I am SIMPLY blessed…..


Maisons frugal contribution to Mothers Day!!!  :)  awwwww...

Maisons frugal contribution to Mothers Day!!! 🙂 awwwww...

A hard working girl, bought me candles for Mothers Day....and even found them on SALE!!!!   good girl.  :)

A hard working girl, bought me candles for Mothers Day....and even found them on SALE!!!! good girl. 🙂


What a guy!!!!   and this was AFTER he had fixed the vacuum that I thought was broke!!!  :)

What a guy!!!! he might even love the simple life more than I do. (??)

Yes, I am blessed, and in the most SIMPLE ways!!!    Maison’s mowing money was gone for the week, (spent on candy!!!)  so he made a frugal contribution to Mothers Day!!!   I tell him 100 x over, the best things do NOT cost money!!!  and believe me, it is a HUGE treat for me to finally sit on the recipient side of my salon pedicure chair!!!  the last pedicure I got was Mothers Day 2008, as it was his “gift” last year as well.  

Madison is the working girl…..works her little heart out at Wendys!!!!!   up to 34 hours a week!!   that girl has NEVER been afraid of work in any form!!!  so, bless her heart, she went and bought candles for me and an air freshener for my little car.   She is quite proud of her “farmers tan” if you can see it.  She spent 10 hours working on a cattle ranch for one of my friend, IN BETWEEN working closing shifts at Wendys.   I am proud of her and her stamina!!!!   She is convinced she will raise cattle for a living now.  🙂

and last but certainly not least , my husband!!   I had all but given up on this vacuum and was going to have to break down and MAYBE buy a replacement!!!  he took it and tinkered with it, digging out all the things I probably should have NOT vacuumed up in the first place….and it is good as new!!!!!!!!!!    he even vacuumed for me today, in addition to mowing, tending to the garden, etc etc etc…..and then slipped me some of his “mowing money” to go get myself something special tomorrow.  🙂  

I spent the better part of the day on my porch, reading, watching Glenn and talking to the kids.   No laundry, cleaning OR cooking. 

I hope you have all had an equally blessed Mothers Day!!!!

Life is good.  


**********(leave me a comment on the most SIMPLE thing you were able to do, or the SIMPE pleasures you enjoyed on this Mothers Day and I will be drawing for a FANTASTIC freebie on Tuesday!!!!!!!!)   here is your first chance.  I can not wait to hear what everyone did!!!!!!!!******

53 Responses to “I am SIMPLY blessed…..”

  1. Jenice Southwick Says:

    What an simply AWESOME day I have had. My day started with coffee in bed – truly a simple pleasure. My wonderful husband prepared the garden spot and we went and purchased plants and planted a very small garden area. I had phone calls from both of my children before shopping with well wishes for my day along with several text messages from friends wishing me a great mothers day. I have worked on my quilt and had coffee and read a magazine. I visited with some lady friends and enjoyed a tall glass of ice tea over a great chat and show and tell of my quilt progress. My husband is cookng on the grill and we will have oatmeal wheat bread from Big Sky Bakery that was purchased from the farmers market in downtown Des Moines yesterday.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      oh, this sounds like a very nice day!!! and how can a day go wrong that starts with coffee in bed??? 🙂 thanks for your comment. SO much fun to see what all my readers did to celebrate THEMSELVES!!!

  2. Mary O'Dell Says:

    We decided to plant rye as a cover crop in our vegetable garden this year to keep our beautiful topsoil from blowing or washing away and so that we would be able to harvest even when we’ve had a bit too much rain. Today was a wonderful day to run the reel mower through it and marvel at the seedlings of carrots, beets, potatoes and turnips reaching for the sun. So simple and so green.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Simple AND green is double good huh??? and to think of all the scrumptious benefits from these “seedlings” in another couple months or less!!! yummm!!!! wonderful way to whittle down the grocery store bill as well. It is ALL good!!!

