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Day 2

July 31, 2009
Sampling of "Simply Fantastic" cleaner!!!

Sampling of "Simply Fantastic" cleaner!!!

I will be at Hy-Vee all day on Saturday , and sending everyone home with nothing but the BEST cleaner of all…..Simply Fantastic!!!

I will be putting a concentrated form together tonight, and will be ready to go again in the morning.  If you have not tried it yet, this is the perfect time to get started!!!   and of course, who does NOT need to get groceries on a Saturday anyway???

I will be watching for you.   🙂


quench your thirst!!!

July 30, 2009
and it really WILL be freshly squeezed!!

and it really WILL be freshly squeezed!!

I am at Oskaloosa Hy-Vee all day tomorrow !!  squeezing lots of limes and handing out samples of  Simply Altered Cherry Limeades!!!!  yummy!!!   be sure to stop by and see me.

I will also be in the store all day Saturday.  Not sure what I will be sampling that day, but it is sure to be a signature blog item!!   yeah!!

Note:  I will have to take a break from Hy-Vee from about 11:30 to 1:00.  It is my sons turn to go on a church trip, my husband is working, my daughter is babysitting and I have the Hy-Vee things going on.  !!  makes me realize how lucky I am to normally be working from home every day.  I will actually have to juggle my schedule around like the rest of the world normally has to do.  Nothing like this, to make me appreciate how lucky I am to be available the other 363 days a year.

Stop by to see me if you can.

Good intentions…

July 28, 2009
and now very tired....

and now very tired....

I sat and paid bills last night with the intentions to ONLY mail the out of town bills and hand deliver the rest….from my bike .    Exercise is done for the day and I saved nearly $4 in postage.  Yeah!!!

I filled my little basket, took along my purse so I could also stop at the grocery store.

I hand delivered EIGHT bills uptown, went to the bank, and got buns from Hy-Vee for supper tonight, and back home again before the kids even woke up!!!

It felt good.

My word for today is…. “Intentions”

What are YOUR intentions for the day or for the week???  if you leave your comment here, let it be known in writing for all to see, you are MUCH more likely to accomplish it.  🙂

Known fact.   🙂

my idea of multi-tasking

July 27, 2009
$35 worth  !!!!

$35 worth !!!! buns, strawberries, crackers, grapes, yogurt and deli meats.

My idea of multi-tasking!!!  I got exercise, got some sun and did some grocery shopping!!!   and an added bonus, I am working on completely  humiliating my kids all at the same time.  It is working well.

I got some work done to my bicycle and tended to some badly needed repairs.  I like to take a leisurely ride, but still have this feeling that I should be accomplishing something at the same time. Of course,  I needed a bicycle basket!!    I got one today after my kids ROLLED their eyes in embarassment, with the THOUGHT that someone they know,  just might HAPPEN to actually see me!!!  oh, the humiliation.   (LOL)   I have to admit, even my husband thought I was crazy, but he attached it to the bike none the less.  It is really neat.  Snaps on and off very easily, so it doubles as a shopping basket, and if I wanted to go somewhere withOUT the basket, like a bike trail (oh my!!!)  I could.

I was off.

Took a ride uptown, stopped at my favorite book store (The Book Vault) remember the link???   I picked up a book ironically titled “Why is My Mother Getting a Tattoo?  .. {and other questions I wish I never had to ask}    funny huh???

Then to Hy-Vee for a few groceries.  I have to say the benefits are endless, as you DO have to shop VERY wisely when you are limited to a bicycle basket.   I managed to get $35 dollars worth of groceries inside it, the book I purchased, my purse and a cell phone all inside.  VERY strategically packed mind you.  🙂

…and back home I went.  It felt good.  My kids give me a hard time, all in good humor, but I think maybe, JUST maybe they think I am sorta of cool afterall.

Have a great week ahead, and REMEMBER……I am still taking your favorite words!!!!  submit more anytime you feel the notion.

another problem solved….

July 25, 2009

DSC05192DSC05193 I have looked high and low and have had a VERY hard time finding this item.

