Are you sitting down?????

how about a YEARS supply of this??

how about a YEARS supply of this??

and a YEARS supply of this one too???

and a YEARS supply of this one too???

If you are not already sitting down… need to.

I got a comment to my blog, that literally blew me out of the water the other day. A gal named Janell from the Henkel Corp.  (I believe this is the division that MAKES the two of the items we have ALL come to know and love).   The corporate office DID notice the increasing popularity of these items and quite frankly, wondered WHAT is going on!!!! They  noticed the amounts being purchased through Hy-Vees specifically.  Yeah!!!   After doing their research, all indications pointed to  Yeah, yeah, yeah!!  can you imagine how FLATTERED this made me?

Most graciously, Janell offered to provide MYSELF as well as one lucky blog reader a YEARS SUPPLY of the two items they are known so well for, and two items WE need to continue making the FABULOUS soap with.  Can you believe this??   I still can not.

So.   Next dilemma at hand?  how am I ever going to determine who get this YEARS SUPPLY???    Of course, it is high time for a contest / giveaway and this time, done in a VERY big way!!!

What is your favorite WORD?

By that, I mean, possibly what word do you use most often? what word do you find motivating?  inspiring?  encouraging?  and why.    I am assured that you will ALL chime in, show The Henkel Corp how much we appreciate their support and the best part, is possibly having all these items shipped directly to YOUR front door!!!!!!!  talk about making this an even MORE frugal endeavor!! imagine this stuff GIVEN to you?    Free is good , no matter what form it is in.  Free is ALWAYS good!!!!

I will leave this contest open longer than most.  I will do a randomly generated drawing on August 19.  One month to add your “favorite word” and also a month to invite your friends and family and total strangers  to subscribe to my blog, AND add their “favorite word” as well.    Lets all see how BIG BIG BIG we can make this!!!!!

Ready, set………….  GO  !!!!!!!!


100 Responses to “Are you sitting down?????”

  1. Jean McCormick Says:

    My favorite word is anticipation. We are always anticipating something in our lives. Be it good or bad. So I’m anticipating that I’ll be the one that wins. What a great gift that will be to someone. I hope it’s me.

  2. Angie Noel Says:

    COMPASSION!!!! This is something EVERYONE would love to recieve more of, this is something EVERYONE could practice giving more of, and best part it is FREE!!!!!! It comes from the heart, which is something cherished as much as a homemade gift from a child or friend. If everyone learned to give a little more of this in the world think of the smiles it would bring on, and that my friends is contagious. So my word that I use quite often in life as a simply reminder to myself and friends and family is COMPASSION.

  3. Wendy H Says:

    I’m hoping this is the appropriate way to enter the drawing for a year’s supply of product. My favorite word is “awesome”. I am the proverbial optimist and with intention seek the “mountaintop” beauty in nature and mankind (including babykind 🙂 ). As often as I experience God in my life, I am in a total state of awe(some).

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yes, you have entered correctly!! Awesome is such a good word and sometimes, the only one that can describe your feeling adequately huh???

  4. Rosemary Surber Says:

    AWESOME is my favorite word. This is an AWESOME Monday and it’s going to be an AWESOME week!

  5. Vicki Blomme Says:

    THANKS. It is a word many forget to use with the hurry in our lives. It is one I use frequently to make the person on the giving end feel appreciated.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      no kidding!! I am amazed at how often we patronize places and not even as much as a “Thanks” is given. Many times it is fast food, and that goes to show the yonnger generation is not nearly as familiar with this word as they should be. THANK you for adding this, and giving us all a gently reminder.

  6. BLT Says:

    It means “do no harm.” It is the absence of hatred, the influence of non-violence (think MLK Jr. and Gandhi). It is the absolute reverence of life.

    It is how we are to treat each other, our pets, our animals, our environment, and even our possessions (there is NO need to throw your cell phone against a brick wall!).


    • simplyaltered Says:

      I have to say, I have never heard of this word. Thank you for sharing it with us and the explanation as well.

      • BLT Says:

        It is Sanskrit. The stork misunderstood. I was to be born in India… the stork thought Iowa… because I’m Caucasian….so that’s why I’m here!

  7. Shelly Says:

    My favorite word at the moment is honesty – honesty in all that you do and say, how you treat others, how you expect to be treated in return. If we don’t have honesty, we have nothing we can believe in.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      this is a very often used word I encourage with my kids. “Honesty is certainly the best policy!!”

  8. Molly Says:

    My favorite word lately is PEACE. Maybe not so much the spoken word but the feeling. Many people are searching for peace in this day and age, inner peace. Some people look for peace through a quiet moment, a snuggle with a spouse or child, a mental vacation or prayer. No matter where you find it its a wonderful feeling that is beneficial not only to yourself but others around you. 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Peace IS a very good one. Many many people have no idea on inner peace. Glad you added that to the list.

  9. Pam Taylor Says:

    My favorite word is FAMILY….We are always involving each other in daily living ideas (or suggestions) and this new laundry soap has been no exception. All of my family as well as many others around the US have been introduced to this SIMPLER way of doing a task. Thank you for sharing your ideas and making our daily task SIMPLY fun, not to mention SIMPLY affordable. This would definiely make a nice family gift….