  3. Diana W Says:

    I spent the afternoon watching the Chicago Cubs game on TV, with my 2 siamese cats on my lap. That’s about as simple as you can get.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      SIMPLE is right. Makes me feel good just thinking about it, and I am not even a baseball fan!! haha!!!

  4. kim aka machita Says:

    i spent the day with only my husband right after coffeetime with his mother. The rest of the day….just at home sweet home. we deep cleaned his grill!!!!!!!!! and spent most of the day on the deck!! what a wonderful day 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      that does sound like a wonderful day, even if your daughter was not with you. I bet she called though huh??? I am sure you also enjoyed watching MY husband mow as well. 🙂

  5. Shari W. Says:

    It started this morning with, “MOM, I can’t find my pants, MOM does this shirt match, MOM I am missing my brown shoes, MOM is the cat supposed to be puking on the living room floor? MOM, the dog just ran out the door and we can’t find her… This all happened this morning , so when I finally got to church I slumped down in the seat with a sigh of relief to have a little time to mysyelf.. After we got home my kids were so excited to give me my gift–I sat on the couch eagerly waiting!! It was a homedics fountain that has water flowing through it for a relaxing sound. I’ve decided I may need one in every room to keep things calm and peaceful.. With all the questions, needs, wants, hurts and frustrations I wouldn’t change it for the world.. This may have the bet Mother’s Day yet….:)

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh this one is just a “feel good” story!!! I remember those days as I am sure alot of the other readers do. Trust me, TREASURE them!! Soon enough , these days are over!!. Makes me smile that above all the trying times of parenting, (and there ARE many), at the end of the day, when all is said and done, the issues at hand are usually “small things” after all.
      The fountain is an awesome gift!!! they did very well. Watch for a later update, I got a fountain a couple weeks ago, and many times, it is the perfect cure for a hectic day!!!!
      I love your very last sentence and am so glad you shared that with me!!!

  6. Renee W Says:

    My day started with my 9 year old making me butter toast for breakfast! Then for lunch she made a picnic for us. We had Peanut Butter and jelly sandwiches with chips, carrots and cheese sticks. 😉 We got a blanket and sat in the backyard and enjoyed our meal. She had it all planned that I was not going to cook at all today. Didn’t have a well balanced meal today but it was the thought that counts. And it was so cute watching her bend over backwards for her mommy today. Makes me realize how truly blessed I am! 😉

    • simplyaltered Says:

      You ARE blessed, and a day with an UNbalanced meal plan is good for the soul if nothing else!! 🙂 bless her heart. I remember picnics with my kids. Even though they think they are too old now (16 and 14) sometimes they go along with the plan just to humor me!!! Thanks for sharing your day. So many stories from the heart, I am loving them all!!!

  7. Jules Says:

    Today I got to spend all day with my boys. We went to brunch in Hedrick with my MIL and GIL. And then out to eat tonight with my family. I took fast food to the guys in the field, which I felt really guilty about because I usually cook but they were just as happy with anything, so I got to enjoy a day without cooking, which is one of my favorite things to do but was nice to have a ‘day off’. The boys helped me wash my pickup and do some work in the garden. Nothing too simple I guess but still a great day! I enjoy my time with my boys, not to mention I will be a mommy again in about 5 weeks!!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Funny how the trend I am seeing that no matter what, most mothers are so tickled with not having to cook on Mothers Day!!!! I am sure your husband did not mind at all, and YOU of all people have the best reason to take advantage of this. 5 more week??? next Mothers Day will be even more fun with a girl in the house!! 🙂 remember?? that is my guess.
      Thanks for sharing what you did. I have SO enjoyed all the stories!!!

