another CLEAN and green idea…..


babies or not, these are GREAT  !!!!

with babies or not, these are GREAT !!!!

I have no more babies in MY house, and trust me, I do not plan it any time soon!!!!   but, after talking to my niece Ambjour, I am onto something spectacular, and passing on the word to you.  

I don’t claim for this to be new to everyone, and even if you have heard about something similiar, have you actually TRIED them???    here is your chance.  (again, guaranteed, you are gonna love them) I remember well when my children were  babies, I bought baby wipes in bulk.  Spending LOTS of money and consuming LOTS of plastic in doing so.  {sigh}   I know my nieces Ambjour and Tiffany both use these for their babies, but my uses are much different.   Hopefully you can all try them out and see how handy it can be having these on the counter. 

1.  I kind of have a crazy kind of phobia / hesitation of getting a wash cloth “wet”, getting my hands wet to wipe a small surface off   (I won’t bore you with those details, but I am a little crazy that way sometimes.  Usually I ask my husband to just do it for me)   These are perfect!!

2.  I do some rubber stamping and had purchased commercial “baby wipes” to clean my stamps off.  These are a perfect alternative!!

3.  I have also found “baby wipes” to be great for………cleaning out my window sills.  Crazy huh??  They are such small areas, and crevices to get down into, so when I would clean my MANY windows in the house, I had some wipes on hand for that purpose only.  These are a perfect alternative!!!

4.  And of course, the obvious.  Kids (no matter what the age) tend to find these MUCH easier to wipe spills up instead of “ALL THE WORK” of getting a wet rag.  (see #1)  LOL.  

5.  Oh yeah, and I also took my container to Hy-Vee last weekend and was VERY happy I had them to clean things up !!!  so handy!!  I even think my husband could make good use out of these in his basement “man cave”  lol

And they are GREEN in my mind.  I know I have preached about eliminating the use of paper towels, and I still stand by that opinion.  BUT…….this provides 2 times the use as you cut one roll in 1/2 , and CERTAINLY eliminates the need to buy commercial baby wipes if you do so already.  Completely reduces the need to use plastic packaging……other than the ingredients, which will probably last me for another 5 years.  MINIMAL amounts needed!!!


1 roll Viva paper towels  (get this brand as they ARE the best!!!)

2 tsp Johnsons baby wash  (Cetaphil wash for sensitive skin)

2 tsp Johnsons baby oil

2 cups water.  

Add all ingredients into a SEALED container, stir around, and insert 1 roll of paper towel (cut into 1/2) and shut the lid.  SIMPLE huh???   when all liquid is absorbed, the center cardboard roll will slide right out and each wipe is SO easily dispensed from the inside of the roll.    I think the MAKING these was actually “fun”…..I was amazed at something I have heard of in the past , was really this easy, and they smell SO nice too!!!!!!

and guess where you can find all these items???  oh course, at Hy-Vee……and I bet there will be a “smile in every aisle” while you are there.  

***Make some tonight.  Let me (and Ambjour and Tiffany) know how much you love them by leaving a comment, or if you are ALREADY using them assure everyone how great they are!!!     I will make this into a challenge, and do a random drawing on Monday!!!   Submit your feedback NOW!!!!

Definitely another SIMPLY WONDERFUL idea!!!


49 Responses to “another CLEAN and green idea…..”

  1. Jules Says:

    It is scary, almost like you read my mind! I was just on Splitcoasters the other day and notice as part of a baby gift set homemade baby wipes and printed it out to try. Then I looked on google to see what other ‘recipes’ there were and they are all pretty similar. I have bought wipes for the baby so when they are used up I am going to try these. They can also be used on washable wipes which some people who do washable diapers do. I am still debating on the diapers, might have to talk to Ambjour or Tiff about that as I am not sure yet. 🙂 I know if I make them now it will be like simply wonderful I won’t want to use up the other stuff 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      this IS funny!!! who would have thought??? and I have meant to get this on my blog for over a week….but as anything else, I wanted to give it a good test run first!!! WARNING……do not make these now!!! you will absolutely NOT want to use “those other” wipes at all!!! LOL !!!!!!! trust me on this one.
      These are THAT good!!!!!
      (Tiff and Ambjour are both VERY knowledgeable on cloth diapers. Let me know if you need their e mail addresses, and they would be a wealth of info for you!!)