A reuseable grocery bag that rolls up so tiny, it will fit in your purse.   Don’t get me wrong, I love the ones found at the grocery store, and they are certainly at a lower price, BUT… NEVER fails, I leave home without them, or they are in the vehicle that I am NOT in at the time!!!  grrrrrr.

One visit to our local (and awesome) book store, The Book Vault, and I have one to call my very own.  Yeah!!!  Look at my Salt & Pepper shakers.  That is not only how TINY it rolls up, but also how BIG it opens up.   And unlike a sleeping bag (which is one of the frustrations in life)  rolling this bag up is a cinch!!!!   done in less than 3 seconds.  Perfectly.

There is a variety of colors to choose from, each for $8.

As much as I know you would love them, and as I have discovered they are very hard to find, I am willing to not only pick one up for you, but should you want one, I will get it, and stick it in the mail to you!!!!   no shipping!!!!

And a little endorsement for the store.  If you are anywhere in the area, you NEED to give them a visit.  The place is AWESOME!!!!!  a book store  some communities could only DREAM of having!!!   visit their website as well and take a moment to take a photo tour. you will not be disappointed.   If you want a direct link, scroll down the right side of the page, to “BLOG ROLL”  and you can click on it there.  SIMPLE!!!!

Enjoy the weekend ahead and give ALOT of thought to your favorite word, of the weekend, the day or simply of the moment!!!  the contest continues.  🙂

some interesting info..

July 23, 2009
ahhhh so close to home.

ahhhh so close to home.

Imagine how big I am smiling!!!

I was browsing the internet tonight (I know, imagine THAT!!!)  I can not remember WHERE it was I saw this, but did you know than amongst a few other words,  the word “STAYCATION” has been added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary for 2009  !!!!!!  yeah, can you believe it???  I know.  Seems trivial to some, but I found it to be VERY interesting and QUITE ironic.  The one year I have used this word over and over, I sort of assumed it was just a made up slang word.  It is not, it is in the dictionary now!!!    This is making our Staycation plans even sweeter now.  It is official, a Staycation is real .   🙂

Then searching the word, I found this image I just HAD to share with you…..with just a little imagination, it even looks like my house!  (only my hammock is all white)

All within the same week as random WORDS have been my main source of inspiration anyway.

I know, I know.  My mind wanders late at night.

Reminder:  add your words and read through the comments.  They are all GREAT!!!!

my next word….DISBELIEF !!!!

July 22, 2009
there goes my sanity!!!!

there goes my sanity!!!!

Yep.  New word tonight.  DISBELIEF  !!!  disbelief that my son is 14 today, and disbelief that I gave in and agreed he “needed” a MOPED for his 14th birthday.

But I will look on the BRIGHT side.

No more running all over town (actually my daughter does that) as he believes she is his personal chauffeur.  !!!!!   this saves HER gas money.

Since we funded this machine,  I ought to be able to take it on MY errands, therefore saving MY gas as well.

ok.  2 positives.  I will be in denial of the negatives for now, and have FAITH that all will be fine.  I will also try to forget the places I (and my husband) went as a teenagers on mopeds.    😮


(keep the Favorite word” comments coming!!!  I am definitely tickled to see how many have posted and entered their names for the drawing!!!  yeah!!  when you have some extra time, scroll through all the favorite  words and comments.  You may easily be enlightened by some!!!  look in the original post and every one after that.  They all include submissions!!!   add YOURS today if you haven’t already)

it’s my turn now…

July 21, 2009
my turn....

my turn....

ok.  I have read lots of your favorite words, so it is time to add MINE just for good measure.  🙂  (and I may even have more later)

It is a GIVEN that I love the word “Simplicity”.   It needs no additional explanation in my world.

A few other favorites:

Harmony: I like “Harmony” in my world also.  I strive to keep it in the house.  My kids roll their eyes, when I use it.   i.e.  “Just overlook (         ) to keep harmony” but secretly, I think they like the word too.  haha

Balance: I love “Balance” in my work, home life and family life.  If a certain area of my world is out of balance, you will more than likely know about  it.   I try to keep things “balanced” in our home.  Some days are easier than others.   There was once a skit at our church about spinning plates, trying to keep them all going at the same time, without any of them crashing to the ground.  I will never forget it.  I find the less “plates” I have spinning at once, the more balance our lives seem.   Therefore I know very well how to say the next favorite word.

