made especially for Abbey….


a constant reminder...

a constant reminder...

Here you go Abbey.  Your winning item from the most recent challenge.  I bet you are REALLY glad you cleaned out your pens and pencils now huh???   🙂    Another reason I wanted to post a pic of it, was to add just a subtle hint of personalization for you.  “A”    can be for Abbey, or A+ teacher!!!    🙂    which I am sure you are!!!!  

Hope you enjoy it,  and be a constant reminder for all the reasons you come back again and again to my Simply Altered website…… “Live Simply”

It is headed your way Monday morning.   

(The Hy-Vee sampling is now DONE, and I will consider it a very successful weekend…….but I am TIRED!!!    I will post pics and some other items of interest sometime Sunday / Monday)    


8 Responses to “made especially for Abbey….”

  1. LaVonne Says:

    I’m the first to post today 🙂 That is very cute and very perfect for Abbey. Get some rest today, you deserve it!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      You ARE the first one huh??? maybe I can start giving a prize for every #1’s ???? yes, I do love the giving part!! 🙂 Rest? oh, I wish. I am already onto a couple other possibilities due to the Hy-Vee sampling……. who knew??? 😉

  2. Abbey Says:

    Oh, how cute!! I absolutely love it Kelli, thanks! (Plus it’s very useful of course) Jean, I appreciated your comment as well. It’s always nice to know people appreciate the job of a teacher.
    I continue to check your website for inspiration and motivation. My summer project is to simplify and clean out the clutter in my house. First up will be our spare bedroom. I think I’ll procrastinate awhile longer and make my first batch of laundry soap. Fun fun!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      if you need help, look me up!!! I THRIVE on declutering for other people, especially if you have not done it for awhile!! 🙂 I have alot more inspiration up my sleeve, so stay tuned!!!

  3. Jean McCormick Says:

    Yes, Teachers are Really Special. My youngest son, now a Jr. in college had a really had time in school until he got a teacher that really loved to see her kids thrive. It can make or break a kid. Thanks for being one of those Teachers I’m sure. Jean

  4. Abbey Says:

    🙂 No problem, I love to see kids succeed and after all, that is what we are here for!!

  5. stampit74 Says:

    cool notebook Kelli! are you making some for AOTS?
    Pam Going Postal

  6. simplyaltered Says:

    yep, about 20 of them!!! 🙂 gotta love my Zutter!!

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