more of my random thoughts….

If I was forced to lay out in a swimsuit, this is where I want it to happen.  :)

If I was forced to lay out in a swimsuit, this is where I want it to happen. 🙂

Ready for more of my random ways of thinking???  still no digital camera…can ya tell???

*my daughter is still in Texas on her missions trip.  I miss her SO much,  I can hardly stand it.  It was bad enough by Thursday as it was, and THEN the phone call came in.  She had been taken to the E.R. with heat exhaustion and dehydration!!!  My sons first reaction was “Mom, we HAVE to go get her”.  (only 14 hours away, but time and distance mean nothing to a kid huh??)  We sat tight, and were reassured she was in good hands of a church member, taking the best care of her and got her where she needed to go.  THANKS DIANE !!!!!    She was given IV fluids, given a thorough check over, and dismissed.  All is well now, except she has a little after effects of it all, and is still just not “feeling well”.   She would insist she is NOT homesick, but as a mother, I want to think maybe just a teeny bit as well.   Although, she is NEVER been the homesick type.  Put her in a crowd of strangers, and she will find SOMEONE to be friends with before it is over .  Bless her heart.  The whole group arrives home on Sunday midday and we can NOT WAIT !!!!!

*Oskaloosa Hy-Vee sampling is being delayed a couple weeks.  All good things come to those who wait.  This will be worth the wait.  Tentatively set for the last Fri / Sat in July.  I will keep you posted.

*Ankeny Hy-Vee???   this Sunday.  I will be sampling from 10:00 to 6:00.  If you are anywhere near the area, stop by and introduce yourself.  This will be really different for me!   In Oskaloosa, I already know 90% of the people I see.  Ankeny will be more like 99%, I will NOT know!!!   Hopefully I will be more like my daughter in my FIRST random thought.  A store full of people, SURELY there will be someone I can call my friend when I am done!!!   🙂

*Bright spot of my day today??  one of my favorite customers  (ok, who am I kidding, ALL my customers are my favorites!!)  honestly.   But I will say, one that felt the need to move to California, gave me a phone call, saying she was in town and was stopping by to visit!!!  yeah!!!!   I was SO happy to see her!!!  funny how you can come so close to a customer, after MANY years!!!  It felt like I had just seen her last week, when in reality it has been a couple years!!!  We sat on my screened in porch and she was even kind enough to let me do my other customers as they came in, and waited for me.   Thanks Joan, you REALLY made my day.

*Flip-Flops.   (is this random enough??)   do you understand the evolution of the footwear now known as flip-flops??   when I was younger, we called them “thongs”.  no more.  Now as if “Flip-flops” are not good enough , there are also “Fit-Flops”.  I hear these are wonderful, although I do not own any.    Well……a couple days ago, I had THE COOLEST customer in my salon and her mother had “Switch-Flops” on.    Have you ever heard of these????   They are SO neat!!!  I want some and I want them now!!!  there is a velcro piece on the strap part, and you can interchange then depending on what color you want the strap to be.  I had to ask myself  “Do I really NEED them???”   of course, I do.  Can you imagine how streamlined this could make our flip-flop collection???  instead of 10 different pair between my daughter and I , we could have 2 pairs, with some interchangeable straps.  Can you day “Simplify”  ????   Has anyone but me and these coolest customers know about such a thing???  let me know.  I am on the hunt for two pairs now.    🙂

*my agenda for tomorrow is to do about 20 loads of laundry (a little exaggerated, but not much. If I had my camera, I would SHOW you!!!)  and my goal is to do it withOUT the use of my dryer!!!   the clothesline will be full all day long.  I know Zoe is bringing home a big suitcase full of more dirty laundry on Sunday, so I need to get this weeks out of the way!!!

Enjoy your weekend, wherever it takes you, or whatever you find yourself doing!!!!  may you enjoy it to its fullest!!!

I will even try to be LESS random next week.  I am SURE there will be mission trip pictures to share with you, from my photographer daughter.  🙂


12 Responses to “more of my random thoughts….”

  1. Rhonda Van Zante Says:


    I do remember flip flops. You could buy them at one of the dime stores in downtown Osky or at Gibson’s. The store had them in a large garbage can just inside the door and you had to rummage through the can to find your size. They were cheap. You got a new pair every summer. My feet were always dirty. I can not stand to wear them today.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh man, I love to wear them!!!! hardly wear anything else all summer long, and my daughter wears them well into November. 🙂 burrrrr

  2. Debbie Sevier Says:

    I have two pair of Fit Flops and love them. On another note, I also have two pair of “Onesoles”. They are available in boutiques or on line. They have four large snaps, two on each side and you can change the tops. Tops are available in every color, prints, monograms, and you can also send in your photos to have them put on your tops. They are so great for vacations.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      that sounds similiar!! I know she told me you can get the base in either black or brown, which is even MORE versatile!!! I would want black. and of course, an array of fun tops to interchange. 🙂

  3. Connie Slaughter Says:

    We found the SwitchFlops at a little shop in Council Bluffs we visit every time we go out to see my sister. It is a tiny shop but we always leave her a ton of money every time we go out there. It is called Savannah Filmore. What size do you need?

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Really?? does she have a website? I would need sz 10, then my daughter and I can both share. 🙂 I would LOVE to find some. Did you get them???

  4. Diana W Says:

    We are planning on coming to Hyvee tomorrow, so we will see you then.

    I can’t WAIT to meet you! (LOL- are my expectations too high?)

  5. simplyaltered Says:

    Oh good!!! just make sure you don’t come near the lunch time. I do have to eat!!! 🙂
    I am not sure about expectations……probably are a little to high. Not too much exciting about me, 🙂 but we will BOTH be able to put faces with the names huh??? 🙂
    See you tomorrow. You will not miss me….from the shirt I will be wearing. 🙂

  6. Rosemary Surber Says:

    I have a pair of the Switch Flops and LOVE them. I found them at the Grinnell Hospital gift shop. Someone said you could buy them in Pella but I don’t have the name of the store. I also bought a pair for my niece and took them to Houston with me when I went to visit in April. She also loves them and many people ask here where they can get a pair. Don’t know about Houston!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Great!!! it is surprising how many cool items can be found in a hospital gift shop huh??? I have found many neat gift idea in them before!!!

  7. Jeannie Says:

    My sister and I saw these about 2 weeks ago at Iowa 80 in Walcott. The big truck stop on I-80 East. They were so cute!! They have so many cool things in there!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      wow!!! you would never expect to find those kid of things there huh??? maybe I need to go truck stop shopping more often!! you know, truck stops hold a special place in my heart back from my dads truck driving days. 🙂

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