THE BIG NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!


where it all began...

where it all began...

All I wanted to do was make ONE batch of laundry soap, to see if I could save myself some money.  That is it.  Very simple task.   [ YIKES ]   !!!!!!!   

Fast forward….

made many more batches.  Others loved it.  Added the info to my blog , (that was going to be ONLY for my art projects).  Many followed me.  I made more and more and more……

and then one evening, NBC ch 13 news caught my attention, with a “Money Savers” segment they were doing.  Hummm….you could go to their website, and read other viewer tips, or even leave you own.  So……..thinking nothing of it, I left a tip about the “Simply Wonderful” laundry soap I have been making and how much I as well as  others are loving it .  No big deal.  Just passing on the info.  

Until….the next day, got a call from one of their reporters , Dan Winters.   Yep, you got it, I am going to be on T.V  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    he stated that my blog,  and my quest for a SIMPLE, minimalistic and frugal lifestyle is EXACTLY what they are looking for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   yipeeeeee!!!!   can ya tell I am busting with excitement????    oh my.  

They are coming here, cameras rolling, on Thursday!!!!!   I have so many thoughts to share with them, I may take up the whole 30 minutes of broadcast!!!  haha.   

What inspires ME  ???  and how do I inspire others???  what am I passionate about???  yeah, my mind is on OVERLOAD!!!!!!  

and for those of you that do not live in this area, be assured, I will have a link on this page to the actual segment once it airs, and I will also post it to any public forum (Facebook, Myspace, Vine, anywhere they will let me!!!)   LOL .   Oh, I am so humble huh???   actually, I really AM, but this is forcing me WAY out of my comfort zone, so I am just going with it!!!!!

Coming up in my next post..… (sort of) big purchase with cashing in the change.  You will definately want to stop over and relax WITH me after you see it.   🙂  

“Stay tuned”   (literally)  haha 


11 Responses to “THE BIG NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Aunt Kim aka machita! Says:

    pleaseeeeeeeeee DO NOT forget that I am your sister when you become famous 🙂

  2. Lana Says:

    Umm..yea and that I am your long lost cousin…but I actually had to make soap when I was little and I might have to steal it from the rest areas on I35 before I would do that work again! Everyone will love the story! make sure you remind us though…I don’t want to miss it!

  3. bejes Says:

    Let me know if you need a good editor when you sign your book deal. Riiiiiight.

  4. stampit74 Says:

    oh, this is going to be so much FUN! I’ve not seen the money savers segment, but I will for sure watch it when you are on!!!
    ….so, what did you buy???? a fountain???? hehe a new CD player????
    Pam Going Postal

  5. Wanda H Says:

    Wow!!! How exciting!! Congratulations!!! I’m sure it will be fantastic!!

  6. retrodolly Says:

    That is GREAT news!! I’ll be sure to check back for the link. So proud of you!

  7. breanna Says:

    wow wow wow wow!!!! LOL way to go you!!!!!! can’t wait to check out the link!

  8. linda Says:

    What a surprise to see you on the NEWS last night. I’m anxious to try the laundry soap! LL

  9. Bonnie Says:

    Great job on the news last night. I just read all your archives and love your cigar boxes. But I am a little confused, is that a roll of paper towels on your counter? Where is your ” I am not a paper towel” towel? LOL!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I know, shame on me huh?? but this pic was taken a good amoutn of time ago, and I am STILL working on that same roll!! yeah!!!!!

  10. Meme Says:

    what a blessing and what fun to do – congratulations

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