  2. kim aka machita Says:

    this is something i have not tried yet but plan to!! maybe we can have another “sister day” and you can show me 🙂

  3. Bonnie Says:

    Hey the baby wipes things sounds good. How do you cut the paper towels in half though?

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I did mine like Ambjour told me, just use a LARGE serrated knife. It will seem like it is shredding, but it will be fine, just put the cut up side DOWN in the sealed container. You will never notice. 😉

    • toni Says:

      cut in half so you have two about the size of toilet paper. NOT in half lengthwise. hope this clears that up for you.

  4. Jean McCormick Says:

    This sounds great. I just got a Brand New Grandbaby yesterday. I’ll have to tell my daughter in law about this. Thanks and what do you use instead of paper towels?

    • simplyaltered Says:

      PERFECT!!!! I have heard of some people cutting up cloth, but the liquid amounts would have to be different, so I am unsure on that.
      but then you have more water use, so it is 6 and 1/2 dozen of another……..

  5. retrodolly Says:

    You are amazing—-your brain must be tired after all this you are tackling right now.

    I was also going to ask you why my blogroll disappeared on my site, can’t figure out what happened. When I go to the dashboard and view the blogroll list it is all there, just doesn’t show up. What has happened? Please help.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I admit it, my brain IS getting tired!!! good thing for family input for my blog huh??
      Let me look into the blog roll. I have never had this problem, but hopefully I can find an answer for you.

  6. toni Says:

    PLEASE DONT TELL everyone Viva is the best!!! They will raise the price on this great secret OVERNIGHT!!

    Im gonna have to try this….I dont have kids but confession: (gasp!) I wipe my dogs butt every time he poos! I will have to see how this works on his sensitive bum….and I cut baby wipes in half so I can probably quarter the paper towels.

  7. simplyaltered Says:

    I don’t know…..when the Fels Naptha craze hit Oskaloosa, the manager actually LOWERED the price!?!?!?!?
    THe dog story is TOO funny!!! my neice Ambjour will love it!!! she is a huge dog lover and just might try this herself (if she doesn’t already) LOL
    You have absolutely GOT to make these!!!!!!!!! you are going to love them….GUARANTEED!!! 🙂

  8. ambjour Says:

    you did a great job of “advertising” the wipes kel. i LOVE them! not only are they cheaper than regular baby wipes but they are MUCH more “sensitive skin” friendly! both of my kids have eczema and when i started using these, the dry raw skin on their little bottoms went away. but i did use cetaphil for the soap in the recipe. and with cetaphil even if it leaves some soap still on their bottoms there is NO need to (wipe that off too). my pediatriian said “just leave it on there!” just make sure their bottom is dry before re-diapering obviously. thanks for posting kel!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      good points to bring to everyones attention Ambjour!!!! you ROCKED on this idea!!! I may even use it for a Hy-Vee stint (?) Is that ok?? : ) I am just amazed at how many times, these come in handy…..for a person with NO babies in the house!!!

  9. Jenni Says:

    I will totally finish the wipes I have for daycare and then make these!!!! Also will make these in December when my little bundle arrives!!!!


