“Simply Smooth”


it REALLY is as smooth as.......

it really IS as smooth as.......

No better image than this one for the debut of the “Simply Smooth” recipe.  

I have to admit, I was formerly a junkie for highly scented “brand name” bath and body products…..until I had a HUGE bout with some skin issues this last winter!!!  I am not kidding, I could feel my skin burning by simply LOOKING towards the pricey stuff in my shower!!!   ouch.  It was BAD BAD BAD!!!  I am already, by nature, highly sensitive to itchy, scratchy, confining, and restricting clothing!!!   (blue jeans give me NIGHTMARES!!!)    but enough about THAT quirkiness of mine.  🙂     if I would have had this RECIPE last winter, I think alot of my skin woes would have not happened, or certainly have been so severe!!!!   not to mention the FRUGALness of it.   Costs a mere cents per usage!!!

….and I will NOT take full credit.  I give a thumbs UP to my friend Christy that turned me onto it.  Again, might not be NEW to everyone, but will to some, and also to those that have heard of it, but never tried it??   get your mixers out, soothe your skin and SAVE some money!!!    

“Simply Smooth”

1  15 oz Vaseline  (off brand will work FINE!!)

1  16 oz Vitamin E lotion.  (Dollar General, or anywhere that carried “Fruit of the Earth” brand)

2  16 oz Baby Lotion.  (again, off brands work great and there is a variety of scents and even NON scented)

Add everything into a GLASS or METAL bowl, and mix with an electric mixer, until all blended.   

That is it.  How SIMPLE???   this batch makes PLENTY, enough for you, as well as some to give as gifts.  Christy often gives some to friends, and those sick or in the hospital.  GREAT idea!!!   new moms??  teachers???   and a gift I know I would be delighted to recieve!!    

Be a little “green” with this gift and reuse the original 4 oz tubs that the Vitamin E comes in.  Soak the label off, and add your own, like I did.  It was the perfect size to give one to each of my sisters, and Machita now has TWO!!!    after she initially used it,  I am sure she is thankful to have another one!!!  

I just  know, you are gonna LOVE this stuff!!!   I have tested it out thoroughly,  first hand on VERY problematic skin and I doubt I will be using anything OTHER than this for a VERY long time…. if ever.  

Coming up:

   Simply Fantastic

   Altered Caffeine

   Feel good stories of complete strangers

   Art on the Square updates

   Summertime STAYcations.  

   and of course…more challenges, contests and give-aways!!!    (stay tuned and keep referring your friends!!!)  


32 Responses to ““Simply Smooth””

  1. bejes Says:

    Two things… First, I am a little stressed out to see that “Altered Caffeine” is second on the list. Just send me the recipe. I PROMISE I will not tell anyone else. Second, I feel pretty confident that I can speak for all of your nieces in saying that we would all be thrilled to get some Simply Smooth or any other Simply Altered products as well, not just your sisters! I will be watching for the Altered Caffeine SOOOOOOON!!!! Miss you!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      giving to the nieces??? that is a thought!!!! I will have yours waiting when you get back to America!!! 🙂
      The list was a random one. WIth any luck the ALtered Caffeine will be SOON!!!!!!!!! to do it, I need to go to the grocery store, and EVERYONE knows how bad I hate to do that!!! 😉

  2. kim aka machita Says:

    yeah, i was very happy to be the winner of a jar. how soon can you come up with bath beads? I love putting something in my water for my nightly jacuzzi baths!

  3. LaVonne Says:

    Yep, I had guess right. I work in a hospital and know several nurses that have been using it for a few years. They love it, and in our small town, Dollar General is where we turn to get most everything. And they have all the ingredients, modestly priced. Giving it as gifts is a great idea too!!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      except for that ONE ingredient huh??? 🙂 I am not sure where else besides Dollar General the Vitamin E is , but I am guessing our local Dollar General will be bought out of their stock.
      I have a feeling once you use this, you will have no need for your other “stuff” !!! atleast that is the case with my problematic skin!!! I can not get enough of this wonderful lotion!!!!!

  4. Heidi Says:

    Christmas is right around the corner and you have given me many GREAT ideas to make and give to friends and family. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I am SO glad to hear this!!!!!!! it really IS a perfect gift, makes for a much more sensible gift giving at Christmas, and the personal thought behind it!!!!

  5. Jean McCormick Says:

    Could you use coco butter instead of the vitamin E cream? Didn’t know if you would get the same results. Thanks, jean

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I am not sure on this question, but I would definitely prefer the Vit E as the recipe states that I was given.

