one more FAQ…


Suds  !!!!!!!!

Suds !!!!!!!!

Another FAQ that I remembered,  is about the texture of the Fels Naptha.  (again, long story, but I will TRY to be brief)   Originally when I found Fels Naptha at Hy-Vee, it had been on the shelf a VERY VERY long time!!!  therefore, it was somewhat of a “drier bar”…made into perfect powder, nearly DUST!!!   Of course, since then, with newer shipments, the bars are “fresher”  and unable to process down to so much a powder, but rather little tiny “beads” or “pellets”.  PERFECTLY fine!!!!!  do not worry, it will work the VERY same, just consider your bar is nice and fresh and ready to CLEAN!!!!  

Now, I have found somewhat of a solution to this dilemma if it bothers you.  I always buy ahead, (a secret fear I will run OUT!!!)  haha.   So, for the 6 bars or so sitting waiting to be processed, I just SIMPLY open one end of the paper wrap.  Two-fold benefit to this, it helps to dry it a little bit before you use it AND freshens my closet at the same time!!!  :)…..and still plenty of FRESH and natural fragrance when I grind it up to use.  

Hope this helps the many people that have been wondering!!!!

(ok, one more thing)  and if I did not experience this first hand, I would possibly not believe it!!  Going back to when I very first tried this.  I did notice the lack of suds.  I made SURE to tell everyone this, so they would not be alarmed.  I continued to use it, and the strangest thing happened.  Using the same amount of Simply Wonderful, I was getting SUDS all of the SUDden  (no pun intended!!)   gave some to my sister to try and her VERY first concern was lack of suds.  I assured her it was getting the clothes clean and if it made her feel better, just add the soap and close the lid.  ok….within about a week, SHE began getting suds!!!!   hummmm…….   I have racked my brain trying to make sense of all of this, and today “Diane” made a comment that assured I am not crazy. {THANK YOU DIANE!!}   She mentions everything I have been suspecting all along.  The lack of suds (and sometimes a “scum” on top of the water initially) is from how CLEAN this Simply Wonderful actually is getting your clothes.  Actually removing the residue and chemicals that your FORMER commercial detergent has left behind (yuck!!!)….as well as the fabric softener we all USED to add to our laundry!!!  I don’t know about you, but this is making me feel REALLY good!!!   and then of course, after you begin to wash generally the same clothes over and over, the residue is leaving and the suds are more evident!!   I get suds, Kim gets suds and a lot of blog readers are as well.  !!!!!!!!   yeah!!!!!!!  

Now…….no need to PANIC for High Effeciency  owners.   As always experiment a little with it, and you may need to reduce the dispensed amount once you repeatedly launder your clothing.  This is even EXTRA good for you, as it will last you TWICE as long!!!!!!!!!!!!   it is TOTALLY safe for front loading HE washers, so do not be alarmed!!!!!!!    and of course, dispensed amount also depends on your water quality.  (Meme!!)     🙂   

Ok.  I think I am done rambling!!!  I will post more tomorrow after I meet with the manager from Hy-Vee.  Remember,  I am hoping to simplify this shopping process even more for everyone!!!!!   no fun to have to look high and low for something that is suppose to make our lives SIMPLE.  Right???  

Challenge is still on……..and I am CERTAINLY enjoying all the progress you have reported.  If you have not posted a comment, please do so!!!   My drawing will be on Wednesday!!!


21 Responses to “one more FAQ…”

  1. Diane G Says:

    Oh you’re very welcome. I also suspect (but have no way of proving it) that part of the scumb may come from the inside of the washing machine also. It makes sense to me that using large amounts of commercial laundry soap would tend to build up after awhile inside our washing machines.

    Where on your website to I find “the Challenge” ??

    Diane G (New Brunswick, Canada)

    • simplyaltered Says:

      oh, I think you could be exactly right on this!!! has anyone ever noticed how the fabric softener build up on the dispensing cup in the washer??? yuck, I certainly have!!!!! no more of this either!!!
      Thanks Diane!!