    • simplyaltered Says:

      this does not surprise me!! you have such a nice family of sisters!!! and I am SO flattered that I have given you all another common bond!!! Thanks Pam!!!

  10. Verona Says:

    My favorite word is “thank-you”. I appreciate it when it is said to me and I try to show others appreciation for their efforts and good deeds. So, thank-you for being the instigator is all this fun soap effort. I haven’t found anything but the borax here in north TX yet, but will keep looking. We are going to take our family to FL the first of Aug. and I’ll look there too.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      keep looking, it IS worth it!!!! nothing like looking all across the country huh??? and, thank YOU!!!!

  11. Paula Says:

    Our family’s favorite word is “entertainment”. No matter what life throws at us, it’s bound to be some form of entertainment. My husband started saying it a few years ago and it really stuck with all of the entertainment we’ve had in our lives since (1 teenager, one preteen and one todder-the surprise). After 21 years together, my husband and I feel we should write a book, and the name of it? “That’s Entertainment!!”

    Paula of Runnells

    • simplyaltered Says:

      wow….a toddler ??? yep, that IS a surprise!! but a very good way to keep ya young huh?? I want a copy of the book if it is every in print!! haha. Thanks for sharing that. A favorite word that is all your own so far. 🙂

  12. Paula Says:

    Yep, we have 15 year old (going on 30), a 12 year old that will be 13 in a few days and a 22 month old. We adopted the first 2 thinking that we couldn’t have kids and that God gave us kids that way. Then, the big surprise!! We have LITERALLY had a TON of entertainment in our lives (so far)!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      you have alot of years of parenting ahead of you huh?? what a blessing to be surprised in that way!! 🙂

  13. Gina Says:

    Our families favorite word is RESPECT. If you don’t respect your self and your family then what do you have?

  14. Pam O'Donnell Says:

    My favorite word is GRATITUDE. Everything that happens in my life teaches me something, either about myself or someone else. When things are going well, it’s easy to say “thank-you”, but in difficult times not so much. If I remember to let gratitude be my attitude, I am reminded that everything that happens to me in this life is indeed a gift. It also helps me to focus on who I am and Whose I am – something I tend to forget about when I am embroiled in a difficult situation.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I love that word too. I have not heard of the phrase you included, but it is VERY true. Not only WHO we are, but WHOSE we are. I like that..

  15. Mileen Says:

    Mileen Paulson

  16. Linsey(TC) Says:

    I would have to say my favorite word is “hope”. There is always something to hope for. When Dad was going through everything with lung cancer, I was always hoping for the best. Even if it was for him to rest, I was hoping. I have a lot of belief in “everything will work out in time”. It may not always happen as fast as we want it to, but as long as we have hope, things will eventually get better.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      as always Linsey TC, I love this. At the end of the day, everything DOES work out the way it should. It reminds me of when my mom was dying, one of the very last words she said was to Kathy and Karla and I, telling us that “You girls will be just fine”. I knew then she was not going to get better, and within a short time, she was in a coma and never spoke again. Even through something that traumatic and like your dad, yes, there is HOPE and hope that you will continue on just the way they know you will. Thank you. You enlightened my day in the way you always do. 🙂

  17. Brook Says:

    My favorite word is “balance.” Being able to balance everything that life offers–family, religion, friends, work, play, self–is a contant goal of mine, and, quite frankly, the most challenging! As Robert Fulghum put it, “Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life – learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.”

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I love it Brook and I love that quote!!! how true and to live each day to its very fullest!!

  18. Brook Says:

    Oops…After posting my favorite word, “balance,” I read your favorite words, Kelli, and saw you already posted that word. SORRY! 🙂 Anyway, I thought I would submit another, since my last word was already posted.
    My grandmother once told me to live by the word “completely.” As in, completely finish everything you start; live and love completely, not partially; and give yourself completely to something you feel passionate about.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      That is ok. we can share that word!! 😉 I like the completely word too and especially with your Grandmas wisdom for it!!! Thanks for sharing that. We can now look at that word with a whole new meaning!!

  19. Stephanie Says:

    My favorite word is “LOVE.” I seriously say this word 20-30 times a day. I can not tell my two boys I love them enough. My 12 year old will just walk through the room (usually from his bedroom to the kitchen) and just say “Love Ya” in passing. I will walk down the hall way, pass his room and simply say Love Ya. Every phone conversation (and there are a lot during the summer with no school) ends with Love Ya. And now my 17 month old will say “Wuv U.” It pulls your heart strings when you hear it for the first time followed by a hug with him saying “Ahhhhhh” while he is patting you on the back. You realize that he gets the meaning of the word. I may not be able to give my boys everything they may want, however they will never have to question my love for them. When my mother and I will part, either on the phone or in person, we say “Love Ya.” Same with my 28 year old brother. My brother and I never missed a chance to say it to my now deceased grandmother. We have no regrets. And my step-father will hold my baby, rub the back of his head and say simply say “Love, Love.” His way of saying “I Love You.” It melts your heart to hear a grown man say this to a grandchild out loud. It is a simple word with a whole lot of meaning behind it. Could you imagine what it would be like without the “LOVE” of an important person in your life.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I love it!!!!! such nice heart warming ways to share that one simple word. I grew up not having verbalized that word any too much. We just KNEW it, so from the dutch ways I was raised, it was just not really spoken too much. I find myself also saying it constantly in my home. This made me realize how many times I do say it as well as Glenn, to the kids. No, they may also not get everything they THINK they need or want, but the love they have is very abundant!!! how sweet how you little one conveys the word, and I bet he does it with his big brother as well. SO special!!! enjoy these days, they pass so quickly!!! thanks for your input and starting my day with a smile.

