the glass is already broken….

Just after I sent my last updated post, I stumbled across this.  VERY good advise for all, no matter what situation you are in.  Occasionally my kids do less than pleasing things as well my husband and myself  ( I know, hard to believe huh?)  LOL  !!!!  But so many times, I have to literally say, “did I expect that would happen at some point and time”  ??  the answer is generally YES.  So , this posting courtesy of Zen Habits really has hit home with me.

Zen Habits:

Let me let you in on a little secret to finding peace of mind: see the glass as already broken.

See, the cause of our stress, anger and irritation is that things don’t go the way we like, the way we expect them to. Think of how many times this has been true for you.

And so the solution is simple: expect things to go wrong, expect things to be different than we hoped or planned, expect the unexpected to happen. And accept it.

So when the nice glass you bought inevitably falls and breaks, someday, you might get upset. But not if you see the glass as already broken, from the day you get it. You know it’ll break someday, so from the beginning, see it as already broken. Be a time-traveler, or someone with time-traveling vision, and see the future of this glass, from this moment until it inevitably breaks.

And when it breaks, you won’t be upset or sad — because it was already broken, from the day you got it. And you’ll realize that every moment you have with it is precious.

Expect your child to mess up — all children do. And don’t get so upset when they mess up, when they don’t do what they’re “supposed” to do … because they’re supposed to mess up.

Expect your partner to be less than perfect.

Expect your friend to not show up sometimes.

Expect things to go not according to plan.

Expect people to be rude sometimes.

Expect coworkers not to come through sometimes.

Expect roommates not to wash their dishes or pick up their clothes, sometimes.

Expect the glass to break.

And accept it.

You won’t change these inevitable facts — they will happen, eventually. And if you expect it to happen — even see it as already happening, before it happens — you won’t get so upset.

You won’t overreact. You’ll respond appropriately, but not overreact. You can talk to the person about their behavior, and ask them kindly to consider your feelings when they do this … but you won’t get overly emotional and blow things out of proportion.

You’ll smile, and think, “I expected that to happen. The glass was already broken. And I accept that.”

You’ll have peace of mind. And that, my friends, is a welcome surprise.


8 Responses to “the glass is already broken….”

  1. bejes Says:

    This reminds me of a quote that you sent me a couple of years ago…”I may not have gone where I intended to go but I am where I need to be”…or something to that effect. I used to think that was so fitting to my life…not real sure Doobie is where I need to be but whatev.

  2. Tippy Says:

    Ok, I think this Zen Habits is kind of depressing. I get the whole, then you won’t be disappointed thing though.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      it could be, but it is certainly a way for you to see things REALISTIC and expect certain things from certain people. You will get it even more in about 10 years from now. Trust me on this one. 😉

  3. Gina L. Says:

    My Mother-in-law gets very upset about things that break, even if they are cheap. She always tells the Great grandchildren not to run or do anything, but just sit and watch cartoons. Whereas I tell them to be boys and have fun. I play with them and sometimes we get out of hand, things get knocked over and spilled and sometimes broken. A long time ago I got upset about things like this myself, maybe because of my strict upbringing with a cleaning fanatic for a Mother, until I had a friend who I saw raising her children. They broke something and she was like, it doesn’t matter, in 20 years this will be a cherished memory “remember the time we broke Mom’s vase” etc., and I could really go behind that concept. You spilled something, it’s alright I can wash it and clean it up, no reason to freak out. If it breaks….see Zen habits above.
    Caring for my Mother-in-law is not easy, and it makes me sad when she gets bitter over possessions instead of cherishing the moments she has with her precious Great grandchildren. I realize some of the trinkets are her memories, but I am at a point in my life I don’t need mementos to document every second of my life.
    It took me a while to figure this out, but I am glad I did.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      ya know, when I was having little kids in my house, raising them, I tried very hard to teach them what they could “play” with and the things that meant THAT much, were put away. It was not worth the chance of crushing their little spirits over a material item, and assuming all those little mishaps are obviously accidents in the first place. I have very little patience for those people that get so wrapped up in their material posessions!!!

  4. Lloyd Isham Says:

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