corn fed…


outside of box

outside of box


inside box...

inside box...

How about this for an Iowa corn fed personalized box???   gift giving for the farmer that has everything!!!  One of my customers has given a personalized box to all her children for their birthdays this year, and it has been SO fun for me to create the gift, knowing them personally and what their interests are!!!    she provides the elements and I make it into a box.  Perfect!!!  they have really enjoyed this tradition, and has made for some very interesting gifts, with each grown child having different professions.   She wanted this one to focus on corn, soybeans and numbers!!!    I assume farmers do alot of number crunching???  LOL  !!!!!  

The tractor itself  (which is a replica of one he has recently purchased)  was an interesting task!!  it was TOO tall for the box to close, so  I had to remove and “trim” the tires and then attach it to black paper…..appears to be driving right through the good Iowa soil huh???  straight into the rows of corn  (which was actually Halloween paper)   

My hesitation when approached with the idea for a  FARMERS box, proved to be a very fun and rewarding project!!!   Knowing who the farmer is, I am sure he will treasure it!!!!! 

Proves there is a Simply Altered idea suitable for EVERYONE!!!!!!!


7 Responses to “corn fed…”

  1. LaVonne Says:

    THAT is soooo unique! I’m sure a farming box was a huge challenge for you! Your talents never run dry Kel! Does it make you want to be a farmer?

  2. Jason Dawson Says:

    Cool box!!! you should market it or something… maybe even build your own website or an ebay user…. I would’ve buy it

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Thanks Jason!! I actually do market these boxes as the local book store carries them in their gift line as well as my ornaments, journals etc etc. And I do an Art show each summer. Keeps me very busy. Thanks for visiting my blog, and keep checking back for more updates. Feel free to subscribe and you will get notifications when I do a new post.

  3. bejes Says:

    NICE! That is a good one. I really like the baggies of corn and beans. Did you call for approval before you dismantled the tractor?

    • simplyaltered Says:

      hummmm……no. Once the elements are given to me, I assume they are “alterable” 🙂 Do you know who the recipient is????

  4. stampit74 Says:

    AWESOME Kelli! TOO clever! love the farmer’s “bulletin board” look! and the corn field, dirt and tractor…what a good idea to trim the tires!
    Pam Going Postal

  5. Christy Says:

    Everyone loves a deere!

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