worth the wait!!!!!


it HAS indeed arrived!!!

it HAS indeed arrived!!!

I am going to shout it from the hilltops!!!   Fels Naptha has arrived!!  I just got an e mail from Dan the manager, and you can find it at Hy-Vee in aisle 2 and aisle 9  !!!!!!!!   waste no time, I would predict it will not last long.  

I know I promised a challenge for yesterday, but I had a few delays…………namely Fels Naptha and Art on the Square projects!!!    I will still try to get one on here maybe tonight.  

Bear with me.  

and a great big THANK YOU TO DAN!!!!!!      Head to Hy-Vee soon, and show him how badly we really DID want to see this back on their shelves!!!   🙂


5 Responses to “worth the wait!!!!!”

  1. Rhonda Van Zante Says:

    Kelli, I hope some are left when I am in town on Tuesday afternoon. Oh, does Hy-Vee have the Arm and Hammer now, too?

  2. Brett @ Hy-Vee Says:

    Rhonda, Call the store 641-673-8663, ask for Brett or Dan and we will set aside what you want at our customer service counter.

  3. simplyaltered Says:

    yes, they do, and from what I saw, it is all ON SALE!!!! even better!!! 🙂

  4. Teresa Nifong Says:

    I do not have a hy-vee store where i live. I can find the arm and hammer and borax. I found a block of laundry soap named Zote.Could I use this soap instead of fels- naptha?

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I have heard that Zote is fine too, although I have never used it. One gal said it is a larger bar than Fels Naptha, so you would then have to adjust the recipe for the other ingredients. Can you let me know how many oz. the bar is? I think if you re-read the comments made from “The Recipe” post, that gal might have posted about the Zote there.

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