  8. Missy Walker Says:

    I spent the day cleaning….but I have to, because of the daycare. With the help of Arie who cleaned the kitchen and ran the dishwasher, and my sweet husband who has folded clothes, cleaned the front walk and also power washed the back patio and mowed lawn. The most exciting event that happened today, with the help of Doug, “holding the chair so I didn’t fall,” was changing the light bulb, and along came a spider who just about landed on me, so down comes the light bulb almost hitting Doug on the head… To top it off, the light bulb didn’t fit!!! Doug cleaned up the shattered bulb. To simplify, I bought a energy saver bulb that should last for more than a year! 🙂 Happy Mothers Day!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Thank goodness you will not have to do THAT for another year!!! reminds me of the joke of how many ___ does it take to change a lightbulb??? I have a really hard to get to lightbulb too, and the next time it goes out, I am replacing with the same thing. Right above the staircase!!! always takes me a step ladder on TOP of a chair!!! yikes. Nothing like an accident waiting to happen!!!!! 🙂

  9. Mishelle Says:

    I got served breakfast in bed by my oldest (yogurt proudly served with a fork?!) then we all went to church as a family and since sunday school is done until the fall all 4 boys fought for spots on my lap and next to me for the whole service…kind of like puppy dogs climbing over each other. It feels great to me so loved and they are such cuddlers. Then we came home had take-out and the boys played in the yard all day while I did some shopping ALONE!! Grilled out for dinner and gave them all baths and am just enjoying the peace and quiet of sleeping children.

  10. stampit74 Says:

    super fun post Kelli! Love seeing families together!
    Pam Going Postal

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Madison did have to work 10 to 4 today. (bummer) but we made up for it after she got home!!!! we had a very nice day and I am very thankful for it!!!

  11. Linsey(TC) Says:

    We weren’t able to be with my mom today on Mother’s Day but we did get to spend Friday and Saturday with her. Every year my mom, sister, and I spend Mother’s Day weekend at either the Susan Komen Race for the Cure, or this year, we were at the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition Walk around Gray’s Lake in Des Moines. It’s really nice to contribute to the cause and spend time walking with Mom and catching up. Hope you had a great Mother’s Day!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I had to hear all about it already!! saw her yesterday and I think she said something like “Can I have your autograph?” haha!!! nice of all of you to do that walk, even Amy, although your mom said she was not able to keep up with you two!!!! I got home from Mahaska Drug and called Kris, telling her I just love your mom!!!
      BTW…..moving the end of this week??? FUN!!!!

  12. Laurie Schmidt Says:

    Woow !!! Just a very quit day in the gardens, just me and the plants…. I fully enjoy being outside and even better in my gardens. This year I put in a veggie garden, it is small but it is my first time.. Later my daughter shows with the tow youngest grandkids ( boht girls ) and the oldest girl was caring a bunch of flowers for her grandma, that was so sweet. They stayed for a bit and off they went. My son called to wish me a Happy Mothers Day fro Hawaii ( he is in the Army, it was nice to hear from him). All in all it was a great day.. I hope everyone else have the same…..

    • simplyaltered Says:

      if this is your first year with a veggie garden, there will sure to be many more years to follow!! My husband Glenn always has AWESOME gardens!!! he does 100% of the gardening and I do all the canning!! We make a good team. 🙂 and I already told him , it has to be extra good this year as I need to do extra canning as well as make a really good blog update showing all our efforts!!! Good luck with yours. I will field any questions you have on gardening to my husband….. I know nothing about the actual “growing” process. LOL

  13. LaVonne Says:

    Yep, so glad to see your family all working together!!! AND that you realize what a treasure they all are to you 🙂

  14. ambjour Says:

    apples turnovers in bed, church, picnic in the park by the pond with kiddos and hubby, planted some flowers, took a nap, had pizza with my “inlaws”, basically didn’t lift a finger all day long! it was thEEEE perfect day with “my” perfect little family.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      that DOES sound like the perfect day!!! I have learned alot new about you today!!! first the cloth diapers, and NOW planting flowers??? I am MORE than impressed!!!! (just let me think YOU did it, even if your husband did!!) 🙂 LOL.
      Glad you did such enjoyable things with the fam!!! and I bet the kids were perfect angels!!!

