Some rural Iowa simple pleasures……

the road less traveled....

the road less traveled....

the scenery some might only dream of.....

the scenery some might only dream of.....

welcome to rural Iowa

welcome to rural Iowa

I am posting these pics on behalf of my daughter.  She has become fascinated with my digital camera as of late, and the other day on her way to a babysitting job in the country, she captured these images.  The poor girl  DREAMS of being a farm girl someday!!!    She assures me that “SOME DAY” this is the scenery I will be looking at on the way to HER house.   I hope for her sake that can actually happen.  🙂    I will stay where I am at.  (LOL)


in all honesty, I can appreciate the beauty of the simple life, and unobstructed views of the Iowa cornfields, the silos, and the wide open spaces.  It is hard to imagine people that do NOT see this beauty in their everyday life.  We sometimes drive by quickly without even noticing.  It felt nice to know that Madison not only noticed, but took the time, all on her own to capture the images of the most SIMPLE landscape, that she finds so pleasing to the eye.   She is 16.  That is kind of major from my point of view.  Some teenagers love to go to the mall, mine loves to admire cornfields and country side pleasures.  {All together now,} ……Awwwwww

And this also represents what  American Independence to me.  How will you celebrate it??? what feels like the All-American dream to you?  might you take the time today and every day to NOTICE your surroundings, no matter how big or small.  Imagine there are people on the other side of the United States (or further) that do not have the luxury of seeing what you may be taking for granted??    I would love to hear what all of YOU get to pass by on a daily basis and how you may appreciate it just a little bit more today and thereafter.

Now, back to my daughter. Keep her safety as well as others,  in your prayers.  She is departing at 5 am tomorrow morning (July 4th) for a church missions trio to Houston Texas.  They will be working with Habitat for Humanity (a organization near and dear to my heart) and building homes for those less fortunate.  The entire group of kids,  as well as the selfless sponsors they have,  are joining forces for the next 10 days.  I will be VERY lonely without her in our home, but at the same time, I know it is the utmost effort she is willing to give of herself, and will enrich alot of areas in her life at the same time.

Safe travels Zoe (her nickname)  and please savor your experiences that lie ahead.  🙂

We will be waiting for you with open arms.   😉


10 Responses to “Some rural Iowa simple pleasures……”

  1. Pam O'Donnel Says:

    Funny that I would be reading your note this morning about your daughter yearning to live on a farm some day. That was my greatest dream as a child – stemming from annual summer visits to my father’s home place in Ohio some 50-plus years ago. Theirs was a VERY simple life, including the use of the old outhouse, as well as the need to draw water from the well. I don’t recall as a child thinking anything odd about having to use the outhouse, but remember that going to the well for water was a real treat. Letting down the bucket (being carefull not to get struck in the head with the handle!) and then winding it back up. And a sip of that cool fresh water was the best refreshment ever!

    My love of the farm became so strong that I vowed that one day I would grow up to marry a farmer. I tease my husband that it’s a good thing he met the first requirement on my list! Our lives are still quite simple by many standards – no garage/shed full of “toys” we think we have to play with in order to entertain ourselves. We (like your daughter) can find satisfaction and fullfullment in driving around surveying the crops, viewing the countryside and looking for wildlife – as long as they don’t become hood ornaments!

    We live on a farm which has been in the family for over 100 years – in fact, we own the century farms from both sides of my husband’s family. Yes, we have indoor plumbing – they did make that upgrade before they passed away. And (sadly), one by one many of the old outbuildings have come down, some being replaced by steel buildings. Somehow, they just don’t have the character that the old block barn and hoghouse had!

    Sitting out here looking at the vast countryside, we feel very independent – and very grateful for that independence that was won for us over 200 years ago. Our appreciation of this land and the way it has allowed us to lead our lives however we see fit is a daily celebration of that independence.

    Have a great 4th!


    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh that is a very nice story and I will let my daughter read it when she gets home on the 12th. It will give her hope. 🙂 not sure where she gets her farmgirl personality from as I am NOT one bit that way, or my husband. LOL
      Your last paragraph is very touching and exactly the point I was trying to drive home. Look around and see all the many things you have to appreciate……however “small” they sometimes seem!!! thank you!!!

  2. Doris Medlin Says:

    Kelli, Just wanted to let you know that I love your website. I am trying several of your ideas and love them. Thank you!!!!

    Doris Medlin

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Welcome Doris. So glad you are liking everything, and of course, there is ALOT more to come!!!! 🙂

  3. LaVonne Says:

    I will spend most of my Independence weekend working for my 2 favorite charities–Hospice and Ministerial Alliance. My husband and I will devote alot of time to these causes, as our small town has a large celebration with many people coming home for it. I am very grateful to live in a small community, where people are very friendly and generous. Where we can have successful fundraisers to support our causes that help so many people in need. And this is all possible because of our independence, and the many people who have fought to keep us this way. God blessed me when he put me in a small community. And I can’t think where I’d rather be than small town Iowa.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      this is a perfect example of what makes us feel proud. Such simple pleasures that small towns can give, that the big metropolis can not. We all know, that works both ways though. Some days I want to be big city as well, but am not so, I have to see what is around ME and feel my own sense of the American Dream . Many different reasons for each person in every part of America!!!
      Yes, you have a very supportive area you live in, and can feel your roots planted very deeply there. More than enough reasons to feel very proud of your community.

  4. Lana Schippers Says:

    I totally agree…we are lucky to have sprawling fields and oh…don’t even get me started on old farmhouse…if I won the lottery tomorrow Kelli I’d probably be stupid enough to build a million dollar farmhouse that looked like it belonged right out of a century farm photo…there is nothing like a farmhouse…the front porch in the evening sun…just beckons you off the road to stop and have a glass of ice tea. The funny thing is the reason you maybe think it’s an almost untouchable dream for Madison is because the family farm is becoming as extinct as natural habitats of Bears and Monkeys and other creatures that are losing their home to the wastefulness of the world….things are simple in the tall grass, no matter how close to town…you can just stop and forget what is beyond the bent mailbox.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      oh Lana, thank you for the BEAUTIFUL visual you just created for me and all my readers!!!! you have SUCH a way with words!!! maybe I do want to live on a farm afterall??? 🙂

  5. jmerk Says:

    Not sure i’d make It on a farm! 🙂 so far away fromtown!

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