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Giveaways, laundry tips and much more!!!

April 30, 2009


Simply green AND Simply Wonderful...

Simply green AND Simply Wonderful...

A comment and question posted to my blog from ‘Helen” :

“I finally made “The Recipe”.  I am VERY particular about my laundry.  I cannot believe how soft my clothes are with this recipe for laundry soap with NO Fabric Softener added.  We have very hard water.  So far this soap does an above adverage job of cleaning.

Question.  Occasionally I need to use Chlorox (DH prefers I not because of our Septic System) for things like tomato sauce and fruit stains.  Any hints on what is simple and works on these type stains?”


First off, I was smiling BIG time to this kind post!!!   softness withOUT the additional cost, hassle and PLASTIC involved with fabric softener???  oh , who would have thought??!!!   ‘Helen’ also e mailed me to say she is doing laundry for herself, her husband as well as her daughter and five grandchildren, and then wonders the cost per load??  well, I am gonna do the math and figure that out later and will post for all to know.  I am certain it will be IMPRESSIVE!!!  

but back to the question.   Honestly, with Borax being a whitener in itself, I find it does a good enough job.  But if not, then I would first suggest adding an additional 1/4 cup of Borax as you are making the soap, OR just SIMPLY adding another Tbsp per load of Borax as you are washing.  When I measure out the ingredients, I do measure generously on the Borax side.   🙂    I have also slightly moistened heavily stained areas, and then adding a Tbsp of  the Simply Wonderful recipe directly onto the stain, let it sit and absorb and then continue washing the garment.   This has all worked for me, 

HOWEVER.  A couple tips for completely stubborn stains.   Add 1 cup white vinegar to the soiled load, or 1/2 cup lemon juice per load.  Both aid in whitening as well.    A very good spot treatment that works, is hydrogen peroxide applied directly to the stain.  Let it soak and proceed with laundry. 

I have another INTERESTING tip, but I will save that for my next post.  You will not believe (atleast I didn’t) what you can add to laundry to eliminate static…..and of course, it is earth friendly   🙂   no chemical or additive.  Yuck.    🙂   and something I know that  EVERYONE has in their kitchens right now.  Any guesses????

Now, for the giveaway……post your guess, tell me about how much you love “The Recipe” or SIMPLY tell me how your day is going…..and I will randomly pick a winnner…….I will deliver or ship the little jar in the picture, filled with Simply Wonderful laundry soap!!!!!!!    even if you are already using the soap, the jar full of it is just too cute not to love.   (plants not included.)   {darn huh!!}

Now, onto more projects for Art on the Square.  ( some have asked, it is Saturday June 13 in the city square Oskaloosa IA)   be SURE to find me!!!!


Cha-Ching !!!!!!!!!!!!

April 29, 2009


Our 2009 New Years resolution.....

Our 2009 New Years resolution.....

January 1, 2009, my husband and I made a PROMISE to each other, that under no uncertain terms would we spend ONE COIN for the upcoming year.   We decided to set the bar a little higher, with the tightening economy.  In the past, we had always saved pennies, and maybe some nickels, but this year.  SAVING ALL COINS!!!!!!!   Never EVER spending a coin!!!!!  when the bill is $4.01, we pay with a $5.   NO CHEATING!!!!!!!!!!!  

Here is the result, 5 months later!!!!   cha-CHING!!!!!!     A trip to do errands paying with all cash, makes for a huge deposit into the change basket!!!  we always show each other the huge pile each time we are adding to it.  Funny thing, is my son even donated to the cause, but telling me to add the pennies in his hand, but he was keeping the “good” coins (quarters) for his own.  🙂   FUNNY!!!  

Not sure how we are going to get it to the bank, but I know I need my husbands strong arms as I can not even lift it!!!!!!!   the basket is about 10″ high and maybe 20″ wide.  FULL.   Click on the image for a close up and you will see MANY quarters.  

Maybe I could make a challenge, who ever comments and guesses the correct amount gets it ALL  !!!!!   (????)   hummmm…ok, maybe not.  

I will post soon on the day we get to “cash in”.  I hope it is soon.  

Maybe YOU will step up to this challenge?   but of course, as  in my fashion it is 100% effort , NEVER cheating, or why bother??     LOL.   

(and for the record…my guesstimate is $700 )    ya think I am close?  Glenn guesses a little more conservative, but I typically aim high.   🙂

do ya like???

April 27, 2009


a sneak peek for Art on the Square...

a sneak peek for Art on the Square...

ok.  Another sneak peek at what you will see at Art on the Square in June.  

