Giveaways, laundry tips and much more!!!


Simply green AND Simply Wonderful...

Simply green AND Simply Wonderful...

A comment and question posted to my blog from ‘Helen” :

“I finally made “The Recipe”.  I am VERY particular about my laundry.  I cannot believe how soft my clothes are with this recipe for laundry soap with NO Fabric Softener added.  We have very hard water.  So far this soap does an above adverage job of cleaning.

Question.  Occasionally I need to use Chlorox (DH prefers I not because of our Septic System) for things like tomato sauce and fruit stains.  Any hints on what is simple and works on these type stains?”


First off, I was smiling BIG time to this kind post!!!   softness withOUT the additional cost, hassle and PLASTIC involved with fabric softener???  oh , who would have thought??!!!   ‘Helen’ also e mailed me to say she is doing laundry for herself, her husband as well as her daughter and five grandchildren, and then wonders the cost per load??  well, I am gonna do the math and figure that out later and will post for all to know.  I am certain it will be IMPRESSIVE!!!  

but back to the question.   Honestly, with Borax being a whitener in itself, I find it does a good enough job.  But if not, then I would first suggest adding an additional 1/4 cup of Borax as you are making the soap, OR just SIMPLY adding another Tbsp per load of Borax as you are washing.  When I measure out the ingredients, I do measure generously on the Borax side.   🙂    I have also slightly moistened heavily stained areas, and then adding a Tbsp of  the Simply Wonderful recipe directly onto the stain, let it sit and absorb and then continue washing the garment.   This has all worked for me, 

HOWEVER.  A couple tips for completely stubborn stains.   Add 1 cup white vinegar to the soiled load, or 1/2 cup lemon juice per load.  Both aid in whitening as well.    A very good spot treatment that works, is hydrogen peroxide applied directly to the stain.  Let it soak and proceed with laundry. 

I have another INTERESTING tip, but I will save that for my next post.  You will not believe (atleast I didn’t) what you can add to laundry to eliminate static…..and of course, it is earth friendly   🙂   no chemical or additive.  Yuck.    🙂   and something I know that  EVERYONE has in their kitchens right now.  Any guesses????

Now, for the giveaway……post your guess, tell me about how much you love “The Recipe” or SIMPLY tell me how your day is going…..and I will randomly pick a winnner…….I will deliver or ship the little jar in the picture, filled with Simply Wonderful laundry soap!!!!!!!    even if you are already using the soap, the jar full of it is just too cute not to love.   (plants not included.)   {darn huh!!}

Now, onto more projects for Art on the Square.  ( some have asked, it is Saturday June 13 in the city square Oskaloosa IA)   be SURE to find me!!!!


30 Responses to “Giveaways, laundry tips and much more!!!”

  1. Aunt Kim aka machita! Says:

    kelli kelli kelli

  2. Pat Ortegren Says:

    I’m going to guess you have collected 600 dollars. We do the same thing, the last trip we took we used our cash for gas money. We had 2 much smaller containers than yours and had $240.00. I finished decluttering my house today!!!! Now I have to price all the junk for the garage sale. I’m selling all my Stampin Up stamps and ink, so hope that will get people to at least come and look and the other junk! Love this site. Keep it up.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I wish I were in Omaha!!! I love SU stamps!!!! but it makes me happy you are decluttering!!! isn’t it fun to see all the things you find you do not need afterall?? or wonder why you got them in the first place!!!! I have had plenty of those moments myself….but no more!! 🙂

  3. Bonnie Says:

    Hmmm….I’m taking a wild guess here… Would the item be salt? I really have no idea but I’d love to have that cute jar of Simply Wonderful!!! I haven’t tried it yet but hope to get the ingredients to make it soon.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      no. Salt is not the answer. 😦 it is a good thing I am randomly picking a winner, rather than waiting for the correct guess huh??? no one yet is even close!!! Keep me posted when you do get it made and how much you LOVE it!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. bejes Says:

    This soap is septic system safe? Might just have to jump on this bandwagon when we get home.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yes Be Jes, perfectly safe (actually MUCH better) for septic systems than commercial DETERGENTS!!! yuck.

  5. Jules Says:

    I have been going to post that I LOVE the laundry soap!!!!!!!! As a matter of fact I have a neglected set of Tide, Downey and Bounce, poor things I really should use them up or give them to my mom (I guess I could sell it to her, ha, sorry Kelli couldn’t resist 🙂 ). It is time I grind another bar of soap as I have almost used my 1st batch all up, I tell myself to wait and use up the other first but now I love the smell, cleanliness and softness. I still reach for a bounce sheet out of habit. I am curious as I can’t think of the science behind this but I have less lint in my dryer trap now, is this from the soap?? Anyone else notice that part? My guess on the ‘kitchen softner’ is baking soda.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I am laughing at your dig about SELLING it to your mom. I would sell to my sisters, but not my mom…..Julie, I do have SOME limits!! hahahaha!!!! I am so glad you are loving it!! as natural as you like to clean with, I just knew you would fall 100% in love with this!!!!! yeah!!!! another one hooked.

