Simple homemade firestarters…


the end to a perfect weekend...

the perfect weekend activity

I was reminded today how much we enjoy our firepit.  (Thanks Angie!!)     There are many weekend nights we wrap things up with an hour or so by our simple little firepit.   There is something about sitting by a fire, no matter where it is at, that encourages relaxation, as well as good conversation.   Makes simple weekends spent at home feel like a real treasure. 

My husband is very good at starting a fire (aren’t all men?”)  but on occasion he uses commercial firestarters to speed things up and get the fire rolling faster.  These can get expensive as well as something we do not necessarily HAVE to purchase if I found an alternate HOMEMADE idea instead.  More money savings and of course, all things you have in your home and “green” as well.  

I found a homemade tip I am now using and would like to pass on to you.   

Homemade fire starters:

1 empty cardboard tube of paper towels or toilet paper

Dryer lint


“Simple” huh???     Secure one end of the tube with a small amount of tape.  Fill with dryer lint that normally goes in our garbage.  Pack it in fairly tight, and secure the top of the tube.  Light the middle of the tube with a match and your fire will be ready to go.  

Now, you can “collect” your lint and make many of these to have on hand, ahead of time, and ready to do. They would store nice and neat in a box of sorts.   Heck, I can even take it one step further, and how about making them, roughly decorating the outside of the tube, stack about 6 of them, secured with a bow and given as  the ultimate FRUGAL gift!!!   No matter what the cost of gift giving, I would personally be VERY tickled  and impressed for someone to do this for me!!  am I alone here?   This would cost NOTHING, yet a “green” gift with alot of thought and effort on your part.  This is ideal in my opinion!!!!    Maybe (Angie)  keep this a secret and have Zach do this for Brian for Fathers Day!!!   Let Zach decorate them all on his own!!!   PERFECT!!!  and much better gift than a necktie!!     LOL  !!!!

(one suggestion though)  in my opinion ONLY, these are best suited for outdoor fires!!!   I am not intending to use this inside in our fireplace in the house.  We never burn paper,  of any kind for it as I have heard in the past it can clog the flue.   Gotta add that disclaimer as I am not too interested in causing anyone to PAY for a chimney sweep or burning their house down!!!  yikes  

I am still working and brainstorming on the next “challenge”  but in the meantime, this felt like a good update and more in the relaxing apsect than an update to make you WORK.  After all, this IS a long weekend!!!!

Enjoy it!!!!!!!


21 Responses to “Simple homemade firestarters…”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Rich has me save our lint in an LB basket so he can use it when we do our outside fire. Never thought about paper towel tubes. Great idea!

  2. kathleen ferris Says:

    Happy Memorial Day, Kelli. I love the idea and the firepit. Kathy

  3. toni Says:

    awesome! we dont get much lint because i air dry most of my clothes all year long in/outside depending on weather but i now have perfect gift for my green girlfriend!!!

    please post some pics for us of your decorated fire starters!!

  4. Diane G Says:

    My main source of heat is hardwood. I’ve made firestarters for years but use different ingredients … egg cartons (not the plastic ones), wood curls or remnents from sawing up the wood and old candle pieces. Stuff the wood curls into the egg cartons, melt the wax and pour it over the top. Let cool and tear into 12 firestarters. All ingredients are recycled things so there is absolutely no cost to make these. I make about 60 dozen a year and share them with family and friends.


    • simplyaltered Says:

      wow!!!! 60 dozen?? you are BUSY!!! I bet your friends love them, and now look FORWARD to getting theirs, right?? nearly a tradition for you!!! yeah!! I love stories like this. 🙂

  5. rhiannon Says:

    You’re so awesome aunt kel. I have two fireplaces at home, one in my living room, and one in the bedroom. We have to use firelogs to get the fire going, because our flu is very small (from the 1800’s)… at $6 a pop.. they get so expensive!! I would love love to set these cute decorated tubes out in the winter, in a basket or something by my fireplace, and just pop one it 🙂 what an awesome idea!!!!! Thank you!!! I’ll start saving my lint now!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      glad you liked this entry Rhiannon!!! I am going to post a pics of my “logs” towards the end of the week….hopefully

  6. LaVonne Says:

    I’ll remember this, but since I never have a fire, I might forget! Good idea as always, Kel!

  7. Jenice Says:

    I will start on this project this evening. What a great idea and I always have a lint basket in my laundry room since the kids were old enough to help with laundry this gave them NO excuse not to clean the lint filter – also years ago we made some kind of homemade paper pulp with lint I don’t recall how but that might be something to look up. I will see you Friday – I can’t wait

  8. Jean McCormick Says:

    I never saw the pictures, did you post them?

  9. simplyaltered Says:

    No, I have not posted them yet. Maybe in the next week or so. (hopefully) 🙂

  10. jeffray Says:

    suprised that you actually got off the computer and did something 🙂

  11. Diane Fynaardt Says:

    i know this is an old post but i just started making these and didn’t have enough paper towel holders to empty the garbage in the laundry room (almost all lint) so i taped toilet paper rolls together. Kelsey said just make little ones so i may try that too 🙂

  12. BLT Says:

    (changing my name so I don’t get busted leaving comments while at work today!)

    With the exception of whites, I hang/air dry my laundry so lint is scarce and I we go through about 6 rolls of Viva a year MAYBE.

    So….I’ve been gathering toitee rolls and SHREDDED PAPER from my office to make as gifts for friends and family. I added in some lint in some as an accelerant. I hope they work!!!

    They’re small/short but tiny is cute!

  13. Batman Lot Says:

    Wonderful journey and experience.

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