our Fathers Day idea…..

what man wouldn't be thrilled with this handmade gift?

what man wouldn't be thrilled with this handmade gift? (click to enlarge)

Thought a reminder that Fathers Day is this coming Sunday and if you ARE planning on doing the handmade fire starters, you need to get busy!!!!

I made these a few days ago, using NOTHING but items I had on hand as well as alot of  dryer lint that was headed for the garbage!!!   I had been collecting paper towel tubes, and since I do try to keep out paper towel consumption to a minimum, I had to also recruit my mother in law to save me hers as well.  She always comes through for me.  I am certainly blessed with a WONDERFUL mother in law!!!

If you can not remember the instructions, refer back to the archived posts to “Homemade Fire Starters”  and you will find the info  you need there.

Add a cute tag, let  the kids write on it  (I could not do that as my TEENAGERS were “out” with friends when I came to that part!!!)   and I needed to get the pic taken.

I did take this image by our fireplace in our house (actually now in my SALON!!)  yeah!!!  I love it.    BUT……knowing that too much paper can clog a flue, I am NOT recommending this for indoor fireplaces, only outdoor ones, or a campsite.


I will be adding a small (ok, maybe big) tribute to the #1 father EVER!!!  my  OWN dad!!!  He was so wonderful beyond words, but I am going to try.   I want to hear the #1 memory from YOUR dad as well, so get your memory ready, there will also be a random drawing involved with all comments left on that post.   🙂   I would say it is high time for another give-away, wouldn’t you agree???

Until then



21 Responses to “our Fathers Day idea…..”

  1. bejes Says:

    A really good memory of my dad happened one Christmas. He drives a semi for a living and I didn’t think he was going to be home on Christmas morning. I woke up to my dad AND a new bike Christmas morning. Side note: my dad worked for Kelli’s dad (my grandpa) and I had cut him a deal about my dad. If he missed a holiday, Grandpa Jerry had to give me $5 ($10 for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my birthday) Big bucks! Any way, he had bought me a special snow globe that Christmas because he also thought my dad was not going to make it for Christmas.

    • LaVonne Says:

      Jess, imagine that—-Jerry making a deal! Too funny! Yep, I know many a truckdriver that made a deal with Jerry from time to time, and his favorite phrase—-double or nothing!

      • simplyaltered Says:

        if I had a nickle for everytime I heard him say “Double or nothing” I could quit working!!!! and the best part??? he ALWAYS got the double part!!! Making me miss him even MORE!!! 😦

  2. simplyaltered Says:

    {sniff-sniff} how heartwarming is THIS story?? my niece (that lives across the WORLD right now) and including her dad AND mine in the same story!!! I can imagine she DID indeed cut a deal with “Grandpa” !!!!! I remember alot of holidays Jessis dad was moving freight, all in the name of a family business. 🙂 Thanks for another memory Be Jes.

  3. Jean McCormick Says:

    My dad was always playing jokes on us at Christmas. One year my nephew, just a little thing, got a pound of bacon. It was his favorite food and always wanted it for breakfast when he came to visit. You should have seen that little fellow when he opened that pound of bacon. You would have thought he had won the lottery. Oh the joys of little ones. To this day he still talks about his pound of bacon from grandpa. That was a great Christmas and one we all will remember. Jean

    • simplyaltered Says:

      isn’t it funny the most insignificant gifts are always the ones that leave the best impression???? that is a great story Jean, thanks for sharing it!!!!

  4. Julie Says:

    My dad and I were not at all close growing up — but looking back, the one thing that my dad always did was tell me that I could achieve far more than I ever thought I could. If I hesitated about an opportunity, he told me I could do it. If I wanted to settle for a lesser endeavor, he told me I was capable of the greater endeavor and should give it a try. I guess I figured out that if my dad thought I could do it, then I probably could — as he didn’t hand out compliments easily (or so I thought). Consequently, I turned out to be very confident in my abilities and try things that I never thought I would. Oh, and now my dad and I are pretty close. We love to visit with each other and tease one another. And he’s very free with the compliments for his 3 granddaugthers, by the way!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      they say grandkids are even BETTER than your own!!! must be something to that huh??? LOL he is a great guy, you are lucky to still have him around Julie!!

  5. Debbie Sevier Says:

    My parents divorced when I was five (in the 50s) so I was not able to have a father-daughter relationship. He left for the military and I was told he passed away. I occasionally would think of him but felt I just missed out. After I retired I was contacted by a couple of cousins I vaguely remember from childhood who wanted to reconnect. You know as you get older, these things become more important. Sadly I was told my father had lived in Missouri and Texas and just passed away in 2001. My point for writing is this is a major regret in my life that I did not pursue this and find him sooner. If anyone else should be in this type of situation, please make the effort to find your father or other loved ones so you do not have the same regrets I carry.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      that is a sad story but one with a VERY good lesson!! I feel bad that you missed out on your dad in such unfortunate ways!!….. I aggree, there are some things you just need to come to peace with in life, especially as you get older. I have them too. Some I have settled, some I am working on. Be thankful for the lessons learned though.