  6. Rhiannon Says:

    Yes Aunt Kel, dryer sheets are harmful for many reasons. Basically they are fabric sheets coated with chemicals. Even worse, when the sheets become hot in the dryer, the chemicals transfer from the sheets to the surface of the clothing – and then onto your skin. Oh no! Also dryer sheets less the effect of fire retardant treatment on clothing so they should not be used on children’s pajamas. Certainly shouldn’t use them on any infant clothing. So my guess is the natural alternative is baking soda/vinegar combo. This seems to be the fix all 🙂 or lemon juice? …. Hope I WIN!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Thanks for all this info. Found out things I did not even realize about dryer sheets.
      I can almost assure you I am 99.999% sure I will never use anything but this soap again!!!!! I am in LOVE with it!!!!!!!!!
      and all your “guesses” are W.R.O.N.G !!!!! 😦

  7. Jamie Says:

    I love using the laundry soap too. I just made another batch 2 days ago. The first batch lasted me a little over 2 months. I use Zote soap, I could not find the other one around here, but I love the smell of the pink Zote soap. I will have to be on the look out for a small food processor this summer so I can get it all ground up like a powder.

    I know that vinegar does a good job as a softener, but I don’t know about the static part…. salt?

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I would be interested in seeing more about the Zote soap. Can’t say that I have ever heard of it, and certainly have not seen it anywhere in our stores.
      Salt??? nope. {sorry}

  8. Christy Says:

    Hey Kelli–

    What a fun little post! I have one jug of soap that is almost gone and my new simply wonderful laundry soap is turned into powder and sitting in a glass jar, just waiting to be tested. 🙂 Can’t wait!!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      of COURSE it has to be in a glass jar!!! haha. And you want to keep refilling it!!!!!! 🙂 the making it is nearly as wonderful as the using it!!!!!

  9. LaVonne Says:

    Who would have ever thought you would be the laundry advice queen! But then again, you do more laundry than anyone I know!!!! Good advice Kel.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I know. I would have NEVER thought. I was only trying to save a buck or two!!!!!! and look now. 🙂
      I am SMILING to have converted so many people over. I will not mention what YOU are still using though. Let the testimonials speak for themselves. 😮

  10. Verona Says:

    I like your blog and it was fun to see it listed on someone elses website last week. Thanks for telling us about it last month on the Vine newsletter. I grew up helping my mother make homemade soap out of lard and lye, etc. It wasn’t easy on the hands, but I guess it cleaned farmer’s clothes. And my mother knew how to save and recycle everything, but the “pig’s squeal”!! I think soda sounds like a good guess for softening, it makes water feel silky when I use it to clean.

  11. simplyaltered Says:

    lard and Lye??? oh, yick!!! but nice to hear it brings back memories for you!!! those are such SWEET memories!!! I like to think my children will always have memories of all of this!!!! and so cute how they have even told their teachers about my blog, and directed them to it!!! (and both my kids are TEENAGERS!!!) I am flattered. 🙂

  12. Lisa Says:

    First of all I am a convert. I was totally not convinced that Simply Wonderful soap was going to be that wonderful but I have whiter clothes now that what I had with using bleach and I love how soft my clothes are without competing smells from the laundry detergent and fabric softner. I am not 100% switched over yet but working on purging old stock first but most of my clothes are using wonderful!

    Secondly, I think it is hand lotion or vinegar. I am leaning closer to vinegar.

  13. Aunt Kim aka machita! Says:

    again……kelli kelli kelli are you truly my sister or am i just dreaming this?

  14. Vickster in OH Says:

    What about using hair conditioner? Back when I was young and was in a pinch, I used Downy as a hair conditioner. Weird, I know.

  15. Barb Says:

    Is it corn starch??

  16. Jeanne Says:

    Hi, I live in Osky too. I was wondering where I can find the Fels Naptha and the Arm & Hammer washing soda

  17. K80 Says:


    Not sure this is still open but here goes, I have used baking soda & creme rinse, (yes, I have used softener on my hair) as a fabric softener. Not at the same time. and Vinegar and rainwater.

    I also use the old fashion solar dryer to save money.

    Also some fun, already in the cupboard stain removers; Meat tenderizer for removing blood stains, Equal parts bleach, dishwasher (Powder) soap melted in equal amount of warm water, removes most other stains, like baby spit… and hair spray to remove ink. I know there is more but my age makes me forget. Now if we could come up with something for memory!! LOL Someone told me to write it down but I forgot where I put it! 🙂

  18. Lori Says:

    I use the pink Zote soap all the time to get out the red dirt stains from my son’s baseball pants. It gets them white almost immediately. I just take the bar and rub it over the stain, run it under water a little and then throw into the wash. It works wonders! My husband picks it up for me in Ottumwa at a Mexican grocery store. Does this work as well in the laundry soap recipe or do you need to stick to the Fels Naptha?

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I would stick to the Fels Naptha, but in CASE you try the Zote, please let me know!!! 🙂

  19. Cari Gantewood Says:

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