I gathered up all the teeny bottles I could find and “altered” them appropriately for Art on the Square.  I think these little darlings will be a BIG hit!!!!!!    I dug deep into my junk drawers, and old stash of  elements to add as well as all the fibers, ribbon, beads and jute.   I will more than likely have a single flower in them, some will have lids, some will not.   Trust  me, they are REALLY cute!!!   I think they measure about 2″ tall.    🙂   

Remember, you can click on the image to make it enlarge it.  See the detail of each bottle.  

Now, I am praying for NO rain and NO wind on the day of the art show.  Glass is NOT a good thing to be selling in the wind!!!!!  especially these lightweight bottles.  Last year I battled wind all day long with my cigar boxes.  

Maybe I will fill these with ROCKS!!!   LOL

Keep watching…more sneak peeks to come……

simple pleasures…

April 25, 2009


even my dog enjoys the silence...

even my dog enjoys the silence...

As I was sitting out on my screened porch this morning, I had to smile, realizing  how simple of a pleasure this room has become.   FINALLY feeling like Spring is here to stay, I cleaned things up from the winter and the BEST room in the house is in full use!!   

I considered getting new furniture out there this year, and then realized, what I already have , has a alot more miles on it, serves its purpose very well, and the tiny chips on the wicker as well as the quilted covers I use for the pads only adds to the warmth and character  of the room.  Right??  I convinced myself, and obviously my little poodle has no problem with it either.  🙂

It is where I go to find peace and quiet in an otherwise stressful day.  A place to decompress, a place to collect my thoughts, or best of all, a place to have uninterrupted conversation when others join me here.  I have had the deepest conversations with my teenagers in this room.  No distractions other than the birds chirping.  A perfect place.  Sometimes, I have to even SNEAK in there, and no doubt, if the dog knows I am going that direction, she is right on my heels.  Guarding me from any other 4 legged canines that might walk on our sidewalk!!!   

It is also the room that my customers come through to get into my salon.  Funny how I have actually had customers come up to an hour EARLY for their appointment, and ask if I mind they just sit on the porch and wait.   🙂    a porch swing is on the opposite side of the room.  

Yeah, I think the furniture out there suits my needs just fine…..atleast for another year.  

Harley Davidson…..

April 24, 2009


for the Harley Davidson lovers out there...

for the Harley Davidson lovers out there...

Trying to step out of my normal realm  of thinking, and target  different audiences for Art on the Square.   If I make everything of MY interest, then I will hate to part with it all. Right?   another reason I love suggestions on my future art projects.  We get so used to our own tastes and surroundings, it is easy to forget not everyone thinks like me. (although I am determined to think they “should”)  but they don’t.  Darn!!!  haha

This book would make a wonderful commemorative book for Harley fans. Notice the trinkets and spare parts hanging off the rings!!!  and the home made tabs on the opposite side, is PERFECT to maybe divide different topics!!  Both items are so perfectly masculine looking!!!  just what I was aiming for.  

Hopefully the HD items I make will be popular with this years crowd.  I did do one BIG box last year, the only HD item for sale, and it was gone IMMEDIATELY.   Great timing as it was a Father Day gift, for the very next day. 

I will continue to post “peeks” at what will be featured at Art on the Square, and if you have suggestions for themes, feel free to send them my way.  

Here’s to a great weekend ahead…….

the changes we are making…

April 22, 2009


out with all the with all glass!!!

out with all the with all glass!!!


"Plastic or paper?"   neither, I brought my own...

"Plastic or paper?" neither, I brought my own...


big money and waste savings!!!

big money and waste savings!!!

so, much less waste here as well...

so, much less waste here as well...


the change I am most proud of!!!!

the change I am most proud of!!!!

Happy Earth Day!!!!   I intended to give more examples than this, and I might very well post more at a later date, time is of the essence today, so I will give you five (my favorite number!!)  examples of changes my family has made to be a little more earth friendly, as well as embrace my frugality.   It is all good!!!  

1.  We are making the switch from plastic  (Rubbermaid, Tupperware etc etc)   My extended family has their own theory on plastic use, and I think we might be onto something.  I won’t bore you with those details, but when I need food storage, I now use GLASS only because of it.  

2.  Why pick plastic OR paper when you have the option of your very own fabric???   not to mention they are SO much easier to carry!!!   everything stacks up nice and tight and square…….and no waste with the bags to unload and then send to the landfill.   It is a given, isn’t it??

3.  My FRUGAL mind thinking on this one.  I used to buy Dixie cups in multiples!!!   between the kids just needing a “sip” of something to quench their thirst, to the need for a drink to take medication….I was running out of Dixie cups all the time!!!!!!!  no more.  My sister Kim found a really neat Amish General store that we like to go to, and they had these old fashioned restaurant style cups!!  they are so awesome, and the same size as Dixie cups!!!    I know, they ARE in fact made of plastic BUT….imagine how many less disposable cups we have in our garbage, not to mention the MONEY SAVINGS!!!!!   I have not purchased a Dixie cup in over a year!!!

