one quick note to all…

no pics with this one,  just a quick note to everyone!!!!!!   I am SO impressed with all the comments!!!!   I can not wait to see who WINS the FREEBIE!!!  handmade by Simply Altered, so trust me you will ALL want it!!!!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know, there is just something about a comment with no response from me.  I just can not stand it!!!!  so now that my 2 minutes of fame has subsided, I will be answering all comments / questions via a reply directly under whatever you post.  Be SURE to take a look as well as read through all the comments (by clicking on the word COMMENTS at the end of each post)!!!!!  there might be info you can benefit from in readers comments and / or  my replies

and in this case, they are ALL such SIMPLE feel good stories, I am sure you will they will bring a smile to all your faces.  

Randomly generated drawing on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!   cross your fingers (and your pedicured toes too)        🙂


4 Responses to “one quick note to all…”

  1. bejes Says:

    Boooooo. We want photos. Right people?! Any random old thing will work. Be creative 😉

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I know, I know, I did kind of take the easy way out here huh???? but this was after I replied for over an hour, and VERY late at night. That is my excuse. 🙂 does that suffice?? yeah, I thought so. LOL

  2. Jessica Spencer Says:

    In our society “humble” to me is important and I have loads of respect for people who have humbled themselves. I have 3 kids my husband is in Nursing school and I stay at home raising goats, chickens, and chemical free produce and of course the kids. We work real hard trying to keep things simple and inexpensive and natural. I loved your detergent recipe I have seen others online but am now ready to try it i might even use my own goat milk soap instead of fels naptha just to see what happens. People today are losing creativity because it is to easy to just go to the store!. Thankyou!!!!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      well, we have certainly been VERY humbled, and that is a good thing. Maybe we needed that?
      I love your comment!!! you are a very busy gal indeed, and in such wonderful ways!!! we are very creative in our needs, our wants and all the FREE ways we had to find entertainment. This has been VERY good for my kids!!! they remain amazed at the others in their generation that can just pour money into consumerism!!! Make me think I have done some things right afterall. 🙂

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