“Art on the Square” teaser…


something for everyone...

something for everyone...

more "breakables"...pray for NO wind that day!!!!

more "breakables"...pray for NO wind that day!!!!

Historic Oskaloosa

Historic Oskaloosa

A little sampling of what you will find at my spot during Art on the Square.  Something for EVERYONE, even the hard to buy for, or something for YOU!!!   (even better!!!)  

The top two pictures are of plain and boring jars, that I have turned SIMPLY extraordinary!!!!!!    Trying to find themes that will peak everyone interest.  If you have suggestions or preferences of what I have already made, LET ME KNOW, and I will be able to estimate how many I need of what!!!  that is the hard part, trying to create things that will suit a variety of tastes.   I have many more jars in many more shapes and sizes, and will post them all on a later update.  

Below the jars you will see an altered cigar box.  a very unique style box, but I have found cigar boxes are in EVERY shape and size!!   I never knew, or had reason to notice until Simply Altered was created.    

This box is one of my very favorites.  Historic Oskaloosa, seems to be the BIGGEST seller of all!!!!  (or any box commemorating a hometown)  I have taken the highlights of our town, through promotional literature added some repurposed elements and a city map.  BEAUTIFUL.  Gotta love the VERY vintage bronze hinge I used on the map!!!  I think I got that off some sort of cupboard that was headed to the landfill.  Rotted wood, but the hinge was “nicely aged” and I snagged it!!!  

But….sorry, I do not want you to fall too in love with this box as it is SOLD already.  It will make for the PERFECT Mothers Day gift tomorrow for a special mother that certainly takes alot of pride in her hometown of Oskaloosa.   Her daughter called me today and realized I have the perfect box to suit her needs as a gift.  🙂    makes this job / hobby of mine even MORE fun!!!!!!

I have done many boxes that highlight a hometown other than my own. The furthest one from my was for a gal from Alabama.   It made for a beautiful box and I had fun featuring a town I had never been to, and probably never will be.

Stay close by, my next post will include a contest and a FREE prize I know you would ALL love!!!!



8 Responses to ““Art on the Square” teaser…”

  1. bejes Says:

    Never really thought about this but when you do personalized boxes, its like you getting to give someone a gift that is really perfect for them. That is my favorite part of gift giving, knowing that it is the perfect thing for that person. Wish I could come to Art On The Square.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yep, a perfect way to personalize something for them….as well as make use of their momentos that are sitting around serving NO purpose!!! awesome!!!

  2. LaVonne Says:

    Beautiful work, once again!!!

  3. kim aka machita Says:

    SIMPLY awesome

  4. Karen Powell Says:

    I am the recipient of the of the Oskaloosa box, from my children Marti and Nick. I LOVE it!!!! This was a great surprise. Kelli is a great friend and I always enjoy seeing all of her artwork. I have always lived in Oskaloosa and am very proud of our community. I love to be involved in the community, so it makes my gift extra special. I already know what I will keep in my special box. My husband has always worked nights and over the years when our children were younger they communicated a lot with notes. I have kept a lot of the special and funny notes and pictures they have written back and forth to each other. I have some special cards that my kids and husband have also personally made. I plan to display my Oskaloosa box with a matted pciture of the bandstand. I think of Kelli when I go antiquing or to auctions, looking for unique items and boxes she can use for her artwork. THANKS so much to my kids, and Kelli for my gift. I will treasure it always.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh , so glad you liked it Karen. I told Marti it was probably my FAVORITE Oskaloosa box that I have ever made….and I have made HUNDREDS of them already, since this all began!!!!!!!! keep scouting out the sales and auctions for me (since I have no patience for them!!) and I am still going to make something special for you and Mari before it is over!! I promise!! 🙂
      btw…funny as I also have saved notes. SInce Glenn and I also have different hours so-to-speak, I leave him a note EVERY morning for the last 20 years and he leaves one for me for when I wake up. Todays note said “Hope you had a good Mothers Day….you are the BEST mom ever to our kids” awww…..what a great way to start my day!!! 🙂

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