another FREEBIE !!!!!!!!!! {and a challenge too}


a challenge for everyone!!

a challenge for everyone!!

Finally!!!   I am a night owl, so the night is still young.  I intended to get this done alot sooner, but got all caught up in “Farrah’s Story” this evening.  Wishing now I would have blogged instead!!!  It would have lightened my mood a little more!!!   Having already lost a sister to cancer,  I should have known better than to tune in tonight.  😦

But, as promised once again, here is the newest post / challenge.  

Ready.  Set. GO  !!!!!   Remember this is a chance for another FREEBIE!!!!!!

Think hard to that ONE thing, that is in the back of your mind……that ONE thing that needs attention….that is WAY too complicted, and needs SIMPLIFYING in the worst way.  

Might be your purse?

Might be your desk drawer?

Might be your glove compartment? 

Might be your kitchen gadget collection?

Might even be your husbands tool box?    (ok, maybe not any of our business huh?)  if you have any kind of relationship, this is probably NOT a good idea!!!

I want you to dive right IN!!!!!  clear it out.  Ask yourself over and over “Do I REALLY need this”    and than act acordingly.  🙂    (having a garbage bag nearby is highly recommended!!)   hopefully you will need it.  Fling it, give it or sell it, whatever, but one small step will lead to great things!!!!   even if you THINK you are simplified enough, you are not.  I LIVE this lifestyle, and trust me, there is a place or two lurking in my mind that need some attention as well.  

Post a comment.  Whatever you want, from the area you tackled, no matter if it is one drawer, or one level of your house!!!!!!!!!  GET IT DONE!!!  let me know  what you did and the results and satisfaction you got from it!!!!   even include the most bizarre item you found, or how MANY you found !!!!!   and most of all, don’t just REARRANGE things, you are RIDDING yourself of things!!!

I will leave this open until next Wednesday, and then randomly draw for a winner!!!!!!!!   again, it is something you will love and will serve a particular purpose in your home!!!    

I will also probably make additional posts in the meantime, unrelated to this challenge….but you must post a comment to THIS post specifically  to get in the drawing!!!!!

Ready.  Set.  Go……….


42 Responses to “another FREEBIE !!!!!!!!!! {and a challenge too}”

  1. bejes Says:

    Here is a great way to simplify the “things” in your life. Move to a different country. 3 people. 6 suitcase. Don’t end up with much clutter this way.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      True. 🙂 (I was thinking this challenge might not be good for you!! oh well, something to do when you return HOME!!!

  2. Noelle Bolibaugh Says:

    Funny this is your topic today….I just totally decluttered my kids’ rooms and my closet this week!! BIG garbage bag FULL of happy meal toys, half broken toys, and stuff I didnt even know they had! OMG! And TONS of totes with clothes….a garage sale is coming up in the near future!

    I wanted to share with you Kel what I did for my daughters hair accesories. I got an over the door shoe organizer with the see-through pockets and organized all of her hair bows, ribbons, and barrettes. It works wonders and now the mornings are a bit more peaceful as we are trying to find the perfect bow to match her outfit!! LOL!

    Im thinking of putting one in my sons room as well to put all his super heros and hot wheels in….we will see what the day brings!

    Love your blog! Thaks for sharing all your AWESOME tips!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      This is awesome Noelle and I am so happy you are joining all the fun!!
      the best part about your solution, is that no floor space OR dresser space is being taken up !!!! yeah!!! moe OPEN flat surfaces that at one time, we tended to think we had to fill with SOMETHING!!!!!!!!
      Not to mention, anything that makes the morning routines easier is always a good thing!!!!!

    • Julie Says:

      Here’s my tip for the Happy Meal (and birthday treat bag!) toys: take them to your local elementary schools. Many of the teachers in our district have a “treasure box” where kids can pick a treat out for good behavior, performance on a test, etc. They’re always looking for inexpensive ways to fund their treasure boxes and recycling the gently used trinkets from Happy Meals, school carnival prizes, and birthday treats bags serves multiple purposes: you declutter, a teacher (or district) saves money, and another kid is thrilled!

      • Toni Says:

        Can teachers use SCRAPBOOK stuff too? I have a chest full of stuff (stickers, papers, paper frames, origami, origami papers, etc., etc., etc., including tiny beads). I have resolved myself to the fact that this is NOT something I want to do and organizing photos onto a CD is about as organized as I can get. It truly is a footlocker sized pile of stuff I’ll never use. Unfortunately…it’s end of the school year….PS: I have no kids and my only niece is 1 month old–quite a long time before she’ll be able to use this stuff!!!

