simple pleasures…


even my dog enjoys the silence...

even my dog enjoys the silence...

As I was sitting out on my screened porch this morning, I had to smile, realizing  how simple of a pleasure this room has become.   FINALLY feeling like Spring is here to stay, I cleaned things up from the winter and the BEST room in the house is in full use!!   

I considered getting new furniture out there this year, and then realized, what I already have , has a alot more miles on it, serves its purpose very well, and the tiny chips on the wicker as well as the quilted covers I use for the pads only adds to the warmth and character  of the room.  Right??  I convinced myself, and obviously my little poodle has no problem with it either.  🙂

It is where I go to find peace and quiet in an otherwise stressful day.  A place to decompress, a place to collect my thoughts, or best of all, a place to have uninterrupted conversation when others join me here.  I have had the deepest conversations with my teenagers in this room.  No distractions other than the birds chirping.  A perfect place.  Sometimes, I have to even SNEAK in there, and no doubt, if the dog knows I am going that direction, she is right on my heels.  Guarding me from any other 4 legged canines that might walk on our sidewalk!!!   

It is also the room that my customers come through to get into my salon.  Funny how I have actually had customers come up to an hour EARLY for their appointment, and ask if I mind they just sit on the porch and wait.   🙂    a porch swing is on the opposite side of the room.  

Yeah, I think the furniture out there suits my needs just fine…..atleast for another year.  


7 Responses to “simple pleasures…”

  1. Aunt Kim aka machita! Says:

    omg!!! this is by far my 2nd favorite 🙂 blog as I have spent many many hours in that little corner of your world with you!!! We have solved MANY of lifes “happenings” good and not so good on that front porch. And better yet, I can view it from my living room windows 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. LaVonne Says:

    Ahhhhhh Pooda looks so ‘in place’ on that pillow! And what a very pretty quilt on your couch! Yep, we have spent plenty of time on that porch as well. I know it is your secret hideaway 🙂

  3. ol' lady Says:

    awww………look at that little angel fluffer mitzi may! can she come stay at our house again?
    btw– i love your porch too!

  4. stampit74 Says:

    character is wonderful! love the older looking wicker and the quilts! Character is everything! I hope we have more Spring and not right into hot, humid Summer! A wonderful porch to settle in w/a book on a Sunday afternoon!
    So, this is best before the art room???? hehe You have a delightful home!

  5. Christy Says:

    Can I join you sometime for lemonade? 🙂

    Thanks for the heads up on the blog issue—hope it’s fixed now.?.?

  6. FrugalNickel Says:

    I post this here because I don’t know where else to put it.

    We have a little 12# pooch who is the apple of my eye! She stays in the kennel when we’re gone and sleeps in one in our bedroom at night. (She chews and eats like a goat!)

    We got tired of buying “doggie beds” at $20-$30 each several times a year (worn out due to washing) so, as I was getting ready to dispose of my standard sized pillow, I noticed it would fit in her kennel. I put an old pillow case on it and it’s PEFECT! I wash her “bed” leaving the pillow case on it as that helps the pillow hold up better in the wash and air dry it on the deck. For her double sized kennel in the bedroom, I put in 2 old standard pillows or one old large king.

    Thought you might want to share this with your fans. Perhaps a rescue league could use some old pillows for their abused/hurt pooches and kitties.

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