add your comments!!!


clean them out!!!!

clean them out!!!!

Calling all blog readers.  Amongst the Fels Naptha updates, my KBOE stint and all the talk of laundry, there is STILL  a challenge that might have been overlooked??   add your comments SOON as the random drawing will take place tomorrow!!  As of right now, your odds of winning are VERY good!!!   🙂


39 Responses to “add your comments!!!”

  1. carole martin browne Says:

    I went out and started looking for the items in the Ankeny area,but so far no luck.But I have the whole city to search…I will locate these items..

  2. Jules Says:

    I haven’t gotten to the pen challenge yet but I am going through magazines and tearing out the pages I want to keep and boxing the rest up for the recyling center. It feels so good to get rid of some clutter!!! i will work on the pen thing too.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      getting rid of clutter DOES feel good huh???? I get completely pumped by this….and I can tell you (and many others) do too!!! yeah!!!!

  3. Diana W Says:

    Hy Vee in Ankeny had the Fels Naptha soap a couple weeks ago, but I bought all 4 bars on the shelf. Dahls’ in Ankeny has the other 2 indgredients, and I put in a special request with my fried Jennifer, who places special orders. I told why the need and assured her it would fly off the shleves. Dahl’s also carries Borax and Arm and Hammer (lots of that on the shelf)

    As for the pen challenge, I went through my dresser drawer (?) where all the pens seemed to migrate and multiply, got rid of 90% of them, cleaned out the crock by the phone in the kitchen, cleaned out the quilting room of about 25 non working or otherwise gummed up pens, and BOY! Do I feel good!! Thanks for the incentive!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Way to go Diana!!!! nothing like hitting EVERY spot where pens “collect” !!!!!!!!!

  4. Crissie Says:

    while doing the pen thing also did return address labels from all sorts of organizations i had contributed to-thinking of covering some type of box/jar or something with them to use as storage container

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I have that same problem and I am glad you brought that up!!! amazing how much those labels multiply now with using much less postage mailings….by doing on-line bill paying!!! makes ya wonder if someday return address labels will be a thing of the past. 😦

  5. Anna W. Says:

    I wnet through and did what you advised us to do and I had 35 pens I threw away.
    I have been picking up pens for several years and a lot of them did not even work any more just like you said.
    I pick up pens everywhere they are free Dr. office, drugstore, telephone co., insurance so. and etc.,
    Thank you for suggesting this I look organized now.

  6. Mishelle Says:

    I’m sorry to say that I just can’t get rid of pens…I don’t mind tossing the ones’ that don’t work but with 4 small boys….who MUST eat them….I need every pen that I can find in hopes that when I need to write something down…I will have at least a chance at a decent working one! My plan is to rid my drawer of all non-working pens and sharpen all the pencils so when we have homework to do…we can easily find one.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh, dull pencils??? how much time do we waste just looking for a SHARP one??? arrghhhhhhh I do this all the time!!!!!!

  7. Melissa Says:

    Love the challenge to toss those pens. I don’t do clutter either, so this was easy. I not only cleaned out pens, but also paper clips, and rubber bands. Clutter free once again;)

    • simplyaltered Says:

      and now we just need to remember to stay on  TOP of these problem areas!!! they do tend to get UNcluttered again so fast!!! 😦

  8. Clara Says:

    Sorry Kelli, When it comes to pens I can’t throw them out, in fact I have even been known to steal them.(by accident of course) I lose more pens then I can tell you about. Going from school to school or store to store, I just don ‘t know where they go. When the grandchildren are here I at least need a dozen because they are always drawing or now that the girls are older they journal, so I have to have really neat pens. And of course you know the girls just have to take the pens home with them plus the cute note paper I just happen to have. I do make the covers and put scrap paper from work in it for the girls, they love it.

    So for now the pens will stay and anyone that needs a place for working pens can send them to me……………….Clara

  9. Malinda Says:

    I do the pen challenge 2 or 3 times a year. It’s amazing how my kitchen cabinet and desk accumulate “dead” pens. I go through and only keep the only I love to write with.
    As for the laundry detergent. Those in the Osky area, HyVee will have it all again soon. We’ve even had people drive to Chariton to pick up the Fels Naptha so it would be here sooner than our scheduled truck delivery. We actually got some yesterday but it was gone in a matter of a couple hours. Hang in there, keep checking…the results make the wait worth while!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh, THANKS Malinda!!! sound like we have an “insider” now!!! I encourage everyone to sit tight….it is worth the wait huh??? UNbelievable the soap you got the next time is gone!!! well, a few more lucky ones!! maybe we need to have a lotter sort of drawing to see who “gets” it each time!!!!!!!! haha. Hopefully I will see you on Friday or Saturday when I am in the store…and thanks for your info and endorsement!!! 🙂

  10. jeanne Says:

    the pencil/pen situation.. i have always sent the extra ones along with the grandkids to school. i have more trouble with pencils without points because i cant find the pencil sharpener. i have a little desk 3 drawer holder thing for the grandkids so they can help themselves

