pocket change…


starting over...

starting over...

{sigh}    seems like we have a long way to go again huh??   we cashed in today (thank Goodness Glenn was home to help)  big guns to carry the basket into the bank!!!   🙂     and the total was   $505.91  !!!!!!   wow.   I was amazed,  I guessed $700, he guessed $200.    ( I won with a closer guess, but we still split the money!!)   unfair??  yeah, I thought so too.   LOL  !!!!!!     now, would we have been able to put $500 in savings since the first of the year??   probably not.  This seemed SO easy though, and we are starting again, with the .91 cents that was the odd change.   Hey, you gotta start somewhere!! 

Glenns hours were drastically cut at work over the winter, so having used up his vacation time unwillingly, we will more than likely not be doing an actual vacation this summer.  So, instead of putting the money towards that, we each have plans for what we got, as a special treat for even SURVIVING this last winter.  He is buying some sort of weedeater, or leaf blower or something of the sort.  Those who know Glenn, will  find this VERY easy to believe.  I think it is a DUMB way to spend it, but he did not ask for my advise .  haha.  

I have already purchased MY item, and it IS A GOOD ONE!!!!!!!!!!  (of course)  I will take pics as soon as I get everything arranged for it, but trust me, as soon as you see it, you may want to come over and visit, or maybe even take a nap here, or read a book, have a lemonade,  etc etc etc…..you know, one of those relaxing activities that I am so in love with.    Any guesses???  and for the record, even GLENN loves what I got.  hummmm….  another reason I kept my weedeater opinion to myself.  

Sometimes it is just easier to patronize their awesome ideas afterall.   😀

AND DON’T FORGET……BIG BIG HUGE NEWS COMING……maybe???   tomorrow????? !!!!!!!!!

(oh yeah, and I am also doing the math for cost effectiveness on the “Simply Wonderful” laundry soap.  You WILL be shocked!!!)


14 Responses to “pocket change…”

  1. bejes Says:

    I am hoping that you are getting a really cool oversized chair. Then when you get tired of it, it can go in my rennovated basement with the rest of your old furniture.

  2. Aunt Kim aka machita! Says:

    hmmm..what could it possibly be???

  3. LaVonne Says:

    I thought there was a third more important thing you had to put the money on???? What happened to that idea? And you buy another piece of furniture? It would be a great idea, but I doubt you will do that.

  4. LaVonne Says:

    BTW, I forgot—-wasn’t that a GREAT feeling to have known you saved $500 in 4 months!!!!!! I am more than proud of you on this! If you keep doing this, think how much more will be in there by 12/31!!!! This is a wonderful way to save money, I am all in favor of this plan 🙂
    Keep going Kel!

  5. simplyaltered Says:

    I think I was actually the closest, where’s my cut?? That’s amazing, we’re going to try it.

  6. retrodolly Says:

    I have not read any of the comments above, so if someone guessed this already—my bad! My guess is a porch swing—am I close?

    We also do the coin collecting thing, and you have motivated me dump it all out and get to countin’.

    By the way—you are killing me with this wait over this huge announcement. Will any amount of begging make you spill your guts sooner? 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      no, not a porch swing as I already have one. ….and just enjoyed it a little while tonight.
      I might spill my guts tonight (later on) it is KILLING me not to tell everyone. !!!!!!!!! and the time is definately drawing near!!!

  7. stampit74 Says:

    oh Kelli, you are going to get the title of “drama queen” before long! ALL these things you have up your sleeve!!! At least you told us how much your change added up to! lol I hope your new present to yourself will help you have an awesome Mother’s Day!!!
    Pam Going Postal

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh, this will DEFINATELY help me have a great Mothers Day. I plan on spending most of the day with this purchase….oh yeah, and my kids too. 🙂

  8. Carol De Ronde Says:

    Hi Kelli, I am Linda A.Taylor’s friend, we work together. We just can’t seem to figure this on out and it’s killing us. Let us know. Thanks. Great blog.

  9. Carol De Ronde Says:

    Hi, Kelly, I am Linda A. Taylors friend, we work together. We just can’t seem to figure this one out and it’s killing us. What did you buy with your pocket change. Let us know. Thanks. Great blog

  10. Carol De Ronde Says:

    Hey I spelled your name wrong. I knew it was Kelli with an i not y. Sorry.

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