Saturday Soap Making….


following my lead....
following my lead….

ok….  Success already!!!!!.  I have one sister  being a CopyCat  following my lead.  Anyone that knows my sisters, will not be shocked by this.   :)    Kim mentioned she would like to make some “Simply Wonderful” soap, being the overachievers that we are  (haha) , I knew she would love it SO much, so why not do FOUR batches instead!!!!   4 x’s the sisterly fun too!!!      She got the ingredients all locally, and paid approx $8 for it all.  No plastic jugs to dump in the landfill, and she can nearly make another 3 batches with the remaining ingredients.  I know she will utilize every last bit!!    

My job, was to oversee that she was doing everything correctly.  She stood guard at the food processor, to make sure it did not jump straight off the counter!!!   Kris  (another sister) took the pictures.   Hopefully she will be next to convert over to a “greener” way of cleaning clothes.   Kris,  is the sister that I have to do everything FOR instead of WITH…..and Kathy??  well, I am sure her gigantic plastic jugs from Sams suit her just fine!!!   yikes!!!

So, I am hoping to hear how many of you have fallen in love with the Simply Wonderful soap, and of course watch for Kims post……….I know already she will never go back to commercial DETERGENT again.   :)    right???


6 Responses to “Saturday Soap Making….”

  1. Aunt Kim aka machita! Says:

    yeah I cannot believe how fresh EVEN my whole laundry room smells now!!! Marv also commented on how good it smells 🙂 Thanks Kelli…. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aunt Tippy Says:

    Whatev. I’ll just sit here and wait for my recognition. But, don’t even think I’m sharing my recipe for reusable dryer sheets. 😛

  3. simplyaltered Says:

    refer back to an earlier post to see your recognition 🙂 but for the record, I knew about this about 3 years ago, just never had the ambition to look any further into it.
    dryer sheets??? no use for them now!!!!! 😛

  4. stampit74 Says:

    All grown up and still playing w/bubbles! hehe well, kinda!
    Looks like you’re all having a good time!

  5. Vicki Huyser- Eatwell Says:

    I live in MN and my best friend lives in Eddyville. (When I was a kid I lived in Osky. My grandparents did too.) anyhow, my friend passed along the soap recipe, which I LOVE!!! (and your website) won’t use anything else and have passed it along to many others up here in MN along with your website – they all love it!
    One question has come up and I hope you can answer. Can this laundry soap mix be used in the HE machines?

    Love the tea recipe too. Hope to try the lotion when what I have runs out. Looking forward to your solution for those high cost dishwasher tabs with Dawn in them!

    Thanks. Keep up the great work. Glad things are working out for your daughter!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      So happy to hear from you!!! small world huh??? ok. The laundry soap question?? YES it can be use on front loading high efficency washers!!! I heard this FIRST hand. Keep watching my blog and tell your friends as I will make a new post this weekend all about it!!!!!! but the answer is YES YES YES !!!!!!
      You are going to LOVE the lotion!!!!! my skin is perfect testament to it!!!! with winter coming, it is the ONLY thing my daughter and I use!!! and I have tried EVERYTHING, with no results before this!!!!!!!!!
      DIshwasher tabs are not going so well though. 😦 watch for an update on that too.
      and yes my daughter is doing FABULOUS!!!!!!!! thank goodness for EBHS!!!!!!! I could not ask for a better situation for her. It was an answer to my prayers!!!! 🙂
      Thanks again for posting. I hope you and your friends are subscribers?? that way it is delivered to your inbox and you will not miss a thing. 🙂 much more to come!!!!!!!!!!!

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