  2. Rosie Says:

    After reading all about your laundry detergent and what others had to say about it, I was on a mission to find the supplies and much to my surprised I found all of them yesterday. So my husband and I made 3 batches and I went to town washing everything I could get my hands on. So far I am really liking it!! Very easy to make and it smells good too. I previously tried the aluminum foil in my dryer and was amazed that this actually work, so I moved onto the detergent. I too noticed there were no suds BUT I noticed I have a ring of (for the lace of better word) scum around the very top edge of my washing machine and after reading this post, I’m sure the lack of suds is just getting all that icky stuff cleaned up. I am very, very pleased I tried the recipe. I won’t go back to commercial detergents!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      this is very impressive and I am so glad you shared it!!!!! we can all benefit from the comments that people make just as much as from what I post!!!!! I especially love your last sentence!!! oh, I will NEVER go back either!!!!!!!

  3. Rhonda Van Zante Says:


    What is your recipe for this laundry soap?

  4. Rebecca Says:

    I can’t wait to find the Fels Naptha! I want to make this, and my Tide is almost gone!! I hope I find it before I run out (so I don’t have to buy more!!) : )

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I hope you find it in time. One less PLASTIC container for you to put in the landfill, or even bother with recycling. 🙂

  5. mary forbis Says:

    i would love to try this stuff,this wonderful laundry deder, please tell me how to get some,,i live in burlington NC,,,i can not come to your opening,i don’t drive,sry

    • Laura C Says:

      mary, i live in graham. and i found everything at the harris teeter in burlington. hope you can find it!

      • simplyaltered Says:

        I wish I was close to a Harris Teeter!!! our stores are having a TERRIBLE time finding it!!! NO FAIR!!! LOL !! 🙂

  6. Joy Baker Says:

    I’ve been using this for the past week and am loving it! The biggest thing I’ve noticed is how soft everything feels coming out of the washing machine. My daughter is coming over Friday and we’re making some for her. She has 3 little ones so goes through a lot of detergent. I think she’ll like the results. The ingredients were surprisingly easy to find here.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh good!!!!!!! I am tickled to death that you are loving it!!! yes, I aggree, everything IS so soft!!! towels especially!!! I never used softener on towels as then it messed with the absorbency, but now?? soft AND absorbant!!! and this is a big plus with my salon towels!!! it is just “Simply Wonderful” isn’t it?? 🙂

  7. soldbyanne Says:

    Can I get the recipe & instructions for making the laundry soap?

  8. Vicky Says:

    After reading about the homemade laundry detergent made with Fels Naptha. You mentioned the older bar ground up to a powder and the newer bars did not. Try unwrapping the bars and placing in a basket to dry out, not sure the lenght of time it will take. It just might grind up to a better consistancy. I haven’t tried it…… elderly friend use to dry out her bath bars so they would last longer in the shower.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I have actually have done this sort of thing. I just open one end of the paper wrapping and let it dry until I am ready for the next set of bars!!! and freshen my linen closet at the same time. 🙂

  9. Vanessa Says:

    Today was a “Simply Wonderful” day or at least my house smells simply wonderful. I made my first batches of this detergent early this morning and I’ve been doing laundry ever since, LOL!! I love this stuff and the smell is marvelous. My clothes are softer than before..did I mention that I love this smell? Thank you so much Kelli, for letting us all know about this!! I was just sure I’d never find the ingredients but as said in an earlier reply…good ole Harris Teeter came thru. OOPS! I gotta run, my washer stopped and I think I’m gonna yank my bedspread off of the bed and wash it….then …hmm…maybe my clean towels really aren’t so clean after all. Thanks again! =)

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh, this is just TOO FUNNY!!!!! I am literally smiling ear to ear!!!!!! you have certainly made my day!!! 🙂

  10. Dudles Says:

    Hi Kelli! I made the laundry soap last night at 1 AM, I couldn’t sleep until I did it. I have my first load of laundry in the wash right now. I keep stopping the washer and opening to smell the clothes and check out the suds. My question is… I know you say it is proven safe for front loading HE washers. I have a Cabrio which is top load but requires HE. Where am I supposed to put the powder? For this first load I just sprinkled it in on top of the clothes.

    Thank You!

  11. simplyaltered Says:

    that is wonderful!!! I honestly do not have a front loader, so I can not say for sure. I am due to geto ne very soon though. 🙂 I know some have told me that put it directly on the clothes, and some in the dispenser cup. MANY use it very safely with front loaders, so do not be discouraged, I know it is perfectly safe, just a matter of how the dispensing works for you.

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