Familiar faces…

familiar-faces-2-12x16I always come out of a new experience learning SOMETHING positive.  Today was no exception.

Over the years, I “assumed” maybe someday I would like to move away from my the town I was born and raised in.  I think I have changed my mind  (something I am notorious for).   How does it feel to  see NO familiar faces???     maybe not as good as I once thought , or maybe I am just getting older, or maybe I was missing my daughter too much??  regardless.  I came to a couple conclusions.

I did a sampling of laundry soap today in Ankeny.   It was very nice, Kudos to Matt for being such an organized and efficient manager.   What a nice (and BIG) store!!!!

And most of all, THANKS to the few “familiar faces” or even “familiar names”  (diana)  that came to see me.  You were to me, like the ONE face in the image with the red hat on.  In a sea of people, you sometimes forget how nice it is to see a FAMILIAR FACE!!!    When I spotted those FEW that I did know, it made my day to know they came to see ME!!!!    On a daily basis in my hometown, you can not go ANYWHERE without seeing familiar faces.  Maybe I know them personally, know someone THEY know, or know where the work, who they are married to etc etc etc……..you get the idea.  I certainly, too often take for granted how that feels.  It feels good.  It feels even better after today.  🙂

Do I vacation in strange towns??  yes (although not this year)  {boo}   but when I do, I have my family or friends WITH me.   I have even gone out of town to conferences, but there is SOME familiar face there.  For those who travel on business, isn’t 9 times out of 10, someone you recognize???  if not.  You know the feeling I am talking about.  I guess this is another reason, there is no place like home!!!

So tomorrow when you might be returning to work, imagine doing that in an UNfamiliar place, knowing NO ONE all day long.  Strange huh???   take a minute to realize how many faces you just assume you will be looking at each day, and how you have come to know and recognize them so well.  It feels really  good afterall, huh???.   Another simple pleasure we very often overlook.   As much as it seems in small town, TOO many people know TOO much about you???   might be a “good thing” afterall.

……..and the icing on the cake for today?????  knowing I was coming “home” to my daughter who returned home safe and sound!!!!   A very “familiar” face, I am SO happy to see.   🙂

All is well once again.

Thanks for listening.   🙂


4 Responses to “Familiar faces…”

  1. bejes Says:

    Welcome to a day in the life of an Expat! Not the best thing about the whole deal for sure! Funny how sometimes you just want to get away from everything and then when you get the chance, you find out how not awesome that really is. Home feels good.
    Welcome back Rozita! Anxious for picures!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      you are EXACTLY right and I thought about you often!!! hmmmm……maybe I like home more than I once thought…..between hearing your stories and now this out of town work I did……

  2. kim aka machita Says:

    yes it is nice to have familiar faces around. that is 99% of the reason i just cant get myself to move.and it is so awesome to live RIGHT across the street from a face i grew up with every day,KELLI, my precious youngest sister!! i need my surroundings that i have right here in Oskaloosa,Ia right now. (maybe later i can move.Rhiannon 😦 she is always wanting me to move to be by her 😦

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