  3. LaVonne Says:

    Sorry Kel, I can’t do this contest! Don’t have the time or energy, but good luck with it! Its a good idea!

  4. Debbie Sevier Says:

    I recently did this so hope it counts. As a recent retiree, my house needed major attention. I did the cabinet, drawers, closet thing into the garbage bag but went one step further. Since I was hosting a family dinner at my home I decided to set up a “free garage sale”. I couldn’t believe the response. Grandchildren, children, parents, siblings and nieces had a ball finding “new” treasures plus I cleared out lots of things I no longer needed or used. The few items that didn’t find a new home went to Goodwill. Never underestimate what someone else might be able to use that you no longer need. I plan to make this an annual fun day for the family. Thanks for the great blog full of ideas!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      of COURSE this counts!!! it is an absolutely AWESOME idea!!! to offer it to your family and friends is SIMPLY wonderful!!!!!!! and just to think of how good your cabinets and drawers look now??? ahhhhhh……
      It is always amazing, especially in the kitchen how many things I USED to look at and wonder WHAT was I thinking when I felt I needed THAT????? LOL

  5. kathleen ferris Says:

    Long ago i started to “declutter” my filing system. Now i’m back to boxes and in baskets of “to be filed” papers. I am so sad when i have to tell DH that i have no idea where an important paper is. Time to get back to one file drawer of the stuff we really need to keep. Thank you for the challenge to get me going on the chore i dislike the most! Debbie, your suggestion is great for my normal decluttering. Thank you! Kathy

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yes, I think I am even going to do Debbies idea sometime!!!
      Your comment reminded me that I probably need to go through our paper trail again. I am always keeping warranties and directions to the kids toys, and here they are TEENAGERS and the toys long gone!!! time to toss!! thanks for the reminder!!! we can all inspire each other to dig into things that we did not even REALIZE need attention!!!

  6. Jill Says:

    I cleaned out my hall closet where I keep clean sheets, rugs, extra hairspray etc. – things that we don’t use every day…. I found sheets that no longer fit any bed we have, tons of clinique make up “free with purchase” , more bandaids than I would use in a lifetime (I think I buy a box thinking we are out), and 8 curling irons! Out it went and the closet looks great, I find my self opening it just to admire it!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I am laughing at this one!!!!!! bedding that you no longer had beds for???? and 8 curling irons!!! I have myself, a daughter and a hair salon all in my home, and have NEVER Had that many curling irons!! haha!!!
      That goes to show that clutter DOES multiply if you do not stay on top of it! We all have to remember “one in one out” rule. For everything that comes IN the house, something goes OUT!!! (I joke as my rule of thumb is “one in, FIVE out” !!!!! LOL

  7. Laurie Schmidt Says:

    this is so awesome!!!! I just cleaned off my front porch and by god I do have one!!!!! It was packed witht stuff for goodwill and reuseit ( the giveaway sight where you can list anything on there as long as it is FREE). Now I am in the process of turning it into my getaway ( thanks for the great idea Kel ). I just can’t belive how much stuff was out there and it is a great feeling seeing it all clean and the ideas flooting in my head for the next step!!!!!!! I just love coming here and reading wht everyone says and comes up with, thanks so much for doing this and sharing with all of use… Lauire

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I should have told you ahead of time, with your permission, I would have loved to posted before & after pictures!!! darn!! sounds like you are making MAJOR progress. Good for you!!!!!! and remember, this is a place to relax and collect you thoughts, and that is VERY hard to do surrounded by “clutter”!!! as a matter of fact, I like to think it is IMPOSSIBLE!!!! keep me posted on your progress!!! 🙂

  8. pat Says:

    I recently cleaned out a closet that had been used for all of Kyles things from College and High School. I found one of those bright orange jackets the kids use to wear to the games as a group. There was also, what I thought was a wad of packing paper, the kind used to wrap around fragile items. When it was time to throw things away, I grabbed it to wrap around some things that were going to go back home with him. It was not paper, it it was a package of Dried Beef from the store in Pella!!!! We have lived here for 7 years!!! I could of killed him, needless to say he got an earful from me. Love all the great hints.

  9. simplyaltered Says:

    Oh Lord Pat, this is hilarious!!!!! Trust me, I have had experiences like this with my son!!!!! but seven years?? FUNNY!!!!!! Kyle will get repaid for this someday in the form of his OWN son!!! there has got to be gratification in that huh??? LOL !!!!!! Now my frugal thoughts are kicking in……does he realize how EXPENSIVE that dried beef is??? oh, what a shame to go to waste!!! haha. It is SO delicious, if it is FRESH!!!

