What is in YOUR attic????

What do you do with all your childhood memories from clubs / sports / accomplishments???  of couse, call Simply Altered and have a personalized cigar box created to proudly display them.  What good are they doing sitting in a drawer or in the attic?    I got this request from a customer, for her adult daughter, who has possibly long forgotten being awarded these pins.  In the midst of simplifying her home, she came across these, and of course did not have the heart to toss them!!!   It was a challenge to work with basically two colors + black as I tend to make more eclectic boxes with lots of colors and patterns, but this one was much different!!  I do like the way it turned out and hopefully the recipient will too.  


One Response to “What is in YOUR attic????”

  1. expressionswithheart Says:

    this is really cool and full of memories for this customer, I’m sure!
    We don’t have much of an attic w/having a finished third floor….how sad is that! NO treasures buried…oh, I did find a couple old postcards behind the trim up there when I was refinishing it…funny how they wrote 100 years ago!

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