F.A.Q’s ….. [makes this website sound official huh??]


How cool is this image anyway????

How cool is this image anyway????

I have always loved (and own two) of these artists statues!!  so it caught my eye for this post.  

The answers to your FAQ’s.  

Where do you buy the ingredients?  

This is the top of the list for questions!!  The answer is not a simple one YET.  In my favorite fashion, I am attempting to simplify it for everyone though!!!   I spoke with the manager of our local Hy-Vee and will be meeting with him on Monday.  He wanted to assure me that he will make every effort to carry ALL THREE ingredients to make the soap, as well as always have it on hand at all times.  Yeah!!!  How simple would that make things???   I also have indication that other Hy-Vee stores might  possibly be doing the same.   So…….be patient, soon they will be your one stop shopping location for this dilemma.  (btw, they had a shipment of Fels Naptha arrive on Friday, and by noon, they were all GONE!!!  ironically it was my daughter who snagged the last few bars!!)  

Does this soap work for front loading High Efficiency washers?   

YES it does.  Tried and tested , and researched, it does.  HOWEVER.  You may need to adjust the dispensed amount.  I have top loading and I also have a water softener and good water quality , so that is where the 2 Tbsp plays in at.   Use according to all these factors.  It is much safer as well as completely safe for septic systems.  

Does it work on cloth diapers?

Absolutely!!!   works better than good!!!  I have 2 neices that I am proud to say use cloth diapers.  (way to go Tiff and Ambjour)   and this laundry option is so perfect as with towels, it cleans deep, softens withOUT fabric softener , and does not affect the absorbency as fabric softeners so often do.   Oh yeah, and no annoying or irritating fragrances to deal with on such tender skin.  🙂

What is the cost per load?

3 cents, (in case you missed that on the video)  now, THAT is hard to argue with huh???  

Honestly there is one more question……but I can not think of it!!!! maybe BeJes will answer THAT in a comment she will post. (hint hint)  Yes, you were right, I should have written these down as I was thinking of them!!!!!

REMEMBER:  The Freebie is still on, even though I have made an updated post.   Go back to the previous post, read the details and get busy on the challenge and posting a comment!!!!!!!

NOTE:  There might possibly be some more exciting news to come the first of next week!!!!!!  Stay tuned to find out, after I work on the details.  🙂


14 Responses to “F.A.Q’s ….. [makes this website sound official huh??]”

  1. bejes Says:

    Would you suggest people have a separate food processor for making the soap or since it is soap, does it come clean? Was that it? Told you to write it down DingDong.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yep, that was it. It is all coming back to me now. I personally use the same one. As someone commented before, it is SOAP, so after going through the dishwasher, it ought to be REALLY clean!!!!! but to each their own, some use it ONLY for Simply Wonderful laundry soap, and that is fine too.
      NOTE: if you do not currently own a food processor, scout out garage sales, auctions and thrift stores first. Who knows? you might find one for a STEAL!!!! 🙂

  2. Mary Jo Hudson Says:

    WHICH HyVee do you use? All the ingredients are available in Windsor Heights, but the Fels Naptha was hard to find because they are on the top shelf, and the few bars left were way to the back…hard to see for a short person like me.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oskaloosa Hy-Vee is where I go. You are right, this must be the popular location for a formerly overlooked item!! I bet they are going to be front and center before long. 🙂

  3. Jules Says:

    I grabbed 4 bars the other night from HyVee in Osky! Whenever I am there and there aren’t many then Kelli’s ears probably burn LOL 🙂 I am going to ask my HyVee(ottumwa) to carry the fels naptha as they carry the other 2 ingredients and Target carries the Borax and I think it is actually a little cheaper. I am all simply wonderful now finished the woolite and tide in the past few days!!!! I am giving what little Downy and Bounce I have left to my mom and aunt tonight. The other bonus is I made enough batches to use up my box of soda so I just have my box of borax(larger size, which I use for cleaner too) and then I have all my batches in the LB XL canister basket on my dryer. Less to store in my cupboard!!!!!!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Whew!! glad you are finally moving on to Simply Wonderful!!! I knew it was killing you to get everything else used up!! and leave it to you to figure out how to use it all up, and save the remaining Borax for another use. You are good til next time you need to purchase, and hopefully all things can be in one place….Oskaloosa Hy-Vee!!!

  4. Jules Says:

    Forgot to say thank you for this post it did answer some of my questions!

  5. breanna Says:

    i use a different recipe for soap but what i do use is a cheap-o $5 mini food chopper to chop my bar soap up! really handy and yes it is very clean when it comes out of the dishwasher! 🙂 (my hyvee in kville carries fels naptha and washing soda and walmart carries borax. almost one stop! wonder why not ALL hyvee stores carry these same staples…. hmmm..

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I think they might be before long. I hope to mention this to our manager tomorrow when I meet with him. $5 food chopper, you can’t beat that!!! I know we got my food processor as a wedding gift 20 years ago, maybe used a handful of times since then…..until NOW !!!!!!!!

  6. simplyaltered Says:

    …and make note: Meme has very unusually HARD water where she lives. I glad you have found a happy medium Meme. 🙂

  7. Rosie Says:

    I live in New Jersey and found my supplies, all nicely lined up in a row, in Pathmark. I tried Shop Rite but they only carried the borax. Just thought I’d pass that along.

    Also, I didn’t have a problem with stains. My husband wears long sleeve sweat shirts and the cuffs get almost black with dirt and grim. They were my first “test” load using the new detergent and they came completely clean. I was so impressed. Normally I would have had to soak the cuffs with spray and wash and let them sit for a few hours before washing. Don’t need to do that anymore!

  8. simplyaltered Says:

    this is PERFECT!!! so glad it has worked for you!! and I bet your husband is equally impressed. I know mine is. He loves it!!! and I love to hear you will not need Spray & Wash anymore!! one more thing to cross off your grocery list, and a perfect money savings!!! it is impressive to think of how many WONDERFUL loads of laundry you can do out of the same cost of ONE bottle of stain remover!!!! $$$$$$$$$

  9. Susan Fox Says:

    I have just become aware of your website and I am wanting the ingredients of the soap.


    • simplyaltered Says:

      the ingredients are listed on the right hand side of the blog under “The Recipe” , as far as find the ingredients? depends on where you live, but some of those questions are answered in the more recent postings.

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