  10. kathleen ferris Says:

    Just an update as I’m in our study decluttering. I looked at our bulletin board strip by the computer (space for urgent messages) and found a printed page for an order placed online Jan. 17, 2006. I’m thinking the urgency level of that page is somewhere below zero! Kathy

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yes, I would guess that was not so “urgent” afterall huh??? funny how things lose their importance after they sit awhile!! LOL

  11. LaVonne Says:

    OK< I did it! I cleaned out the dog’s drawer in the kitchen and the junk basket on top of the microwave! Those things were both driving me nuts, and something I could do quickly today! I have too many other things to get done today, so it had to be short and sweet, and MUCH better organized and more bare!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      MUCH better!!!!! thanks for joining the challenge and proving that it only takes a very little amount of time to just do ONE thing!!!!!!!!!

  12. K80 Says:

    Hey I live by the motto:

    When in doubt,
    Throw it out!

    My Gramma taught me this it works great for everything from cleaning the frig to cleaning out draws!

  13. Jeanne Says:

    Talk about decluttering!!! My husband is a pack rat! On our five acres, he had allowed people to put their junk. Three old mobil homes, old stoves, five old lawn mowers, at least ten bicycle frames, and lots more junk. I found these two guys that scrap, and told them they could have all the money from the sales if they got rid of everything. Now I’m in the middle of decluttering my barn. I found two very old large milk cans with lids and two very old creamers. I know I can find great uses for these.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      can I come out and help???? this makes me VERY excited!!! I love to tackle these BIG jobs!!! way to go!!!!

  14. Denise Says:

    I cleaned out the cubbard under my kitchen sink. Didn’t plan on it, but I had a leak!! I found 10 flower vaces that I didn’t need and a lot of cleaners that I never use. Oh it looks so nice under there now! and it is dry!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      oh my!! a leak??? good thing you discovered that!! I used to have a collection of vases too, and now I am down to one. That is another thing, that for some reason always multiplies over the years!!

  15. Toni Says:

    I read this and decided first things first.

    I needed to “declutter” the tiredness from my bones as I’d moved 24,000 POUNDS of desintigrating shingles last week doing a roof job. So….I took a looong nap.

    Then I decided I needed to “declutter” my soul and took a long walk with my pooches.

    Now that I was “decluttered” I was ready to “declutter” my disasters.

    My armoire is now neat and organized. I rid myself of dozens of old socks with holes in the heels and toes (WHY would I keep them??), along with a lot of other useless things/stained t-shirts, etc. Nothing remains in my master closest except for jeans and slacks and 3 pairs of boots/shoes.

    I then headed to the bathroom for the dreaded vanity drawers. I found so many paperclips in there (??) that I’m sure I could open my own office supply store!! And perhaps enough hair to make a wig!!! I threw away old hair, skin, nail products which were (eek!) separating into nasty solutions.

    Odd items found: a blood analysis report showing I have great cholesterol!! And the syringe I used to feed my father the last time he was able to eat on this earth (I kept that….)

    I also tackled the storage space under the basement steps. I remembered I had to make kale chips last night and ship them off today to a friend in NC so I finished it up quickly and ran to the store for kale. I forgot to haul the trash bags outside this morning so they’ll go out later today–not to mention lots of paperwork needs to be shredded first.

    But it’s all clear and clean and it makes me feel even more relaxed. I’m off to buy my favorite movie (Gandhi) as I’ve seen it at least a dozen times and he is the epitome of a decluttered life…What do we really NEED and what really MATTERS? This movie relaxes AND inspires me (as well as this blog!).

  16. simplyaltered Says:

    PERFECT!!!! I am a true believer we have alot more “clutter” other than physical belongings!!! mental clutter can be equally as draining!!!!! good for YOU!!! I love your stories and they brought a smile to my face!! Gandhi is a perfect example. I will have to post one of my favorite quotes of his in an upcoming post!!!!! I look that direction for alot of my inspiration!! keep up the good work, and don’t stop at this challenge, there is alot more to come!!!!!

  17. Jules Says:

    I love hearing all these ideas! I just can’t decide where to begin or which one to tackel for the challenge as I have many! I know when we move I will do a huge decluttering this winter, I can’t wait! My dad and I straightened up the storage shed on Thursday so we could get baby stuff out, I had kept piling stuff in there all winter including all the boxes from my Christmas gifts and longaberger pottery etc. I took several loads on my lawnmower wagon to the burn pile, that was a great feeling to be getting rid of useless stuff!