No: I say it very well and I know WHEN to say it.  This is not the word NO in a diciplinary way, but in a way when I know I have had enough, or simply do not feel the need to be OBLIGATED to something.   Some people have a very hard time knowing when to use the word NO.  I do it very well.  If you feel out of “balance”,  and not finding complete “Harmony” in your life , maybe the word NO is what you need to say to a few requests?    Remember, life is not about seeing how thin you can spread yourself.

Just a thought.    🙂

****  I am very pleased with the responses so far to the “Favorite word” post.  But ……there are alot of lurkers out there, that I just KNOW have words to share with me.  Please do so. I appreciate it as well as the kind folks at Henkel will too.    If you have submitted a word, and want to add another, feel free to.  I will add your name in that many times  (just don’t go overboard, like adding 100 extra words!!!!)  haha.  Just trying to cover my bases here.  🙂    I feel any input each of you have is worthy of another shot of the winnings.  I have seen some familiar names, and some new ones too in the comment section.  I will generate the drawing from any related post for the YEARS SUPPLY giveaway!!!!   add your comments NOW.

Are you sitting down?????

July 20, 2009
how about a YEARS supply of this??

how about a YEARS supply of this??

and a YEARS supply of this one too???

and a YEARS supply of this one too???

If you are not already sitting down… need to.

I got a comment to my blog, that literally blew me out of the water the other day. A gal named Janell from the Henkel Corp.  (I believe this is the division that MAKES the two of the items we have ALL come to know and love).   The corporate office DID notice the increasing popularity of these items and quite frankly, wondered WHAT is going on!!!! They  noticed the amounts being purchased through Hy-Vees specifically.  Yeah!!!   After doing their research, all indications pointed to  Yeah, yeah, yeah!!  can you imagine how FLATTERED this made me?

Most graciously, Janell offered to provide MYSELF as well as one lucky blog reader a YEARS SUPPLY of the two items they are known so well for, and two items WE need to continue making the FABULOUS soap with.  Can you believe this??   I still can not.

So.   Next dilemma at hand?  how am I ever going to determine who get this YEARS SUPPLY???    Of course, it is high time for a contest / giveaway and this time, done in a VERY big way!!!

What is your favorite WORD?

By that, I mean, possibly what word do you use most often? what word do you find motivating?  inspiring?  encouraging?  and why.    I am assured that you will ALL chime in, show The Henkel Corp how much we appreciate their support and the best part, is possibly having all these items shipped directly to YOUR front door!!!!!!!  talk about making this an even MORE frugal endeavor!! imagine this stuff GIVEN to you?    Free is good , no matter what form it is in.  Free is ALWAYS good!!!!

I will leave this contest open longer than most.  I will do a randomly generated drawing on August 19.  One month to add your “favorite word” and also a month to invite your friends and family and total strangers  to subscribe to my blog, AND add their “favorite word” as well.    Lets all see how BIG BIG BIG we can make this!!!!!

Ready, set………….  GO  !!!!!!!!


July 17, 2009
SO close to being thrown away!!!

My creativity at midnight last night. (click to enlarge!!)

am I driving you crazy yet???   I think this makes 3 posts within 24 hours.  I am really not bored or anything, just keep coming up with ideas that I want to share.

I was given this cupboard front from  a friend, it was defective with a small imperfection in the center.   I have come so close to giving up thinking I have no clue what to do with it……until last night, it hit me.     I love it!!!!!!!

It will sit inside my built-in hutch in the foreground right under the alpha piece.   PERFECT!!!!   I have been drawn to all the catalogs showcasing random numbers and letters, but THOSE have a hefty price tag on them!!!  I knew I could do equal to or BETTER than that!!!!  this was basically free and took very LITTLE time to create.

(and hopefully the next post ..or two….will involve the GIVEAWAY!!!!!    Still working on the detail, but I am getting close!!)

Stay tuned.   And remember to get subscribed if you have no already and PASS THE WORD ONTO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!!!!!!