  15. kathleen ferris Says:

    I have worked for many years to convince my family that a day like yours is what i crave, and this year they finally believed me! I got to sleep late, got a hug from my 16 year old (handmade gift given yesterday because she couldn’t wait), took my 91 year old mother-in-law to my son’s house for brunch (6 moms there all together), then came home and had the rest of the day for computer time, crafts, reading while the rest of the family did yardwork and studied for finals. No stress, lots of love. Thank you for sharing your day with us; I love your blog!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I am flattered you compared it to mine!!!!
      How lucky you are to still have YOUR mother around with you!!! I lost my mom when she was 62 years old, so Mothers Day can have sad moments for me as well as all the happy ones!!! you are VERY blessed!!! Computer time, craft time and reading!!!! oh, certainly VERY simple pleasures that bring a smile to my face!!!

  16. Verona Says:

    Happy Mothers Day. It was a good Sunday, our Sunday School teacher’s wife brought in goodies to eat in honor of her mother who died last month. I got 3 beautiful roses from my husband and he did the laundry for us yesterday. I had a nap this afternoon and both my children called tonight. I can go to bed feeling very blessed.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      naps are definately one simple pleasure in life that I OFTEN reward myself with!!! although I got to sleep in so late today I didn’t need one!!! haha. Glad you enjoyed your day!!! funny how cooperative husbands are on Mothers Day huh??? I think mine gave my kids a pep talk long before I even awoke!!! it worked. 🙂 everyone was AWESOME!!!!!!!!! blessed we certainly ARE!!!

  17. bejes Says:

    You are going to like this one….Linus and I stayed in our pajamas all day long. Didn’t leave once. It was awesome!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      uhhhh YEAH!!! I do love this one!!!!!!!!! how awesome IS that?????? major awesome!!!!!! I remember back in the days when MY kids would do that with me…….those days are long gone. 😦 did you even take a nap when he did??? oh, man that would really be sweet!!!!

  18. MelissaE Says:

    I woke up this morning to a home-made ‘Happy Mother’s Day sign & card from my husband and 5 children! We attended church and watched my oldest son walk down the aisle in his cap and gown as the seniors were being honored this morning. During the mass, my 3 yr old had to sit on my lap and requested butterfly kisses! Loved it! We also went to a couple graduation parties (no cooking for me today!). With my son’s graduation party next weekend, I have been going through pictures for his display. Today was a wonderful day to reflect on the pictures, see how much my children have grown, and to be reminded that I have the best job in the world…being a mom!!

  19. simplyaltered Says:

    butterfly kisses??? oh, so precious!!!!!! sometimes I still do those to my teenagers when we reminisce!!! they laugh every time!!!
    Nothing like sorting through pictures to take you back huh??? and I am sure a feeling of accomplishment when you were done….in many ways!!! Good for you!!!

  20. toni Says:

    I have no children but my dog Ace gave me the most delicious chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and pooch Scully gave me chocolate covered pretzels with pink drizzle (pink is her favorite color!). They made me very simple cards from 3×5 index cards as best they could.

    Hubby and I went trap shooting, took the pooches for a walk, we puttered in the yard, planted flowers and started a compost pile. We then took the afternoon off to see Star Trek (which was awesome, by they way and we’re no “Trekkies!”) and finally settled in with a glass of Caba from Summerset Winery. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………………great day!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      well, you are a mommy to your four legged ones huh?? I have a friend in the same position. That is ok, glad they acknowledged you. 🙂
      My husband is already looking towards Fathers Day, and although he has had a compost pile for sometime, he now wants a compost “tumbler”. hummm….not sure what that is all about, but in my opinion, it sounds like a PERFECT Fathers Day gift huh?? I need to look into it. He has become so SIMPLE and so GREEN as well. Makes me very happy!!!
      Thanks for your comment and sharing a non-traditional moms view of Mothers Day. Glad you enjoyed it!!!

