentioned she would like to make some “Simply Wonderful” soap, being the overachievers that we are  (haha) , I knew she would love it SO much, so why not do FOUR batches instead!!!!   4 x’s the sisterly fun too!!!      She got the ingredients all locally, and paid approx $8 for it all.  No plastic jugs to dump in the landfill, and she can nearly make another 3 batches with the remaining ingredients.  I know she will utilize every last bit!!    

My job, was to oversee that she was doing everything correctly.  She stood guard at the food processor, to make sure it did not jump straight off the counter!!!   Kris  (another sister) took the pictures.   Hopefully she will be next to convert over to a “greener” way of cleaning clothes.   Kris,  is the sister that I have to do everything FOR instead of WITH…..and Kathy??  well, I am sure her gigantic plastic jugs from Sams suit her just fine!!!   yikes!!!

So, I am hoping to hear how many of you have fallen in love with the Simply Wonderful soap, and of course watch for Kims post……….I know already she will never go back to commercial DETERGENT again.   :)    right???

The recipe…

March 25, 2009




Here it is, since you asked.   🙂   as well as a picture of the Simply Wonderful homemade laundry soap !!!   I took it to show, it is the ONLY thing I am using.  No more wasteful huge plastic jugs to end up in the landfill, no more fabric softener and no more ripped open boxes of dryer sheets.  None.  This is it and it is Simply Wonderful!!!    and makes the top of my laundry area, MUCH less “cluttered”  and all who know me well, know how much I hate clutter!!!!



1 bar Fels Naptha

1/2 cup Borax

1/2 cup Arm & Hammer washing soda.   (there are alot of products containing A & H, in different varieties.  Be SURE you get SIMPLY the item stated)  I have found it a challenge to find it, but look hard, it is worth it.  

Chop up the bar of Fels Naptha into chunks and put through a food processer.   You want to be it as close to a powder as you can possibly get it. 

Add to the Borax and Arm & Hammer washing soda.  

Stir well and keep in a covered container. 

Use about 2 Tbsp per load.  I just use the handy little scoop (thanks Kim) and eyeball it now.  

Simple as that.   I usually make about 3 or 4 batches at a time since I do SO much laundry and have the mess less often, but oh, it makes the kitchen smell WONDERFUL, fresh and clean while you are preparing it!!!!  ahhhhhhh

One more note that works best for me…..I use WARM water setting and add the laundry soap straight into the running water.  It does suds well if you add it this way, but not being a commercial “detergent” might not make mounds of suds, but that is fine.  Trust me, it is still getting your clothes CLEAN in alot better way!!!  

I would love to know how many of you are trying this, and of course, how much you LOVE it!!!  let me know if you have any questions, or want to me to make some FOR you!!!  I am also doing that for some of my customers.    🙂

Simply Wonderful……

March 23, 2009


Simply WONDERFUL  !!!!!

Simply WONDERFUL !!!!!

Gotta share this with you.   Seems like with 2 teenager and a salon, I could own stock in Tide and Downey.   ON a good week, I am doing more laundry than I can even fathom!!!!  So, along with this comes MANY purchases of laundry detergent!!!!!!   and softener…..and softener sheets, etc etc etc… get the picture!!   $$$$$$$$$    I had heard of “Soaps Gone Buy” long ago, but dismissed the idea of homemade laundry soap recipes as something I would not like anyway.  Afterall, competing with Tide???  and all their wonderful scents!!  how could I handle that???   well, my neice and I ordered the ingredients on-line  (although I buy them local now)  and whipped up a few “batches” of our own.  She crunched the numbers, and given you only need one TABLESPOON per load???  this seemed too good to be true.   Oh my, I am certain I will never purchase commercial laundry soap again!!!  NEVER!!!  

and the VERY best part???   I no longer use ANY fabric softener, OR Fabric softener sheets!!!  My clothes smell nothing but FRESHNESS, a crisp clean scent, and possibly SOFTER than when I was using all those items!!!  honestly, no lie.    I continue to be amazed at each load I fold  !!!!!!!

Three items, a food processor, and a mixing bowl and one large spoon to stir.  

It is just SIMPLY wonderful  !!!!!!

bitter sweet…..

March 19, 2009




awwww…..such bitter sweet reason for making this special ATC.   

