the answer revealed….


How SIMPLE is this???

How SIMPLE is this???

Yep.  There you have it.  Nothing fancy, nothing short of a completely SIMPLE solution!!!!! good old fashioned aluminum foil.  Does everyone have it in their kitchen already??  yes, I would certainly think so!!!!!   take out a good sized strip of it, crumple it into a ball, and use it OVER and OVER and OVER!!!!!    you get the idea.  I would NOT give you a tip that you might have to actually go out and PURCHASE now would I???  heck no.   This is something you will probably NEVER run out of!!!!  mainly because one wad of aluminum foil can be used from here to  infinity!!!   ( or darn close to it!!!)    I have run this tip MANY times before I passed the info on, and trust me, my  original “ball” has tumbled many many miles in the dryer and still going strong!!!  it is tried and true and proven.  It eliminates static.  !!!!!!!!!!!!   now, you ask???   WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT!!!!!!!     🙂 

Thanks to all that posted their guesses!!!  there were some interesting attempts, but obviously no one was even close!!!    everything from salt or vinegar to hand lotion.  Nope, not nearly that complicated.  Something similiar to those idea would maybe require some measurements or dispensing instrustions.  We like SIMPLE, remember???  just toss in the ball of foil into the dryer, and smile.   🙂

ok.  (drumroll please……..)  We have a winner!!!  

The winner of the darling little jar of “Simply Wonderful Soap”   is   ( louder drumroll please….)  

Pat O.      I did a randomly generated feature of the blog and Pat is the winner!!!  yeah!!!  funny thing is , she is a former salon customer of mine, but she  felt obligated to move out of  STATE  when her husbands job was transferred.  Of all the nerve huh???   🙂   LOL.      I agree.     Pat, please e mail me your snail mail address and I will get it sent out to you.   (I think I used to have it, but just in case, send me an e mail with the info) 

and…….stay tuned!!!!!!!!  I have some completely totally EXCITING news to share with everyone!!!!!!!!!!   I can still not believe it myself!!!!!!!!!!!!    I will hopefully post it on Monday or Tuesday.   I will have no competition on this one, as I know it would be IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to guess what news I have to share with you!!!!!!!!!   even more impossible than what eliminates static!!! ( ALL family members, are sworn to secrecy on this one,  not to ruin my surprise!!!!)  


15 Responses to “the answer revealed….”

  1. bejes Says:

    I think it was really me who won but you already know how expensive it is to ship here. Just kidding. Congrats. That was a fun idea. Maybe I will try some sort of competition on my blog…you know, since I want to be just like you when I grow up.

  2. Jules Says:

    Ah yes! It makes sense now. So far I havne’t had too much trouble with static with the new soap. I will remember this trick though. I forced myself to go back and use up the plastic bottles and not make anymore soap until it is gone. I can’t wait until I don’t have to have space for all these jugs! I am limited on space anyway and this will make it even better 🙂 Next time I am in Osky I will buy HyVee out of Fels Naptha as I can’t find it anywhere in Ottumwa. Have you tried any of my cleaners yet??

  3. simplyaltered Says:

    ok I confess Julie. That is a loaded question. Since my sister cleans my house (in trade) for her nails, (of course, I am too frugel to PAY her!!!) haha. Anyway, SHE has been cleaning with vinegar / water and also alot of baking soda too. She had done it for quite awhile on her own, and I gave her all the info you had given me. I think she uses alot of lemon juice too. My chemical stash of cleaning products is quickly dwindling under my sink!!! yeah!!!
    all while I am too busy blogging and flinging to do my OWN cleaning!!! {sigh} LOL

  4. Jules Says:

    LOL! That is so funny! I love my cleaners and love that fact that I don’t have to buy all those others all the time, i can’t imagine the $$ I have saved. I am kind of a germaphobe so I sometimes question the disinfectant side but it says and makes sense to me that the borax etc works. I feel much better about not having the chemicals and fumes on the things we touch and use all the time like the bathroom and kitchen. If I could just find a recipe for a homemade clorox wipe equivalent I would be set. My next tackle is furniture polish, I have the recipe I just need to try it.

  5. Maison Says:

    Nice. Can I have that?? It looks like a Silver Nugget.

  6. Jan Morgan Says:

    I am new to your blog, heard about you on the tv. I have tried the foil ball and love it. Now I need your recipe for laundry soap. Where do I find it?

    Retired in Newton.


  7. toni Says:

    OH!MY!GOSH!! Thanks for the foil tip! I’ve been looking (and frustrated) for about a year trying to solve this dilema!!

    For my fellow germophobes…vinegar kills most everything. You can put a cup of white vinegar in the laundry wash to kill bacteria and it won’t harm your clothes.

    Vinegar in the toitee with a toss of baking soda will foam and clear off your hard water spots/ring. Let it sit for a little while and do its thing. It will then clean easily with a swoosh of the toitee brush. Same mixture works on drains. But drop in handful of baking soda, pour in a shot of vinegar, plug drain.

    For a clorox wipe: 1/4 cup vinegar; 1/2 cup amonia; handful of baking soda in a bucket of water. It’s an odorless all-purpose cleaner.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Thanks SO much for these tips!!!! readers??? are you going to make use of them????? let all of us know. 🙂

  8. Meme Says:

    I love hearing this hint and will have to try it very soon – as I tend to get shocks to my butt when I am holding the door open and dragging out laundry and that is with a fabric sheet- I have to be careful as I attract electric shocks like mad – so I would be pleased to see it this will work for me- I will let you know- I tend to let the door slam on my fingers to avoid getting the zaps- my grand daughter laughs – sigh- just no respect–LOL
    and thanks

    • simplyaltered Says:

      and I am sure if you have that much of a problem with static, it would not hurt to use TWO balls of foil.
      Be sure to let me know how this works for you.

  9. Meme Says:

    I tried the hint for static and yes- it worked and the dryer make the balls nice and smooth and now I am waiting to see if dear granddaughter will notice as she is doing her laundry- she lives here- or she will just think that grandma as finally lost it- I made 2 balls a little smaller than this one- as I an electrical–LOL- it was nice to be able to hold that door open and not receive zaps-
    thanks for the help- I hope more folks will try this- I used one load with half a fabric softener and one load with out- the one with out did as well as the one with- hugs from Meme

  10. Nancy L Says:

    I hate the smell of dryer sheets. Even the supposedly unscented ones have a smell I don’t care for. Thanks for the tip. I’m going to try it right now!

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