  6. Betty Myers Says:

    I found my self unwed and pregnant..my father had moved out of state he was around 60. He had moved to be with his first wife who he had been married to before my mother…I was 19..I am now 41. They got divorced because she could not have kids and she wanted him to have a child. ..they loved each other very much. When he found out.. I was 5 months pregnant..I could not bear to tell him..He immediatly moved back home..with the support of his first wife to help me. I might add that my dad got custody of me when I was 2..in 1970 from a abusive neglectful alcoholic mom..unheard of back then..never remarried to this day. Has been my baby sitter thru 4 boys..his choice being retired to keep busy..so he says..He will be 80 in July and still babysits my 8 and 9 year old sons..he has the health of someone half his age and has always been my rock and has shown me what sacrificing for children really is..it is just unconditional love.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      oh wow…not only are YOU lucky to have him around, but your children are equally lucky!!! the benefits are two fold, for him and your children!!! I have a good quote I plan on using for my Father Day post, I am certain you are going to love it…..sounds perfect for your situation. Watch for it.

  7. LisaW Says:

    My Dad use to wake me up at 1201 the day of my birthday so that he was the FIRST person to give me wishes. I miss that a lot. He was also an over the road truck driver but he always managed to call my son or I whenever it was a “important” date, a holiday or a game was on TV for a favorite sports team, regardless of where in the U.S. he was at the time. not because he really cared about the sports event that much, he just wanted us to know he was thinking of us. Both of my parents are gone now and I realize how very blessed I was to be raised by such awesome people who regardless of their faults or how strapped they were for money, we were never deprived of a relationship with them or ever question how much they loved us.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      and back then, a phone call from the road required actually STOPPING and finding a phone etc etc etc…..much more effort than it takes in todays world of truckers huh??? I remember calls from the road too from my dad!! 😦 I remember well a little t-shirt he bought for me on the road. It had a cartoon type skunk on it, and of course, it said “Daddys little stinker” how original huh??? I treasured that “truck stop” purchase and wore it very proudly!!!!!

  8. LaVonne Says:

    My dad and I were always fairly close growing up, especially since I was the baby of the family. When my parents divorced after 38 years, he moved in with my first husband and I. We had alot of fun then, calling our house the bunkhouse, because there were always friends staying over. When I was getting divorced, I was an emotional roller coaster. One day at work, this huge bouquet came for me, roses and star-gazer lillies, and a letter. They were from my father, with an encouraging and loving letter to keep me going! As I read the letter, I was crying, and everyone at work was afraid to come in my office, not knowing who they were from! I still have the letter, and still think about those beautiful flowers. He has always stood behind me, whatever I did.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      awww…that was nice, and from what I know of your dad, I am not surprised at the flowers. I also did not realize he lived with you at that point and time. You could probably be willing to run another “bunkhouse” again if you needed to huh??? all are welcome!!! 🙂

      • LaVonne Says:

        Yep the bunkhouse days were fun, and yes, I would welcome all my friends anytime now. However, they have to be willing to get woke up by my 2 large dogs and their kisses! Kelli, are you coming over? hahaha

  9. simplyaltered Says:

    From Melissa VD

    Memory of my dad: He is a hard worker. He does such an awesome job keeping
    Oskaloosa looking fantastic; from the pool to the city square! But, no
    matter how busy he was with work, he ALWAYS made it to my brother and my
    school events! He was at every football game, band competition, and
    wrestling meet no matter what! There’s nothing better than seeing your dad
    sitting in the stands cheering you and knowing how proud of you he is. I
    also remember one morning he was taking me to cheerleading practice VERY
    early and we talked about boys. He got kind of choked up and we had a real
    heart to heart. I’m happy to say I married the kind of guy my dad wanted me

    Thanks for all you do Kel! Keep up the awesome work!!
    Melissa Van Donselaar

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I am sure your dad remembers that talk very well too!!!! and most proud of who you chose!!!! you have two great men to honor on Fathers Day huh??? (my son would agree on Dans part….he LOVES him in Boys Club!!!) when trying to describe him to me, he said ” the really TALL one who has the son with the REALLY blonde hair!!”
      hmmmm……I had to think long and hard on that one!! haha.

  10. Linsey(TC) Says:

    I’m finding it hard to put into words how much my dad influenced my life. As you know, Kelli, he passed away in 2006 from lung cancer. He was everything to me. He was always there to support me in anything I was doing, always there to listen, and always doing things for his family and friends. There are too many things to narrow it down to one, so I’ll say this is one of the great memories. Just a week before he passed away, my dad, my uncle and I were headed to a NASCAR race in Michigan for Father’s day. He hadn’t felt well allllll week but still insisted that we go. I was scared that something was going to happen and we wouldn’t be near a hospital or something, but thankfully everything went just fine. We had an AMAZING time at the race, (Kasey Kahne even won! WOO!) even though it ended early because of rain. I think that was God saying, “Get this man home to rest!” 🙂 We made it home safely, and he was definitely tired of me rubbing it in that Kasey won. Then a week and two days later, he passed away. It was a trip I will never forget. He was in NO shape to go, but didn’t want to disappoint me and I can’t thank him enough for that.

  11. simplyaltered Says:

    Linsey, that is such a nice story and makes my heart heavy for you!!! I remember so well that I had given you a pedicure a few days before this trip!!! I felt sad then as I no longer had my dad, and OH how I would have loved a trip with only him. But think how PROUD your dad would be of you today?? Thanks for sharing those memories……I thought i was young when I lost MY dad, but you were even YOUNGER!! 😦

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