bitter sweet…..




awwww…..such bitter sweet reason for making this special ATC.   

My neices family will be moving ACROSS the globe this week as they relocate to Dubai for one year.  Her husbands job (Musco lighting) will take them there as they have many many big projects going on in that location.   Along with that, her little 18 month  old son Linus will be gone from his home  (and of course, all his aunts)   !!!  🙂     I had originally made him his very own little ATC collection for his 1st birthday , focusing on his name  “Linus”  using the charachter Linus in different milestones of his life.    {you can find this collection on my gallery in Split Coast Stampers as well}   so. keeping with the theme of things, I clearly thought this HUGE move in his little life deserves another ATC.  Don’t ya think???   

The shaker card was made mostly from finding the right images on google.  The image was from the nativity scene of Charlie Brown, but I now consider  the headwrap as arabic attire.  The map is obviously from the new area they will live in and the thermometer?? well, after I took this pic, I amped it up with a red Sharpie to make the temp about 120, since that is the average temp they will be living in.  YIKES!!!  hot hot hot  !!!!!!   

Notice how the sand part of the shaker is now sticking a little into his turbun bling??…..funny as I am sure there will be lots of sand in his hair as they spend plenty of time on the beach.  🙂     but we will miss them all SO much until they return safely.  

Interested in following their travels???       they will be leaving on March 22nd.  

Peace out Van Morrisons, and may God keep you all safe and sound  (and sane!!)    :).  


5 Responses to “bitter sweet…..”

  1. BeJes Says:

    Welcome to wordpress. Thanks for the lovely note. Guess you had to name drop in your blog since you are in mine? Any way, still the best Pokemon card I have seen you make! Sanks again! We will miss you.

  2. camcas Says:

    cute card KAREN- I have always liked Linus the best!

  3. Karen Says:

    Kelli that card is so cute. I am looking for the right image to make one.

  4. Christy Says:

    The art is certainly out of this world, and what a tremendous heart-warming story behind the ATC. All of the details you included were eye-catching. Although, he is a little guy right now, this collection will be something he will most definately appreciate. What a great idea! You are just so creatively thoughtful.

  5. stampit74 Says:

    Kelli – this is so adorable! what a clever idea! love the newsprint stamp again and the map and thermometer…everything!

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