    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh man, this is PERFECT timing for you Jenni!! Tiff does day care too, and I imagine she really gives them a workout!!! yep, use the others up as like I told Julie, if you make these FIRST, you will NOT go back!!!! 🙂

  10. bejes Says:

    In your quest to be greener, I have seen advertisements for paper towels made completely of recycled materials. Not sure they would be as soft as Viva for little baby bottoms but if you are using them for other reasons, that would be a great option. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Repurpose 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      that is a good idea too!!! (and btw, did you know they now make the same idea for paper plates?) eco friendly. 🙂

  11. Laurie Schmidt Says:

    Kelli, quick question, the liquid amount is that for the full roll of towels or is that for half????? Laurie

  12. Michelle Says:

    My son used to go to a public daycare where they used these wipes. The kids and the providers loved them and the were so economical! I have not used them because I never knew the recipe. I too am about done (hopefully) with using wipes, but they still might be nice to have around the house. Thanks for the recipe!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      well, glad you now have the recipe. And even with the boy getting older, you would be amazed how handy they are….always available on the counter. SIMPLE. 🙂

  13. Krystal Says:

    This is a great idea, I can’t wait to try in out soon. What kind of container do you use?

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I use the stainless steel container shown in the pic, which CONVENIENTLY has the flip style lid. I would hate to have the batch go to waste because “someone” forgot to put the kid back on, or didn’t get it sealed correctly……and inevitably, I could see that happening!! I got the container at Target (my favorite place to shop)

  14. Tippy Says:

    to get away from using paper towels, get some flannel fabric and cut it into squares. If you don’t like the frayed ends (I’m a little bit anal about that) then you just stich 2 squares together! I toss them right in the wash with my cloth diapers! You can use an old wipes container to store them too!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      very good idea. Glad you brought that to everyones attention. But……is the liquid mixture the same or more?

  15. olold plow woman Says:

    Hey I haven’t had a chance to tell you how great it was to meet you and I have been waiting for the scoop on the wipes you had at HY- Vee in Osky. I will be making them and I am passing on the info to a girl in my dept. at work. By the way the smell in my car is awesome you know I had to leave one of the bars of soap open in my car. Thanks and hope to see you soon.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      ….and it was equally as wonderful meeting you!! I hope you enjoyed your visit to Oskaloosa!!! I will be back at Hy-Vee in another couple weeks, if you want to stop by again!!! 🙂

  16. Rhonda Van Zante Says:


    I had to let you know that I made several batches of the laundry soap last Saturday and I have been using it all week. I really like it. I do not have many suds yet, but I think with time I will. I will let the soap dry out overnight before I make the next few batches. Anyway, my husband asked me what was in my large Rubbermaid container and after I told him he wanted some to run through his pressure hose in the hog house. I asked him at coffee time how it went and I think I will be making allot more laundry soap. We just found another use for it. By the way, I bought a couple of cases of soap this week because I intend to make allot more detergent.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I love this RHONDA!!!!! awesome!!!!!! tell Loren I am very impressed that he not only NOTICED it, but put it to good use. Leave it to a dutch farmer!!!! Maybe we need to get together and have one HUGE soap making day together!!!! LOL

  17. Linsey(TC) Says:

    This sounds like another amazing idea! Is this what you use to wipe off counters and whatnot? I just bought some “Green Works” wipes for that purpose, hoping to go a little “green”, but this definitely sounds like a good idea for that!
    Also, my sister is due in August with a little one, so I’ll definitely pass that on to her too!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I give you a thumbs UP for the Green Works idea, but these are even GREENER!!!! and you might do 10 (or 20) batches for the price of your one set purchased!!! (and THAT is more money saved towards your new mortgage!!! LOL
      You definitely need to get your sister onto these. PERFECT!!!!
      You are gonna be the Aunt that really IS “the coolest” 🙂

  18. Heidi Says:


    My sister-in law introduced my family to this Clean Green Idea. This was great idea to receive because at the time I had a 3 year old and he was alway into something. We used the wipes, what seemed like, forever. After we used them up I forgot the recipe and now that I have it again I will use it. No matter how old we all get we can use these for may applications.
    One thing you can do with the paper towels is to “cut” the roll in half. This way you can double your amount. You can have one in every bathroom.
    Thank you for all your great ideas. Keep up the good work.
    PS. I am working with one of my co-workers at work to come up with alternative solutions for cleaning, non toxic cleaning items and cost saving too.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I have a CLEANER that I am running through the “testing” stages right now……if all goes well, it will be a new post in the future. So far, I am VERY impressed!!!!! yeah!!!

