and the winner(s) are…. (drumroll please) :)

Attention all  !!!!!   waiting for your NEXT chance at a give-away???  it will all happen TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I do love winners!!!!!    and of course, there will be more fun frugal inspiration to go along with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!  good luck.     🙂

the FIRST place winnings!!!

the FIRST place winnings!!!


inside view (of course complete with a Simply Altered business card!!)

inside view (of course complete with a Simply Altered business card!!)


and the runner up wins...

and the runner up wins...

Yeah!!!  I think I am as excited as all of you might be!!!!!  it is just as rewarding to GIVE the surprises as it is to receive them!!!!!!   I was just so happy with all the feel good stories, I wanted to make something for EVERYONE that posted their SIMPLE Mothers Day plans……but then I snapped back to reality and remembered that I DO have an art show coming up, and so far,  I have about 1/4 of the inventory that I need!!!!!   yikes.     

Winners, PLEASE , send me your snail mail addresses within ONE week to claim your prize!!! , and I will get them mailed out immediately.  (send to :  )  

ok.  Are you getting impatient???    ok.  

First place winner:  (the Simply Altered, Simply  DARLING suitcase!!)

kathleen f Says:
May 11, 2009 at 3:36 am | Reply   edit

I have worked for many years to convince my family that a day like yours is what i crave, and this year they finally believed me! I got to sleep late, got a hug from my 16 year old (handmade gift given yesterday because she couldn’t wait), took my 91 year old mother-in-law to my son’s house for brunch (6 moms there all together), then came home and had the rest of the day for computer time, crafts, reading while the rest of the family did yardwork and studied for finals. No stress, lots of love. Thank you for sharing your day with us; I love your blog!

Runner up winner  (the “Every day is Earth day” towel, and this is no  ordinary towel, it is SUPER absorbent fabric, and a constant reminder to say NO to paper towels) whenever possible.   🙂

Mishelle Says:
May 11, 2009 at 2:33 am | Reply   edit

I got served breakfast in bed by my oldest (yogurt proudly served with a fork?!) then we all went to church as a family and since sunday school is done until the fall all 4 boys fought for spots on my lap and next to me for the whole service…kind of like puppy dogs climbing over each other. It feels great to me so loved and they are such cuddlers. Then we came home had take-out and the boys played in the yard all day while I did some shopping ALONE!! Grilled out for dinner and gave them all baths and am just enjoying the peace and quiet of sleeping children.









6 Responses to “and the winner(s) are…. (drumroll please) :)”

  1. Laurie Schmidt Says:

    CONGRADULATIONS ! ! ! !to both winners… The Suit case is so cute. Just wanted to congrade the winners and to pass on some info on a sight that I use, It is call “”, this network is where you can list things for FREE so they do not end up in the dump!!!!!!! It is great so that it keeps stuff out of the dump and some one out there could use it, but it must be FREE…… You should all go and check it out.. Just thought I would pass this on. I hope everyone has a great day… 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Great idea!! even if WE can’t use something, someone else might possibly be looking for that EXACT item!!! Thanks!!!!!!

  2. kim aka machita Says:

    did i come in third?

  3. kathleen ferris Says:

    This is too eerie and wonderful to be true! I was up late last night, looked at the blog, saw my name, decided I was dreaming & went to bed. Yet here is my name still. I feel that I just won a wonderful prize – thank you, thank you. The case is GORGEOUS. You are so generous to offer such a unique, COOL item. Kathy

  4. simplyaltered Says:

    I am sure it will find the perfect spot (or use) in your home!!!!!!!! it is almost too good for me to part with though!! LOL

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