I can NOW make my own tea!!!!!

who would have thought???

who would have thought???

I have heard that baking soda is SUCH a universal item, used for MANY different things, but being the “solution” to my tea dilemma was not one I imagined!

I gotta give a great big SHOUT OUT to my friend (and another hairstylist in town) Michelle.   She filled me in on this “secret” and even gave me permission to share the recipe.  It is WONDERFUL !!!

I am also giving you my “altered” version of her recipe for a couple reasons.  I wanted my tea a little stronger, I only had certain tea bags on hand, and God forbid I go the grocery store if I do not absolutley HAVE to, and also,  I had to make it for the size container I had on hand.  (1/2 gal).    but she get ALL the credit for the “secret” ingredient for sure!!

Boil about 2 cups of water and add to 6 tea bags and a pinch of BAKING SODA !!

Let all of this sit for 10 to 15 minutes

Pour into 1 gallon jar and add cold water to fill.

now, MY “altered” version….

I used about 1 cup boiling water (to make 1/2 gallon) and I also used 3 Cold Brew tea bags as it is all I had in the house, BUT someone told me they are basically the same thing.  I added a hefty “pinch” of baking soda, so I am thinking for a gallon, I will add 2 good size pinches.    Michelle says you can add up to 1/4 tsp Baking Soda if you need to, but one pinch per 1/2 gallon did the trick for me.

I think my problem is when I would get my tea strong enough, I also got the bitterness too, that was making mine taste YUCK.   Michelle said it is amazing how much just the little bit of soda cuts the bitterness and she is RIGHT ON! ! !    it really does.

She found this idea looking for a Sweet Tea recipe.  All that you do for the gallon, is add about 1 cup sugar before you fill with cold water.  I like to sweeten each glass of mine with artificial sweetener, so I omitted that part.

I will spend my holiday weekend staying home (saving money) and drinking “Michelles Tea” on my screened in porch (and saving MORE money!!)     All is good.

Thanks for everyones suggestions.  I learned ALOT about the making of a good glass of tea, and will eventually give them all a whirl.  I also learned I am not crazy……(thanks Angie)  and if you want to come share a delicious glass of tea with me, you know where I will be.


8 Responses to “I can NOW make my own tea!!!!!”

  1. kathleen ferris Says:

    Hi, Kelli. I’ve always found iced tea to be bitter, so I’m going to try your secret today! As always, thank you for keeping us focused on how to really keep our lives simple and filled with gratitude for the blessings we have. Kathy

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yep, that was my problem too. I think you can tone it down or completely eliminate it all together, depending on how much Baking Soda you add. 🙂 be sure to let me (and Michelle) know how much you love it!!!

  2. Diane Fynaardt Says:

    who would have thought … Must try that

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I know. So simple of a solution huh???? a home should never be without baking soda. SO many uses for it!!!!!!

  3. Linda Says:

    Great news! Now we need the secret for making perfect ice. 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      NO KIDDING!!! I am working on that. 🙂
      We went to Ottumwa tonight, and we HAD to stop at Sonic. My husband thought I wanted a beverage, but secretly I only wanted the ice IN it. 🙂

  4. Old Plow Woman Says:

    I just finished reading all of the posts and wow there are alot of tea drinkers. My friend MaryJo down the road makes the worlds best tea. I always tell her there isn’t anywhere I would rather be than sitting at her table enjoying a glass of ice tea. Now for me making tea I have tried everything and it is horrible. I have a tea maker on my counter and still not good tea. I am excited to try your tea. I drink alot of water and would love to have a glass of tea just for a nice change. I stopped drinking soda right after easter when I read Dr. Oz saying how 2 sodas a day were hard on your kidneys. I am diabetic and thought that was a small thing I could do for my body without medicine. So here it is 7:30 and I am off to make tea. I love reading all of the posts and you do a great job of keeping my interest in living a life with simplicity.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      THANK YOU….just like Angie did on the original post, assuring me I am not the ONLY one that could not make iced tea!!! well, I can now, and depending on how much Baking Soda you add, I know you will love it too!!!!!
      Now, on the soda consumption??? you would be floored at how much Diet Vanilla Coke I can drink in a days time!!!!! shame on ME!!! but I am trying to wean myself off for a number of reasons, and you have just given me another!!! thanks!!!!!!

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