  18. Diane G Says:


    I chose to declutter under my bed. That’s one area where everything gets shoved … outta site outta mind!

    I had wrapping paper (some 10 years+) somewhat organized into two wrapping paper totes but gave the majority of that wrapping paper away and used the two totes to organize! Most of the rest was bags of this and that … mostly along the crafting line. One of the totes is now used for wrapping paper/cards/etc and the other is used for craft items. Now, that’s ALL that I have left under the bed. No more pulling everything out to look for that one item that I know is there somewhere.


    • simplyaltered Says:

      under the bed is PERFECT!!!! I had not even thought about that!!! I have to be honest, I have whittled down my gift giving list so far, that I probably have lots of wrapping paper I could get rid of!!! Thanks for making me think about that!!!

  19. Toni Marie Says:

    Wow, this is a great idea! I am disabled and have a helper girl that comes over daily to do stuff for me. Today we sorted through all the junk that had accumulated around the bathroom vanity area. I threw away a bunch of junk including 2 cat toys. The cat went to a good home about a year ago. In the trash also went 4 empty ointment tubes that I guess I was saving in case I wanted to use a q-tip to remove the few atoms of ointment that remained. I have new ointment, so I’m not sure what I had been thinking. [perhaps I hadn’t been thinking at all!] Next we sorted through the collection of junkin the area at the side of my bed. I found my grandkid’s paint handprints from about 3 or 4 years ago. That was cool. I also found a nut cracking thing and several nut picks. Everyone needs those at the side of their bed, right?
    This was a fun idea and I will be continuing it in the days to come. Thanks for this fun website!

  20. simplyaltered Says:

    glad you have someone that can help you out!! from the items you found, she probably had about as much fun doing it as you did!!!!!!!! and to see those areas all cleaned out? how satisfying huh??? 🙂 way to go!!!!

  21. Sissy Says:

    Here is a very inexpensive way to keep all of those extension cords (drop cords) stored neatly. First you must use toliet paper (sorry but I am sure that you could buy just one roll). For the 10′ and 12′ cords use toliet paper cardboard roll and then take your cords and fold them in half and in half again and insert the folded end into the roll. Save the paper towel rolls for the larger cords. I have used this for years and it does save alot of space. I have used leftover contact paper to decorate them, but it also stabilizes them somewhat. I have several and have had the same ones for years. I keep them stored in a plastic container and they are handy for whenever the need arises.

  22. simplyaltered Says:

    that is a great idea!!! someting EVERYONE has and something that inevitably ends up in the garbage anyway!!!
    Thanks for your input!!!

  23. Joy Baker Says:

    I chose to tackle my desk and the bookshelf next to it. I got rid of lots of receipts, confirmations, etc. – some 2 or 3 years old. Got rid of many, many pens, markers and rubber bands that were dried up. Found multiple boxes of staples, pencils, and rolls of tape that now have a new home. I had a small basket fiilled with scraps of paper with addresses, passwords, etc. I transferred the info to a small notebook and took away the basket. I got rid of about half the stuff in the “to be filed” basket.

  24. Rebecca Says:

    Whew – I hope I’m in time! I cleaned out a whole drawer in the kitchen!! I have got a LONG ways to go in uncluttering my house, but it’s a start, right? It was our kitchen utensils drawer, and I got rid of about 1/3 of the tools in there (WAYYY to many spatulas, spoons, etc..) I’d get rid of more (and only save the ones I LOVE), but my husband would take issue with that, as there are many he loves! : )

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Rebecca, you are in plenty of time!!!! how does the utensil drawer keep multiplying??? it happens in my house too. I have secret, when my husband asks where a certain utensil disappeared to, I just tell him, “I guess it must have broken” remember??? and he always aggrees. haha !!!!!!!!!!! too funny!!! although, I do take into consideration MOST of his favorites!!!

  25. LLisaW Says:

    Hi Kelli ~ well being gone I didn’t get much done at home but I decluttered my mind and am pretty much back to my old self. After reading your challange during morning break I started cleaning my office. One big blue recyle bend later, I got rid of 3 – 3″ binders full of outdated work manuals, a drawer full of junk, several management books that my employee who wants to be a manager someday absorbed and 37 pens went to the general office supply drawer. I loooovvvveee my clean office.

  26. simplyaltered Says:

    decluttering you mind is ALWAYS a good thing to do!! Mental clutter can be equally as bad as all the visable things we are surrounded with!!! So glad you got in on the challenge!!! and loving your office now??? Oh, makes me SMILE really big!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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