  11. jeanne Says:

    as far as the soap is concerned.. the ingredients are at the pella fareway except for the main ingredient which i asked the manager if he could special ordered for me. i hope he can come thru for me. because i already made on special trip to osky for the fels..last week and the truck had not come yet.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh, I hate to hear this. From what I understood through another person, our Fareway was having a hard time finding it as well. I know Hy-Vee WILL have it onhand at  all times….eventually. 🙂

  12. Laurie Schmidt Says:

    ok now that I have had time to get to that drawer OMG ! ! ! I tossed 2 handfulls away and stilll have enough pens plus granddaughters baretts and grandsons tooth he lost, old coupons ( that I was going to use) the stamps I thought I lost.. Now it is all clean and neat and it is so nice to open it up and find what you are looking for right away….. Best to all 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      a lost tooth????? oh, that one IS FUNNY!!!!!!!!!! I hate to admit this, but I found the same thing in my scrapbooking drawer not too long ago!!!!! YIKES. We can blame that on the tooth fairy. 🙂

  13. Lisa Says:

    One large crock had I am embarrased to say 43 magazines in it 😦

  14. LaVonne Says:

    Sorry sister, no can do on this challenge. I want ALL the pens I have! They disappear enough on me, as it is. And when I do shows, I usually have to go BUY a package of pens! Nope, mine are all staying in my house!!!

  15. bejes Says:

    I have 3 pens. This whole Expat life is really simple after all!!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I think I might want to be an expat??? but just imagine all the flinging you will want to do once you get back HOME!!!! I want to help. 🙂

  16. Sammie Jester Says:

    Yea, I found a old lunch tote that I acquired when my niece moved. It contained pens and other items. i have been moving at around for 2 years and have not needed anything yet so out it went. I have also started a collection of outdated sewing notions that have to go.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      i think the rule of thumb is if something has not been used in 6 months to a year??? so, two years??? yep, it MUST GO !!!!!! 🙂

  17. jeanne Says:

    Thank you very much for this challenge, I’ve been meaning to do just that, but time seems to get away. Soooo, I went into my drawer and oh my gosh, it seems to have been over-run by pens, pencils, and sharpies. I went through everything and found that most of the sharpies didn’t work, and three fourths of the pens. I cleaned out the drawer and what did I find!! A pacifier, my son is 19 now. I also found my set of keys that I have been looking for for four years. Thank You Kelli.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      a pacifier??? oh, I can imagine how much your son loves that story!!! yes, this was a task LONG overdue at your home!!! 🙂

  18. Lisa Says:

    Don’t forget Kelli, I cleaned my office at work last week and put 37 back into general office supplies 😦

  19. Angie Says:

    Just wanted to let you know what a great thing you have done by starting this website for everyone, I know there are countless hours spent on the keyboard and many late nights BUT youi are doing not only your community a favor but so many more out there, too numerous to count! Your laundry soap is a blessing to some many ladies (and men)! It was so great to see you at Hy-Vee, your samples were going like hotcakes! We were camping this same weekend, and you know I came back to see you the next day, with a list of people from the campground wanting to know more about this soap, so can you IMAGINE the look on there face when I brought to them a sample you had made with more info. on your website! They were SIMPLY thrilled! I became friends with the host and hostess at the campsite several years ago and she is even cleaning out her basement with the possibility of having 2 processors, and giving one to me! I am even helping her out. So take a moment, take a deep BREATH and be assured that you as are doing such a wonderful thing, SIMPLY wonderful!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Thanks Angie!!! and to think you might get a processor from this gal??? oh how nice!!!!! a great way to show your appreciation… of something you no longer need!!!!!!! I made 16 batches for 2 different people today simply because they do not have a processor either. Makes me wonder how the sales of processors are at Wal Mart. I would dare to bet they have had a major run on them too!!!! 🙂 a win / win for everyone!!!!

  20. Ang Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that the laundry soap recipe is not only great, but it brings back such happy memories every time I use it. My Grandmother always had this fresh, clean smell about her and in her house. Partly the Ivory soap she always used, but also some other fresh clean smell I’ve never run across since. Until now………I made the laundry soap…….and that was it. The Fels Naptha!!! That was the other clean, fresh sent that lingered on my Grandma and in her house. It’s not only wonderful to use the laundry soap, it brings such wonderful memories every time I use it!!!!!

    One other wonderful thing about the Fels Naptha….it makes a wonderful air freshener! I’ve started buying 6 bars at a time, cutting them into small nuggets and putting the soap nuggets into several small bowls that I tuck in the back of all of our closets, under the bed, behind the couch, etc. These give the house that wonderful fresh, clean scent. And when it’s time to make more laundry soap, the Fels Naptha nuggets are quite dry and much easier to process into a powder. So it does double duty…..freshening the house and cleaning the clothes!!!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      what a nice “feel good” story!!! I have stumbled across different scents like that too, and it is such a memorable moment the instant you realize it huh???
      GREAT idea on the air freshner AS they are drying out!!! nothing like getting as many miles as you can out of a bar!!! thanks for sharing that!!!

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