HOT & HUMID!!!!!!

my newest ATC

my newest ATC

I thought….. considering there was a HEAT advisory issued for out part of Iowa, this adorable little ATC that I made was an appropriate image for an update.  🙂    actually I think it is too hot for ice cream, a pool or any outdoor activity!!!   stay in the house and uhhhh, maybe declutter???  that is what I feel like doing.

My son is SO sunburnt from many hours he spends at the local pool.

My daughter thinks the kitchen at Wendys has to be atleast 200 degrees.

and my poor husband works all day long in the sweltering heat, only to come home and go mow one of the 10 yards he takes care of!!!  he is a glutton for punishment, but he LOVES  every minute of it.

The kids and I have been enjoying MANY Cherry Limeades in the last few days and now their friends are even hooked!!  🙂    and I am flattered.

Reminder that I will be drawing on Wednesday from the Fathers Day update.  Add your memories before you miss out.  🙂

and next up???  hmmmmm…..might just have to be an ALL PURPOSE cleaner that has been tested over and over in our house.  Gotta make sure it is “just right” before I let the recipe leak out to anyone.  You are going to like it.

Maybe THAT is motivation for you to get busy CLEANING the inside of your (hopefully cool) house in this hot weather…..use up all the “commercial” and over priced stuff before I update again.

Yes, I think that is a very good idea


8 Responses to “HOT & HUMID!!!!!!”

  1. BeJes Says:

    I am currently busy cleaning my apartment to leave it to go home and clean my house. I can only imagine now dusty it is right now. Maybe you and I need to schedule a time to make some laundry soap and cleaner (and Altered Caffeine and Cherry Limeades)

  2. Shelly Says:

    Can’t wait for the recipe! Looking forward to cleaning this weekend – will we have it by then 😉

  3. ambjour Says:

    i’m totally down with ONE bottle under my kitchen sink!! i’m waitinggggg

    • simplyaltered Says:

      you better hurry up and get the rest of that “other stuff” used up!!! you will love it.

  4. stampit74 Says:

    great ATC Kelli! I have a bunch of ice cream lovers in the family!

  5. simplyaltered Says:

    you need to make some of these then. Do you have the die??? if not, you are more than welcome to use mine!!!

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