and the NEXT winner is……


what are we trying to "create" ???   Simple and UNcluttered surroundings!!

what are we trying to "create" ??? Simple and UNcluttered surroundings!!

A sampling of some of the things I “create”   I have always loved letters.  Solo or to make a word.  Ideally I could have scouted out rummage sales and auctions etc etc, but I have no patience for those time consuming events  (I send my sisters and neice) for THAT job and tell them what I am looking for….and they generally come though for me!!!!!    anyway, I bought these at Hobby Lobby for about $1 per letter, used some scrap paper, and there you have it!!!  my 2nd favorite word next to SIMPLE  !!!!    🙂

Ok.  (drumroll please)   the winner is……

“Toni”  who ironically posted the longest and most detailed comment.  (has nothing to do with your chances though, this is  a random generated drawing each time!!)  but you need to read and appreciate what all she accomplished and ESPECIALLY the things she discovered!!! oh my!!!!

“I read this and decided first things first.

I needed to “declutter” the tiredness from my bones as I’d moved 24,000 POUNDS of desintigrating shingles last week doing a roof job. So….I took a looong nap.

Then I decided I needed to “declutter” my soul and took a long walk with my pooches.

Now that I was “decluttered” I was ready to “declutter” my disasters.

My armoire is now neat and organized. I rid myself of dozens of old socks with holes in the heels and toes (WHY would I keep them??), along with a lot of other useless things/stained t-shirts, etc. Nothing remains in my master closest except for jeans and slacks and 3 pairs of boots/shoes.

I then headed to the bathroom for the dreaded vanity drawers. I found so many paperclips in there (??) that I’m sure I could open my own office supply store!! And perhaps enough hair to make a wig!!! I threw away old hair, skin, nail products which were (eek!) separating into nasty solutions.

Odd items found: a blood analysis report showing I have great cholesterol!! And the syringe I used to feed my father the last time he was able to eat on this earth (I kept that….)

I also tackled the storage space under the basement steps. I remembered I had to make kale chips last night and ship them off today to a friend in NC so I finished it up quickly and ran to the store for kale. I forgot to haul the trash bags outside this morning so they’ll go out later today–not to mention lots of paperwork needs to be shredded first.

But it’s all clear and clean and it makes me feel even more relaxed. I’m off to buy my favorite movie (Gandhi) as I’ve seen it at least a dozen times and he is the epitome of a decluttered life…What do we really NEED and what really MATTERS? This movie relaxes AND inspires me (as well as this blog!).”

Thank you Toni for you efforts, and making me smile at all the things that are NO LONGER dragging you down!!!!!!   please send me your snail mail address and your winning will be in the way!!!   (I will make a post later on the item…..honestly, the glue is drying as I post this!!)   PROCRASTINATION!!!!    shame on me.     anyway, send it to my e mail address  

******and another GOOD challenge coming by weeks end.  🙂   get ready!!!!!   You can thank me later.   😮   *******


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