Your morning cup o’ Joe…


SUCH a good helper!!!

One less job that I have to do from now on!! 🙂

Hopefully you have already had yours???  and now wondering how in the world to get that coffee pot CLEAN???  well, thanks to my daughter, I have a SIMPLE solution.  

First I will tell you the way we “USED” to do this. 

I boiled water, added a dishwasher cube to the put and poured the water over…….then waited about an hour and proceeded to scrub it with that detergent water.  Yuck!!!


(she learned this from working so hard at Wendys)

put ice cubes in the pot, to about 1″ up from bottom.   Pour salt (yes, simply TABLE SALT)  maybe to equal a tablespoon or more?  and vigorously shake it around in the pot.    After you have done this for a few minutes, add  a little water (maybe 1/2 cup)  and stir it around a little more.  

Lastly add one small squirt of dishsoap, rinse until clear and put your sunglasses on… is THAT sparkly clean!!!!

She is quite proud of this, and has even offered to demonstrate for others to get theirs as clean as ours.   🙂    bless her heart!!!  

(and if you notice from the pic?)   she and some friends had a little  fun after school was out and COLORED each others hair!!!  she was formerly a blonde.   I had to break the news to my husband BEFORE she got home….you can imagine his first reaction???   then I reassured him it is ONLY HAIR  !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pick your battles wisely.  

I think it is cute on her.  🙂

Now, go get your coffee pots…..AND your sunglasses.  

***(btw, random drawing on Monday from the baby wipes post.  Enter now if you haven’t already)   and…….I have a few things upcoming that I know you are going to go NUTS about!!!!!  nearly as big as Simply Wonderful laundry soap!!!!!     refer your friends and family, tell them to become a subscriber because….. NO ONE will want to miss what I have to share!!!!!  


19 Responses to “Your morning cup o’ Joe…”

  1. bejes Says:

    We also did this trick at Dr. Salami’s. Works great. By the way, do you have a restaurant style coffee maker because that is exactly what the pot looks like. Tell Rozie I like her hair, length too.

  2. simplyaltered Says:

    You don’t recognize it??? it is from the office. She did their FOR them, and they were needing it!!!! 🙂
    Yeah, I like her hair too, and had she asked ME to do it??? I probably would have talked her into something “less drastic” lol

  3. Paula Says:

    When I worked at Village Inn (the coffee mecca of coffee clubs back in the day) we used the salt and ice mixture but, instead of dish soap, we used a slice of lemon and “spun” it around and around. It took the worst of burnt on coffee to just shut off coffee stains out and didn’t leave a soapy taste in the pot. You just rinse with warm to hot water and you’re fresh and ready for your next brew!!

  4. Lori Says:

    Husband won’t be happy.
    I read the coffee cleaning tip…left my computer, went straight to the coffee maker. Put ice (I even used crushed iced, because our cubes are big, added salt, and shook (I didn’t think too vigorously); and the pot broke. Oops!
    I better get to the store before he notices. I’ve only got about 20 hours before he goes to brew another pot.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      OH NO !!!!! I feel terrible that happened to your coffee pot!!!! must have been really weak glass or something. Oh well, that is one way to get a nice clean one… replacing it!!! :O that was not my intentions though. 🙂 darn it.

  5. LaVonne Says:

    Sounds like a good idea, going to try it today, when I can sneak it in inbetween pots. Mike drinks coffee all day long on the weekends! Zoe looks so different, older!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      do it tonight when he is done with coffee for the day….and shake vigorously, but don’t BREAK it like Lori did !!!!!!!!! 😦

  6. Christy Says:

    Not sure if I post here to enter the drawing, but regardless, just wanted you to know that I am loving all your ideas.

  7. kathleen ferris Says:

    I learn something every time I read your website. I think I’ll try the lemon (thank you, Paula). BTW, one thing I’ve learned from many years of parenting is that hair color is the best way for kids to express themselves – it can always go back to the original. It looks very cute! Kathy

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Thank you Kathleen!!! and amazingly enough, we all LOVE her hair now…..but very likely will end up blonde again before summers end.
      Glad you are going to try the coffee pot idea…just don’t BREAK it. 🙂

  8. Michelle Says:

    Used to do this all the time when I worked at the Pizza Ranch. Seemed we were always leaving the pot on until it dried up. Oh the days of responsible high school kids! LOL!

  9. bejes Says:

    If you move it in a circular motion it works just as good and it isn’t as likely to break. Also, sometimes glass will break if it was really hot and then suddenly cold. Might have been why the pot broke. Works just fine if you let the pot cool a bit. I miss you Dr. Salamis!

  10. Maison Says:

    Maddi looks good in this one

  11. Julie Says:

    Hmmm. I throw mine in the dishwasher every now and again and it comes out sparkly. It takes the iced tea stains out of my iced tea pot too. Of course, mine is just a home model — not an industrial hard-used coffee pot (though it does get use daily!).

  12. simplyaltered Says:

    I did this one time, and it completely took the shine off the handle !!! but if you have done it and it works, then keep doing it!!! 🙂

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