My neices family will be moving ACROSS the globe this week as they relocate to Dubai for one year.  Her husbands job (Musco lighting) will take them there as they have many many big projects going on in that location.   Along with that, her little 18 month  old son Linus will be gone from his home  (and of course, all his aunts)   !!!  🙂     I had originally made him his very own little ATC collection for his 1st birthday , focusing on his name  “Linus”  using the charachter Linus in different milestones of his life.    {you can find this collection on my gallery in Split Coast Stampers as well}   so. keeping with the theme of things, I clearly thought this HUGE move in his little life deserves another ATC.  Don’t ya think???   

The shaker card was made mostly from finding the right images on google.  The image was from the nativity scene of Charlie Brown, but I now consider  the headwrap as arabic attire.  The map is obviously from the new area they will live in and the thermometer?? well, after I took this pic, I amped it up with a red Sharpie to make the temp about 120, since that is the average temp they will be living in.  YIKES!!!  hot hot hot  !!!!!!   

Notice how the sand part of the shaker is now sticking a little into his turbun bling??…..funny as I am sure there will be lots of sand in his hair as they spend plenty of time on the beach.  🙂     but we will miss them all SO much until they return safely.  

Interested in following their travels???       they will be leaving on March 22nd.  

Peace out Van Morrisons, and may God keep you all safe and sound  (and sane!!)    :).  


March 15, 2009

Welcome to my new, and hopefully improved blog location!!!  after realizing that blogspot was not as user friendly as I had hoped, I found a new home with wordpress.   This will allow viewers to post comments MUCH easier, and for myself to add new posts on a regular basis.  I will continue to post my favorite creations, and on occasion, I  will slip in a small glimpse of my SIMPLE life as well.  

Enjoy, leave comments, and be sure to check back often!!


Before and After…..

March 9, 2009

Amazing what a little T.L.C can do to a VINTAGE item on a rainy day huh??   Amazing “Before & After” on an old, VERY old wooden chest that I have owned (and used) for about 10+ years.  This little beauty, rugged as it WAS came from the father of a family friend.  Bless his heart for his typewritten labeling (now very brittle over the many years,  and his inventive “nail” drawer pulls, but I could see potential in this treasure as soon as I laid eyes on it……too bad it took me so many years to actually get around to DOING it!!!  ha.   I got all my customers orders filled and figured it was finally time to make something for ME to keep.    

I used patterned paper from a few of my FAVORITE companies. Seven Gypsies, Tim Holtz (thanks Pam, for the paper!!)  and a little Graphic 45.   (gotta LOVE that text paper on the side huh??)   Adding some text paper is always a good thing!!    And the final “altered” touch is the drawer pulls (numbers) taken off of a vintage adding machine (money order machine?) !!!  Thanks Kris and Bejes for that find!!  less than $1 for the entire machine at a garage sale!!!   and I have lots of other numbers leftover (even some in RED) , so you may see them appear in this blog from time to time.  🙂   
Now, what will I use this little chest for??  well, to hold my ever growing collection of alterable items and embellishments, of course.  One can never have enough little cubby holes and drawers to hold them all!!!!   
I hope you enjoy the “before & after” images as much as  I have loved creating it, and looking back at all the memories it took to FINALLY make it.  
Leave a comment, take my NEW poll, or simply pass the word of my blog on to others!!!    and most of all, thanks for stopping by to see what’s new……….

An inch of thanks!!!

March 5, 2009

Inchies, altered (of course).   I made these little darlings to present, attached to a corsage, to our faithful organists in the church we attend.  This Sunday, they will be recognized for their musical talents and God given gifts.  

What is in YOUR attic????

March 3, 2009

What do you do with all your childhood memories from clubs / sports / accomplishments???  of couse, call Simply Altered and have a personalized cigar box created to proudly display them.  What good are they doing sitting in a drawer or in the attic?    I got this request from a customer, for her adult daughter, who has possibly long forgotten being awarded these pins.  In the midst of simplifying her home, she came across these, and of course did not have the heart to toss them!!!   It was a challenge to work with basically two colors + black as I tend to make more eclectic boxes with lots of colors and patterns, but this one was much different!!  I do like the way it turned out and hopefully the recipient will too.