4.   Not a paper towel.   Enough said.  Saving from packing paper towels in the garbage and money spent when we were ALWAYS out of paper towels!!!   $$$$$$     toss these towels in the washer (see next post)  and they are good to go.  

5.  The change I am most proud of!!!!!!!  my Simply Wonderful homemade laundry soap!!!   why did I not do this 10 years ago????     Sorry Tide, but I have saved BIG time money now!!!!!!!    I recently took back a bottle of Downey to the store for a refund.  I no longer need fabric softener!!!   I recieved $7 back as a refund!!!!!   $7  ??!?!?!?!?    and this bottle was about a weeks worth for this household!!!   amazing?  yes?    $7 and that was not even considering the actually DETERGENT to clean the clothes!!!    and make note, the glass jar I keep this in, the little metal scoop from my sister to dispense it……so imagine all the obnoxious plastic jugs etc etc that are NOT going in my landfill.   {pat on my own back} !!!!  

I know they may seem like small changes, but if we all make them, it does make a difference in the grand scheme of things.  I wish the kids and Glenn were home with me today as I know they will have lots more examples of what we have done, or planning on doing.  I will save those ideas to post at a later date.  

Feel free to post YOUR ideas or the small changes your family has made!!  I would love to hear them, and maybe put those into place in my home as well.  

Enjoy the day and the acknowledge the fragile surroundings we really are living in.  

against my better judgement…..

April 21, 2009

dsc04657dsc04658Against my better judgement,  I had a request for an IOWA HAWKEYES box.  Being the Iowa STATE fans that we are, I had my hesitations….but ya gotta do what the customer asks for huh??   

This is a birthday gift and I am sure the recipient will fall in love with it.   I will only give the Hawkeyes a day on my blog, because….well, ok. Tomorrow is Earth Day and I will try to do my part and observe it on my blog…and a good reason to move past some black / gold that is generally not in my home.    My husband always oohs and aahs over all my creations as I finish them, but this one?? …you could say he is ready for me to get it delivered and in ANOTHER home. (haha) Enjoy.  (and GO STATE!!)


April 15, 2009

dsc04643Thanks to my sister Kathy, who throws NOTHING away!!!   she is TRYING to follow my lead and rid some of her belongings and sent them to me, to disassemble and “alter” as my heart desires!!!  yeah!!!   can you imagine all the clock hands and clock faces I was able to snag????    

and the funny part???  as I was going through the bag of treasures??  I found alot of my OLD jewelry that I had actually given to her in the late 80’s  !!!!!!   too funny.   I am sure my Senior pictures show me wearing a pair of them!!!    :O

Just the Rozenboom way of recycling and staying “green”, I guess.    LOL

opinions please…

April 14, 2009

dsc04642Do you see the potential?   I do, but I need some guidance.   🙂

Do I fill it with small momentos and a few images of my family?  with some spiritual quotes added in for good measure?


Alter it for Art on the Square (that I trying to prepare for the June event!!!)  and  make it either into an “Historic Oskaloosa”  or “Discover Iowa” creation??   and then again, I could fill it with general letters, numbers and inspirational words.  

Either way I would fill in every little slot and make it VERY appealing!!!!!!  something you would just HAVE to purchase for your home, or feel the need to admire it in MY home.  

What do ya think???? I can take “constructive criticism” fairly well. haha……..

corn fed…

April 6, 2009


outside of box

outside of box


inside box...

inside box...

How about this for an Iowa corn fed personalized box???   gift giving for the farmer that has everything!!!  One of my customers has given a personalized box to all her children for their birthdays this year, and it has been SO fun for me to create the gift, knowing them personally and what their interests are!!!    she provides the elements and I make it into a box.  Perfect!!!  they have really enjoyed this tradition, and has made for some very interesting gifts, with each grown child having different professions.   She wanted this one to focus on corn, soybeans and numbers!!!    I assume farmers do alot of number crunching???  LOL  !!!!!  

The tractor itself  (which is a replica of one he has recently purchased)  was an interesting task!!  it was TOO tall for the box to close, so  I had to remove and “trim” the tires and then attach it to black paper…..appears to be driving right through the good Iowa soil huh???  straight into the rows of corn  (which was actually Halloween paper)   

My hesitation when approached with the idea for a  FARMERS box, proved to be a very fun and rewarding project!!!   Knowing who the farmer is, I am sure he will treasure it!!!!! 

Proves there is a Simply Altered idea suitable for EVERYONE!!!!!!!