c1gratitudeJust a quick thought of inspiration for the day.

In our quest to do more, have more and go more places.  Take a look around.  Do you really have enough of all those things to be content, or are you continually reaching for more and trying to take your happiness to the next level???    I know I have enough.  Actually I have more than enough to keep me happy, content and an abundance of GRATITUDE, but just like everyone else, I do need to keep reminding myself.   I like to remind others, and occasionally I need them to remind me.   I try SO hard to drive this point home with my kids.  It is not about doing EVERYTHING, and going EVERYWHERE.  Life is full of choices and sacrifices.   They make them daily and will continue to do so the rest of their lives.  It is good for them.

We are having some mini “staycations” this year at our house.   Would my kids like to go to Disney?  California? Cancun?  oh, of course they would.  Are we???   no.

My daughter made ONE request for the summer.  She asks that she and her dad go camping, about 7 miles out of town.  Just the two of them.  Pretty simple request huh??  Needless to say, they are picking a weekend tonight.

My son?  his requests are a little bigger. (he is still younger, so we are still working on him).  He wants a Moped for his July 22 birthday!!!   😮

My husband and I ?  looking for happiness for our kids, and a few relaxing evenings riding our bikes together, or sitting on our deck and realizing we have plenty of gratitude in our home to go around.

Have a good evening.


12 Responses to “Gratitude…”

  1. kim aka machita Says:

    i am sitting on my deck….thankful for everything i do have. but i just told Marv the other night and i have told him many times before…. what i am the very most thankful for is that we have happy healthy beautiful children.

  2. Lana Schippers Says:

    This is a wonderful thought Kelli! You know…you have been to my garage sale…I have had too much…went too much and all of those things too. We were talking the other night after my boss who constantly needles me about going on a trip..a trip here…don’t you just want to go there…and I constantly…laugh at him….he as a single wealthy good looking 60 year old man…who could go anywhere or do anything…but has NO one to do it with…doesn’t understand how I could just be happy with what I have…and content staying home with my dogs. But I am…and frankly I will probably be this way till I am gone. My vacation was…my sale…but it was so relaxing and fun and I had a new found freedom passing on stuff to people that would now….find new in my “done for now” items! I am grateful for when I have been able to go…and actually when I have wanted…to go…but I am even more grateful that I am happy being happy with…what I have.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      exactly!!! I am not only content to be home on a daily basis, but even in the summertime. There are many people that go to extreme lengths to NOT be home!!! can you imagine?? I know alot of them!!! my home makes me smile. 🙂 and I want my kids to think the same. Sometimes we do not have the luxury of going to far away places like other, and that is ok, we are all happy just being here and being together. ….and when we do itch to go somewhere, guaranteed it is close by and find the simplest pleasure doing so, completely appreciating it!!!! Honestly.

  3. Ruthi Says:

    You too, my simple friend I envy you! See you tomorrow. Ruthi

  4. LaVonne Says:

    I start every morning, thanking God for a few of things I am grateful for. I try to end the day with that as well. God has blessed our lives with so much more than we can even list!!!! How fortunate we truly are! And great people in our lives certainly tops our list!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      You are one of the most grateful people I know, and I have told you that on many occasions. Good for you!!! imagine an ungrateful life and how miserable that might feel. No thanks.

  5. Old Plow Woman Says:

    I live in the country and I see the work of God everyday and I am thankful for it. I always say I hope I never live in the country so long that I don’t appreciate it.

  6. BLT Says:

    And let us not forget to be grateful for:

    Rude people who teach us politeness.
    Hurried people who teach us patience.
    Hateful people who teach us love.
    Violent people who teach us forgiveness.
    Greedy people who teach us to give.
    The poor who teach us what we really NEED.
    The hungry who teach us we are blessed with abundance.

    I requested a bone marrow donor match kit this week. I may never be called. But I’m healthy and ever so grateful.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      SO true!! thanks for adding that!!
      How wonderful you would be willing to do the bone marrow match! that is awesome.

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