Before and After…..

Amazing what a little T.L.C can do to a VINTAGE item on a rainy day huh??   Amazing “Before & After” on an old, VERY old wooden chest that I have owned (and used) for about 10+ years.  This little beauty, rugged as it WAS came from the father of a family friend.  Bless his heart for his typewritten labeling (now very brittle over the many years,  and his inventive “nail” drawer pulls, but I could see potential in this treasure as soon as I laid eyes on it……too bad it took me so many years to actually get around to DOING it!!!  ha.   I got all my customers orders filled and figured it was finally time to make something for ME to keep.    

I used patterned paper from a few of my FAVORITE companies. Seven Gypsies, Tim Holtz (thanks Pam, for the paper!!)  and a little Graphic 45.   (gotta LOVE that text paper on the side huh??)   Adding some text paper is always a good thing!!    And the final “altered” touch is the drawer pulls (numbers) taken off of a vintage adding machine (money order machine?) !!!  Thanks Kris and Bejes for that find!!  less than $1 for the entire machine at a garage sale!!!   and I have lots of other numbers leftover (even some in RED) , so you may see them appear in this blog from time to time.  🙂   
Now, what will I use this little chest for??  well, to hold my ever growing collection of alterable items and embellishments, of course.  One can never have enough little cubby holes and drawers to hold them all!!!!   
I hope you enjoy the “before & after” images as much as  I have loved creating it, and looking back at all the memories it took to FINALLY make it.  
Leave a comment, take my NEW poll, or simply pass the word of my blog on to others!!!    and most of all, thanks for stopping by to see what’s new……….

7 Responses to “Before and After…..”

  1. Christy Says:


    This is such an amazing project! I am sure you are looking at the finished product and thinking it was worth all the time and effort. Love all those little drawers, but I am sort of an organizing freak. Dreaming of all the fun stuff to tuck away inside. Love this–TFS.

  2. stampit74 Says:

    so, you’re keeping this little jewel for yourself….hmmm… it is way over the top cool! It was cool before the papers…. but now….PERFECT! I’m happy for ‘ya! You just know the right people and then they know you so well, to find you the perfect things for altering! Glad I had those papers to contribute! It’s so fun seeing what you create w/stuff! AMAZING!
    Glad you have a blog now…

  3. camcas Says:


  4. Cathy Says:

    Kelli, I just love what you did with this. I never would have recognized it! The vintage feel of the papers you chose adds so much. What a treasure, sentimentally speaking, and what a treasure now to display! Have you thought of submitting it to Stampington for their altered magazine? I would be willing to bet they’d jump at it!

  5. Aunt Kim aka machita! Says:

    hi kelli, i am considering adding an armour and something like your dewey decimal storage and the tall shelf you just got and possibly the miniture box that you have. could you give me ideas of where i can get those? Thanks. Also do you know where I can find a box liked the one above???

  6. "DOUDO" Says:

    Hey I have an old box with drawers in my garage that you can have and “Simply Alter” I also have several old sewing machines but I would have to ask my boys to retrive them, if I can get them back you also can have them. Enjoy and looks like you working hard to be the next “Martha”…LOL

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I am interested!!! I love things like that!!! send me a pic and a price. 🙂 You know I am very capable of being the next “Martha” !!! it comes so naturally to me. 🙂 LOL

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