time for a challenge…. {finally}


ok. time to get busy!!!

ok. time to get busy!!!

The relaxing long weekend is over, and it is time to get back to work (literally) and time for a long overdue challenge!!

Do you have a drawer that holds pens / pencils / and a lot of other long items that get missplaced in that same location?    of course you do!!!

The reason for this specific challenge?   I have a sister  (one of 4)  and you know who you are, that is a relatively organized person with a clutter free home.   As I was visiting her one day, I opened her drawer to grab a pen……..WOW!!!   My words were something like “What on EARTH are you thinking?”   and with that, I grabbed about 40 of them and they went right in the trash. !!!!!!    how many pens / pencils are REALLY necessary in one home. , and in one location?   maybe 5 ?  10 tops.    (I think I have about 4)  

So, go to your drawers, (and you may have many different locations)  or desktop pencil holders, WHEREVER you keep them……..and FLING any above and beyond the absolute NECESSARY ones.   You may find that 1/2 of them do not even work anymore, not to mention all the odd ball items that have gravitated to this area!!!!  

Leave a comment when you are done, or let us all know how many you got RID of, or what you found that did NOT belong in this location!!!!!    No contest here, no pressure to find the oddest item, just a friendly challenge to tackle something that each time you look at it, you are thinking “someday I need to clean this out” . 

NOW is the time.   🙂     get busy.  

***Random drawing will take place on Thursday for a GREAT freebie (something that goes very nicely with your pen collection {or lack of} ), and I have many many more challenges planned, as well as Simply Wonderful updates, and MANY more frugal tips.  You are gonna love the next one, no matter WHAT your age or WHO lives in your home with you.    {hint hint}   

I will also be doing the radio segment in the morning.  6:30 a.m..  Any bets that I will oversleep????   yikes. 


14 Responses to “time for a challenge…. {finally}”

  1. Robbie Says:

    Can I suggest that instead of throwing those pens away that you donate them to a school? School budgets have been cut in past years for simple things like that. And you may be amazed how many parents only buy supplies enough to start the school year and then don’t think about it again. Many teachers are buying that stuff from their own money. I learned that from a teacher friend of mine from Tri County(Special Ed).

  2. simplyaltered Says:

    Oh my goodness YES!!! thanks for pointing that out to me!! great for the teachers and secretaries, etc etc etc as well. (just make sure they do not end up back in YOUR drawers!!!) 🙂

  3. Robbie Says:

    I had 2 drawers in the kitchen of misc “stuff.” I recently got rid of enough stuff and combined them into 1 drawer which left a drawer now for my reusable cloth shopping bags.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I love it when any new space is “opened up”!!! and make more room for BETTER things. 🙂

  4. Verona Says:

    Three years ago I gave about 40 ball points to a lady who was trying to set a Guinness world record, but I don’t have her addess any more. I have only 4 drawers in my kitchen, so my pens and pencils live in Longaberger baskets and coffee mugs. I have written with all 106 of them today and 22 don’t write. I traded the ink tube on a couple that are keepsakes–touring Reagan’s Air Force I and one bought in England. I could part with a few of the freebies from motels, but don’t want to part with the ones I’ve paid cash for, so I’ll pick out 22 more to give away–but it sorta feels like I’m being disloyal to my mother who always said “waste not–want not”. 🙂 (I hope 44 is enough to get an “E for effort”.)

  5. Vanessa Says:

    *Walks out of Lurkerville*….Hello! *waves* I grabbed all my pens and pencils last night, tossed out several that either didn’t write or I don’t care for anymore. I can’t say I threw out a lot because I did this very thing not too long ago. That was when I filled up the garbage can. (Robbie’s idea is much better tho.) The only misplaced things I found was a button, a fine tipped artist paint brush …and an oral thermometer (in it’s case)…*hangs head in shame* … I knew that was there but had been too lazy to put it up properly. I must admit that I have 3 pens I can’t part with, they’re rarely used but have sentimental value. By the way, I’ve only been lurking for about a week or so, since I saw your interview on Fox 8. Now, I’m off to leave a reply about that laundry detergent that is “Simply Wonderful”. =)

    • simplyaltered Says:

      you definitely need to STOP lurking!!!!! I want you on here everytime for entertainment aspects!!!! 🙂 promise? 😉

  6. kathleen ferris Says:

    This is one of the few decluttering chores I do regularly because i can’t stand to see all those pens. They invade my home (horror movie idea). i try to find some one who is teaching a class or having a sale, where pens seem to walk away with students and customers. Kelli, it sounds like your weekend went well. Kathy

  7. Abbey Says:

    I am a teacher and I absolutely LOVE pens and pencils of any kind, so your challenge was huge for me. However, I did understand the need to declutter my desk drawer at work. I went through and got rid of all non- working pens, old and icky markers, used up pencils, etc. I also found all kinds of office supply goodies and was able to sort them into their proper locations/throw away what was not needed. Whew! Glad to have that done before the end of the school year. Thanks!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Good!!!! you will be well on your way to be better prepared for next year!!! enjoy your summer!!!

  8. Diane G Says:

    I have two areas where pens and pencils seem to multiply and I’ve cleaned both of them recently. First is the computer desk. I checked all the pens, tossed what didn’t work and put the rest into a pretty coffee mug that was loitering in the back corners of the cupboard. The second area was my desk drawer. Again, I tossed what didn’t work and recycled some baskets that were no longer being used for pens/pencils … office supplies … rubberbands … everything has a place and it’s easy to find what I’m wanting now.

  9. drumroll please… « Simply Altered Says:

    […] Abbey Says: May 28, 2009 at 1:33 am | Reply   edit […]

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