  21. Maison Says:

    I swear that kid might be the coolest person in the world. I won’t lie.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      you ALL have to check out the comment!!!! bless his heart (have you noticed I like to say that?? it is a saying deep from my hear, God bless her soul, my mom used to ALWAYS say that!!!) This is from MY SON himself….checking on my blog from school!! 🙂 I imagine my daughter will do the same this afternoon. Yes, Maison, I aggree, you really ARE the coolest kid in the world. 🙂

  22. LaVonne Says:

    Stepson and family took us out for a very nice brunch. Step Grandkids gave me a musical card in their voices. Son sent a beautiful floral plant. Had a great day.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      oh those musical cards are so neat!! we once got one for Glenns mother and she loved it. Glad you enjoyed your day!!!

  23. Amyjo Says:

    Spent the day with my twin girls (4 1/2) and husband, cleaning up sticks, leaves, making a bonfire. It was a very productive day! Even had both of my gardens tilled up, helped my daughters plant their first pansies, pushed them (many) times in the swings, and just enjoyed the simpleness of our family. THat evening my mother and father came over for hamburgers and brats that we grilled. A very enjoyable mother’s day! I didn’t get a break from being a mother – but that’s ok with me!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      twin girls…planting pansies!!! oh, what a beautiful visual I have in my mind!!!! Thanks for sharing your day with us. 🙂

  24. Tracy Says:

    My husband cooked all of the meals for me and had my children make me a bouquet of flowers out of tissue paper, etc (left over materials from a Cub Scout project). We went to church and watched my oldest son play at his soccer game. My youngest three were his cheerleaders. Being with my family in a relaxing manner was a simple pleasure.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      that sounds like a PERFECT day!!! and repurposed tissue paper is a GREAT green idea!!!

  25. Joy Baker Says:

    We spent the afternoon at my Mom’s. My girls and their families were there, as well as my brother’s and sister’s families. We made lots of pictures and played. Just laid back fun with my grandbabies!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I still have my kids at home (two teenagers) but from what I am told from my sisters, GRANDchildren are really a joy to have!!! good for you!!!

  26. Crystal Phillips Says:

    Kelli, we do foster care and we will be adopting our 7th child in June. He and I took time this mothers day and talked about his birth mom. We talked about how even tho she wasn’t able to take care of him, she loved him the best she could and without her we wouldn’t have each other. We decided that every year on Mothers day he will write a letter to her and tell her what he’s thinking and how thankful he is to be a part of our family. It’s a good tradition for both of us. Crystal

  27. simplyaltered Says:

    oh my…this one really warms my heart!!! what a saint you are!!! I have two children and can not imagine having SEVEN!!! you must be the most patient, giving and caring person!!!!! you deserve a VERY good Mothers Day EVERY day!!!!! or atleast every YEAR!!! thank God for people like you. I tip my hat!!!!

  28. Jeanne Says:

    I started the day with breakfast in bed cooked by my husband, with all my favorites. He went out and weedeated the yard, while my daughter took me out for a little “girl” time. When we got back later, my son barbequed some pork loins, corn on the cob, and even baked some potatoes au graten. My daughter gave me some candles to put around the tub. An absolutely blessed day.


  29. Deb McDonald Says:

    I have a son who is graduating this coming weekend, so my Mother’s Day was spent working like a mad woman. I decided I will take a “Mother’s Day” day after graduation is over…but alas, my daughter made me a card & was by my side as I was painting the fence…which are more precious gifts than anything you can buy!

  30. Michelle Says:

    Mother’s day was spent with the special mothers in my life. Lunch (cooked by me) with my mother and supper with my mother-in-law (not cooked by me, hey I can’t do it all and maintain my sanity!)

  31. and the winner(s) are…. (drumroll please) :) « Simply Altered Says:

    […] kathleen f Says: May 11, 2009 at 3:36 am | Reply   edit […]

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