Toni’s winnings!!!!


it is on its way!!!

a reminder to "Live Simply"

The glue is dry and Toni will receive this for her winning comment !!!    It is also a sampling of what  you will find at Art on the Square.  I have LOTS of totally cool ones already made!! 

REMINDER :   Tomorrow is the big day for 3 reasons.   

                              *Fels Naptha OUGHT to be in the Oskaloosa Hy-Vee

                              *I will be posting the next “challenge”  

                              * the official beginning to a long holiday weekend……I hope everyone has some good old fashioned Simple plans made.  I know I do.   🙂


7 Responses to “Toni’s winnings!!!!”

  1. stampit74 Says:

    cool Kelli! love all the stamping going on!!!
    Pam Going Postal

    • simplyaltered Says:

      oh Pam, I just KNEW you would love all the stamping!!!! 🙂 I have done alot more on the recent ones I have been making. You will love them!!!!

  2. Toni Says:

    OH MY GOSH!!! This is BEAUTIFUL!! I can’t wait to find it at my doorstep!!!

    Ya know….you really should post a pic or 2 of all those things you’re making for the Art Sale to bait…er….get everyone there to find you!!!!!!!

    OR..highly unlikely…BUT…IF you have any LEFTOVERS from the Art Sale you could post pictures AFTER and let your fans buy them from you (as some of us have made prior commitments that particular weekend and can’t get there).

    Just a thought to SIMPLY wipe out your inventory!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I can feel your excitement and that makes me VERY happy!!! I am going to get a galler so-to-speak with just a sampling of all the things I have ready. Just enough to “tempt” everyone. 🙂 and your suggestion for all my left over inventory is a great one!!!! but with any luck, I will come home with NOTHING left over!! haha.
      Watch your mail. I am sending it your way tomorrow morning. (and crossing my fingers it arrives in ONE piece!!)

  3. Jeanne Says:

    No luck on the Fels Naptha today, I went by a couple of times. I see that they have a note up saying maybe tonight. i don’t know if I will have time to run back in. Hopefully, sometime I will be able to try making my own soap, unfortunately I have to work through the holidays. I work a rotating 12 hour shift. I love the prize in the above picture, it’s beautiful!! You have a great talent.

  4. Nancy Says:

    Thank-you for all your hard work, made my frist batch of soap today! So excited about it!
    Many Thanks

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh good!!!! isn’t it amazing how excite we women can get over the PERFECT laundry soap???? I love it!!!!!!

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