      • angie Says:

        do you have anything for dishwasher soap?
        Also, I like just a sprinkle of Fels Naptha in warm water for scrubbing my floors- no more Lysol smell on my hands when I’m done doing floor work!

      • simplyaltered Says:

        (Angie) not sure why this is not posting UNDER your question, but it is not.
        No, it is not a diswasher soap. {darn} !!! I have tried and tried to use one and so far, no luck. They have all had less than desireable effects on dishes. I hear it is one of the HARDEST cleaners to recreate, but I have not totally given up either!! Glad you found another use for Fels Naptha!!! I will have to try that too. 🙂

  19. Jean McCormick Says:

    What type of container did you use to make these in? The one I was going to use the top was to small for the paper towls to fit it. I cut the roll in half but it was still to wide. Just wondered. Thanks for all your great idea. I’ve tried the detergent and simply love it.
    What about bath soap, do you have something for that, but of course it has to be for sensative skin. Thanks again, Jean

  20. simplyaltered Says:

    I just use the stainless steel container in the picture, it is nice as it has a flip lid. I got it at Target.
    I have not ventured into bath soap just yet, but very possibly could in the future. 🙂

  21. Deb McDonald Says:

    I made the wipes about a week ago. I noticed a few days ago that mold was starting to form on them. Went to use one yesterday and the container is full of moldy wipes! Thoughts or suggestions!?

  22. simplyaltered Says:

    Oh my GOODNESS!!!! I have never had anything like this happen!!! I am making mine about every two (or more) weeks and there is NOTHING like this in them, and the smell remains very fresh as well. I am using a stainless steel container, (Ambjour uses Rubbermaid) What are yours kept in??? I hate to hear this, give me more info, but I have not heard this from anyone else, or experienced it myself!!

  23. Deb McDonald Says:

    I used an acrylic container similiar to the stainless steel container you use. I can’t think that would make a difference?! It’s airtight. I’m bummed!

  24. simplyaltered Says:

    I did just talk to Ambjour and asked her. She said one time she had a little of this, but she was trying to use Bounty paper towels. THen switched to Viva and has never had it since.
    Maybe is there such thing as TOO airtight? I would not think so, but it does not make any sense to me as I am keeping my batches a whole lot longer than you are. I would begin with a completely different container and see if it makes a difference. Keep me posted.

  25. Deb McDonald Says:

    I did use Viva, too. The roll fits very tightly in the container. I will try changing containers & will keep you posted!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      aha! this might very well be the problem. I know there is a GOOD amount of space between my roll of paper towels and the edges of the container. Maybe yours is just too tight, and no air circulating?? I would definitely try changing that. Toni also e mailed me and mentioned if you have it sitting by a window and mold spores could blow in? possibly too. Please changes the container with additional space on the edges and let me know if his solves it.

      • Deb McDonald Says:

        Update: I tried a new, roomier container…whipped up a new batch, used them and waited…last night I saw that I again have mold forming…

      • simplyaltered Says:

        Deb, you really ARE having a hard time. I am hating this for your sake. I am still on the same batch from when you first told me your problems and my wipes are as good as the day I made them. With so many people using these very successfully, you have me STUMPED!!! one more suggestion, if you are NOT using these for actual babies, but moreso as hand wipes or cleaning wipes, maybe try adding a teaspoon of bleach to counteract the mildew growth. but do NOT do this if you are using it for a baby!!! otherwise, I just wonder if it is the humidity in your home that might be different from others?

  26. Diane Fynaardt Says:

    I used to make these when the kids were little and used the electric knife to cut them. Makes some dust but I would cut several at a time and store them dry for the next batch.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Hey Diane!!! that is perfect!!! and would have to be so much easier!! I tend to tear the crap out of my roll, just trying to get it cut, and I am probably also dulling my knives in the process!! THanks!!!!

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