Simply Wonderful……


Simply WONDERFUL  !!!!!

Simply WONDERFUL !!!!!

Gotta share this with you.   Seems like with 2 teenager and a salon, I could own stock in Tide and Downey.   ON a good week, I am doing more laundry than I can even fathom!!!!  So, along with this comes MANY purchases of laundry detergent!!!!!!   and softener…..and softener sheets, etc etc etc… get the picture!!   $$$$$$$$$    I had heard of “Soaps Gone Buy” long ago, but dismissed the idea of homemade laundry soap recipes as something I would not like anyway.  Afterall, competing with Tide???  and all their wonderful scents!!  how could I handle that???   well, my neice and I ordered the ingredients on-line  (although I buy them local now)  and whipped up a few “batches” of our own.  She crunched the numbers, and given you only need one TABLESPOON per load???  this seemed too good to be true.   Oh my, I am certain I will never purchase commercial laundry soap again!!!  NEVER!!!  

and the VERY best part???   I no longer use ANY fabric softener, OR Fabric softener sheets!!!  My clothes smell nothing but FRESHNESS, a crisp clean scent, and possibly SOFTER than when I was using all those items!!!  honestly, no lie.    I continue to be amazed at each load I fold  !!!!!!!

Three items, a food processor, and a mixing bowl and one large spoon to stir.  

It is just SIMPLY wonderful  !!!!!!


14 Responses to “Simply Wonderful……”

  1. Christy Says:

    OH! Kelli–

    This looks like something worth trying out. Do you have a recipe to share? I am a really picky laundry person too, love those fresh scents. Keep us posted, girl.

  2. Lisa Wilkening Says:

    Okay you have me intrigued…continue….spill the beans…

  3. Aunt Tippy Says:

    Glad I could help you save some cash! 🙂

  4. ol' lady Says:

    nice site kel! when i have more time, i will sit down and read your “blogs” GHOD!

  5. Jan Says:

    This sounds great. Will you share your recipe for the laundry detergent?
    Thank you,

  6. Don Says:

    Kelli – You’re a TV star. I saw the bit on Friday’s news and there was your picture. I’m curious about your detergent. Does it really get the clothes clean? As clean? or acceptably clean? Do you use the same food processor that you prepare your meals with?

    I’d love to borrow some and try it out. Is that a possibility? I do most of the laundry over here on my day off. Cindy thinks that’s something I should be able to do to help…the ironing is the killer!!!

  7. Rebecca Says:

    I saw you on TV, and wanted to say “Way to Go!” We live near you in Peoria, and I am wondering where you can buy these items locally? I know Borax is widely available, but where do you find the other two? Especially the Fels Naptha? I’d really like to try this. Also, I am wondering if you know how this would work on cloth diapers? I’ve only recently started using them, and I know that you can not use a lot of detergents on them (especially anything with added fragrances and softeners and such.) Thanks for any help! : )

  8. donna wilson Says:

    i have a ? i know how to get the static out of my clothes and making them feel soft when putting them into the dryer without using a dryer sheet–but how do i keep my clothes feeling soft when i hang them out on the line?

    • simplyaltered Says:

      hummmm I will work on that one. I have not hung the clothes on the line after using the laundry soap, maybe the softness it creates would make them soft enough anyway? I will try that next since the nice weather now allows it. I love fresh clothes on the line, but up til this time, I did not like the crispiness of them afterwards.

  9. LisaW Says:

    I have been hanging mine clothes outside on the line since it has gotten nice out and they have been fine. No static cling and they feel wonderful! I have always hung up my work clothes but since I have started using the homemade laundry soap they are 100% nicer to the touch. No stiffness or static here. I have also noticed that they seem to hang on me nicer also. Definately do not hesitate to hang them out.

  10. simplyaltered Says:

    Yeah!!!!!!! thanks for letting us know this. Ya know what??? I am headed tot he clothesline right now!!!!!!

  11. angie Says:

    Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I have been using your laundry soap for about 6 weeks now and I love it! I have given some to my mom, sister and this week I am going to Ohio and will give to that sister also! Anyway- I burned up my food processor while making my first 3 batches of soap, and so now I grate it with a cheese grater and then chop finely with a good old knife and cutting board! Long process, but worth it! While doing this today I dropped some of the curls on the floor and when I cleaned it up with a wet rag it got my floor really clean. So I tested it by running some hot water in the sink and putting a big pinch of Fels Naptha powder into the water and went to work on my floor-it works like a dream!! Better than Lyson or Pine-sol!! Has anyone given this info to you yet, or heard anything about it being bad for linoleum?
    PS- I’m trying the baby wipes tomorrow. I don’t have a baby, but it sure is nice to have the wipes in the car for sticky hands left over from melted ice cream in the summer!

  12. Becky Groff Says:

    How does this work with the new HE front load washers??

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yes, Becky it does, The dispense amount may need to be adjusted, but it is HE safe as well as septic system safe in case you need that info. You might want to read through the comments from the recipe or the FAQ section of the blog. I think you will find it very helpful. I have many users with HE machines.

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