  6. ambjour Says:

    hmmm? sounds wonderful. can i use it on kam’s skin for winter for the eczema? have you tried it on maison’s? i can’t wait to try it!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I am sure it would be fine!!! although you might want to try the unscented version? I have an extra bit here if ya want to try it. But I KNOW you would love it for YOU too!!! on freshly shaven legs??? oh, WONDERFUL!!! and a softness like I have NEVER felt!!!

  7. krem Says:

    I agree! post the altered caffine first!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      oh my , now I have you AND Be Jes to keep happy on the ALtered Caffeine!!! haha…..she will appreciate your prompting!!!

  8. Clara Says:

    Usually at one of our church’s fall dinners someone makes this lotion and sells it. Of course I always buy it and I just love it. I reminds me when my children were little. I used to love putting baby lotion on them after their bathes. Actually alot of the time I would put a little lotion on them after I changed their diaper. My children never had dry skin. After I move I think I’ll have to make up a batch. I still have a little left from fall. It does last for quite a while.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      it reminds me of that too, but with the other moisturizing ingredients, it tones down the scent of the actual baby lotion!!! i have actually gotten back to appreciating baby lotion STRAIGHT during this winter. I used it in place of my other bath and body products (I used the baby wash too) and felt improvement, but with THIS recipe, it is even BETTER!!!!!

  9. Jenni Says:

    Thanks for this I can’t wait to try it…probaby should finish all the other loations in the house first! Now if you have a baby soap recipe i will be all set come time for our baby in December!!!!!

  10. simplyaltered Says:

    yep , you better finish the others FIRST or you will not want to use them up!!!! and this is SO much more cost effective than the pricey items!!! and FAR better!!!
    btw, I forgot, are you using the homemade wipes yet?? on daycare kids??

    • Jenni Says:

      not yet but am getting the supplies tonight and hope to be all out of the store bought wipes by next week!!!!

      • simplyaltered Says:

        good!! you are going to love them!!! I am on my second batch and I have NO little ones, but my teenagers LOVE the convenience of them, and my daughter loves the smell!!!!

  11. Christy Says:

    Glad to see that everyone is enjoying a little more smoothness in life. We all need that– right? Both on our journey and on our legs. 😉 This is pretty good stuff and my daughter loves helping me with this project.

    In fact, at school they asked her—do you bake cookies with your mom? She said—nope we only bake lotion. 🙂 That’s my girl!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Christy, that is TOO funny!!! baking lotion together!!! out of the mouth of babes huh??? priceless!!

  12. Shelly Says:

    A friend and I finally made the simply wonderful laundry detergent – and I tried it this morning – LOVE IT! So, my question is – what do I do with the commercially bought laundry detergent and dryer sheets that I still have left – anyone have any good ideas?

    • simplyaltered Says:

      another reader that LOVES the soap!!! it makes me smile over and over again!! now, what to do with that “Other” stuff??? 🙂 I hear it makes good garbage disposal cleaner!!! or find an animal shelter, or crisis shelter, that would make very good use of it!!! or I bet even a goodwill would take it……if you are like me, you will NEVER have a need for it again!!!! yeah!!

  13. Toni Says:

    What is “Vaseline?”
    Is it lotion or petroleum jelly?

  14. Jules Says:

    I love your ideas, they are wonderful but bad timimg!!!!!!!! I want to try all this but I always have to force myself to use up the ‘other’ stuff and that is hard 🙂 I don’t have a baby yet to use up the wipes on so I have stiffled myself from even buying the ingredients! Now lotion too, ugh! 🙂 Keep em coming though I love them! Gave a sample of Simple wonderful to a friend Thursday, she has 4 girls and they farm too so she does a ton of laundry like me and is excited to try it. BTW everyone in Osky can cuss me I took 9 bars on Wednesday, sorry! Hope AOTS goes well today!! I am joining Jess, please give us altered caffiene, you will have no excuse after today 🙂

  15. simplyaltered Says:

    maybe I need to see what YOU are running low on and THEN determine my next update??? LOL I hate to soudn like a broken record, but USE up your old lotions now, and in a fast way!!! you will feel SO pampered with this new lotion, you will never want that perfumey stuff again!!! 🙂
    I am COMPLETELY out of laundry soap, which is Unacceptable in this house!!! good lord!!! all the Art on the Square trial sizes etc etc, I have none. I will be knocking on your door if Hy Vee is out of Fels Naptha tomorrow!!! haha.
    Jessi appreciates your support, I am sure. 😛 what is it worth to BOTH of you??? hmmmmm

  16. Kurtis Gadwah Says:

    Fantastic post, I favorited your blog so I can visit again in the future, All the Best

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