Spare parts….


spare parts.....

spare parts…..

Not as pristine as one I own and used  for my blog  header  / banner, but none the less, USEFUL !!!!!   A friend of mine nabbed this VERY vintage typewriter as it was landfill bound!!!!  can you imagine???   I think she maybe paid $2 for it.  Look at those AWESOME keys alone!!!   not to mention my son took this beauty completely apart, and we found some VERY interesting teeny “parts” inside that have been used on a variety of Simply Altered items!!!!

Some people may have a jigsaw puzzle laying around to work on…..not us.  We have vintage machines and plenty of tools.  He and his friends had a great time.  What boys do not LOVE to disassemble thing???   and within a few days, I have a pile of “spare parts” to get creative with!!!!!!

Just another way we try to be “green”    🙂


3 Responses to “Spare parts….”

  1. stampit74 Says:

    Oh this is a great picture! YOU have GREAT HELP!
    Looks like fun and I can see your mind spinning out w/ideas!

  2. breanna Says:

    oh this is way cool!

  3. M A I ⚡ O N Says:

    Man he is a good lookin kid

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