Atc's, Jeff, Maison 004Oh.  My.  Goodness.     I wish I could find an open field like this right now to CALM myself down!!!!!! this is an artist card I made a few months ago, and continues to be one of my favorites, especially TODAY!!!   🙂

Can you say frazzled???   I am the epitomy of it right now!!!!!!!!   I think when I went to bed last night, I was semi-comotose.   How do real “stars” actually do this day in and day out??   I certainly have a real appreciation for news reporters, cameramen etc etc….the work and talent that goes into every single thing you see on TV each and every day, is UNbelievable!!!!!  and to do it with such ease???  

ok.  On to MY reality.   My blood pressure raises each time I look at my Facebook, blog, stats, and google subscriber list!!!!!!    Bear with me, I am trying to collect my thoughts, plan for what is next as well as respond to everyone that has questions / comments etc etc.  I will get to them all eventually.  

For now, I want to remind everyone, how easy it is to subscribe (and alot have already done so)   go to the top right hand corner of my blog home page, click on the link and follow the prompts.  Be sure to verify it when you get the confirmation via e mail and you will get everything delivered directly to your inbox .  

Tell your friends about the blog and BE PREPARED!!  there is much more REALLY good things to come.  I have a whole lot of ideas, inspiration, information and FUN FUN FUN give-aways!!!!!  yeah!!!!!  I hope you like FREE as well as I do!!!!!!!  there will be many chances to win FREE things,!!!   spread the word for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need another good nights sleep, and I will hopefully post on Saturday.  You will not want to miss it.    (and I am still trying to figure out how to add the link to the actual newscast for those who missed it , or do not live in the area)   not quite got that figured out yet.  

ok, one more thing.  

MARK YOUR CALENDAR!!!! Art on the Square is Saturday June  13.  Oskaloosa city square.   I have a whole lot of work to do before that gets here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     🙂  

Until tomorrow



7 Responses to “FRAZZLED………”

  1. simplyaltered Says:

    you ROCK!!!!!!

  2. Aunt Kim aka machita! Says:

    yeah i will and already have spread the word around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jules Says:

    I just watched online! That was great!! You did a great job! I would have been so nervous. I have to admit I almost didn’t recognize you without a shirt that had been ‘altered’ 🙂 LOL! You realize you were altering things before you became simply altered!

  4. simplyaltered Says:

    now Julie THAT was funny!!!!! yeah, everyoen in my family threatened me if I wore a cut up sweatshirt……but I seriously had one on as soon as Dan WInters pulled out of my driveway. !!!!!
    you are right, I was altering LONG ago!!!!! 😛

  5. stampit74 Says:

    I think your designer sweatshirts are wonderful! I remember back when I quilted, we took sweatshirts and altered them w/quilt blocks….they were very cool back then… I kept some of them. Can’t figure how they ever fit me, they are so “itty bitty” little! BAH!

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