dsc04643Thanks to my sister Kathy, who throws NOTHING away!!!   she is TRYING to follow my lead and rid some of her belongings and sent them to me, to disassemble and “alter” as my heart desires!!!  yeah!!!   can you imagine all the clock hands and clock faces I was able to snag????    

and the funny part???  as I was going through the bag of treasures??  I found alot of my OLD jewelry that I had actually given to her in the late 80’s  !!!!!!   too funny.   I am sure my Senior pictures show me wearing a pair of them!!!    :O

Just the Rozenboom way of recycling and staying “green”, I guess.    LOL


6 Responses to “Treasures!!!!!!”

  1. Ronnie Says:

    well kelli i’m here in the right spot and i think. If you make any money at all with that stuff you should share it with kathy; after all i know she would do the same with you. HA !!!

  2. stampit74 Says:

    treasure indeed! It’s so nice when family just “hands over” the loot and you don’t have to dress up like a pirate to get it!!! lol
    Can’t wait to see what you create w/this stuff!!!
    Pam Going Postal

  3. LaVonne Says:

    What are the green and white seashells?????

  4. simplyaltered Says:

    an old necklace of Kathys, I guess must have been caught up in the moment on maybe a FLorida vacation??? can you imagine wearing such a pokey scratchy item around your NECK???? ouch!!!

  5. Pat Ortegren Says:

    I am cleansing my home of all stuff unnecessary. My only problem is what do you do with all the stuff that people have made you or given you? Bruce is trying to stay out of my way, thinks I will throw him out also!!!

  6. Aunt Kattee aka Kathy, 1st Born Says:

    Ahhh, and such treasures they are! Funny though, I still have baskets, boxes and barrels (well, maybe not actually barrels, but it sounded good) of even better treasures. I just can’t throw away my “valuables” but if some one can put them to good use – I can “fling” it their way!

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