  20. Jean McCormick Says:

    Another favorite word is perservere. On days when nothing seems to go right and everything is wrong we have to keep keeping on. We know we can’t give up even in the hardest of times, the lowest of times and times when we just want to give up. If we perservere and carry on God will be there even in our lowest points.

  21. Lana Schippers Says:

    Kelli…I guess I could say my favorite word is HAPPINESS….It’s a very cliche’ word, and frankly very underused…I have always had a very low tolerance for unhappiness, hence the reasons…so many life altering changes have happened in mine. HAPPINESS is different for everyone I think….from being content with your life as it is, being happy with what you have and who you surround yourself with…to a new puppy, a new baby or a wedding in someones future…HAPPINESS is a universal word. So many times my employees walk in to complain about everything that is wrong in their life…right now…I look at them and plainly say, “Tell me something that makes you happy right now, I know you have something good…” And their face looks as if they shouldn’t have been complaining at all…because no matter how bad things are…we create OUR OWN HAPPINESS! If we try we can literally pull it from anyplace…that is why HAPPINESS is my favorite word…no matter where I have been in my life my “low tolerance” for unhappiness has generated good…not bad for me.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      this is so wonderful coming from you. I can only imagine how you help to spread your own happiness to others as well. A good mentor to bring others happiness out in them, especially when they can not see (or find) it for themselves!!! I have seen this in you, as well as the kind of people you surround yourself with!!! VERY wonderful!!!!!!! I am so happy FOR you!!!

  22. Diane Fynaardt Says:


    Trust in the Lord,
    Trust in yourself,
    Trust that everything in this world is unfolding exactly as it should be according to a Higher Plan.

    ~easier said than done 😉 I’m always trying~

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I am always trying to. My mom taught me so much to STOP worrying about things and just have the confidence it is all for a reason. It all is fine in the end. Amazing how many years it took for this to sink in. I think it finally is…. and now it is MY job to teach that to my kids. {sigh}. I am not nearly as good of a teacher as my mom was. Bless her soul.

  23. Cheryl Lanser Says:

    One of my favorite words is “contentment” (so many of you have listed the others!). We live in a world where there is a constant drive to be better, do better, get more, have more… Contentment brings so much more peace to our lives. If we have time and energy to accomplish more, and love doing it, that’s one thing. But it is so easy to fall into the mindset of being discontent with what we have and where we are in life, that it can really take all the joy and peace out of it. So be content with the blessings and gifts you already have — way more than you can probably count! We just don’t take the time to “name them one by one.”

    • simplyaltered Says:

      ya know, I had let this word slip from my mind. I will let you know I love this WORD!!!! omg!!! When my dad passed away, I made a request to have a scripture read at his funeral. (excuse me if I do not have it 100% correct) but “For I have learned whatever state I am in, to be content”. Is that not perfect??? I am kind of weird on planning my own funeral, and I have all the details planned out and I specifically requested this exact verse. I work on this trait DAILY!!!
      It is so enlightening to hear people that have moved beyond the mindset of always striving for MORE material possessions. It is sometimes more than I can take when I see that behavior in action. Literally!!!

  24. Melissa Says:

    I have never thought about what my favorite word would be. I would have to say that right now I get pretty excited about free things. So today, my favorite word is “free”. Thanks for having this contest. I also liked your picture of the grated Fels Naptha. I may have to try grating it rather than fighting to break it up in the food processor.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      one of my favorite things to say is “Free is good”. (notice it in this post). I often send my family members offers of free things. I tell them (and my kids) you NEVER EVER pass up something FREE. Even if it is something YOU will never use, we will find someone that will!!!!
      Now, hopefully the Henkel Corp will send you a whole BIG shipment of free huh???

  25. Brandi Benedict Says:

    Something that sometimes seems so hard for me to achieve. I seem to be on the go so much with my two girls, being a full time “non-traditional” college student, wife, and homemaker that the moments seem to come few and far between, but when I do this word always comes to mind.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      ya know, looking at that word typed out is soothing , isn’t it??? I have a shirt that says Tranquility. Just the visual alone can relax me. Sounds like you are VERY busy and definitely NEED some tranquility!!! 🙂

  26. Dcviands Says:

    OPPORTUNITY – A favorable circumstance or combination of circumstances. We get opportunities every day, but sometimes we don’t use these opportunities that present themselves in our lives to their fullest.

  27. simplyaltered Says:

    Opportunity IS a good one. There are opportunities all the time, if we just open our eyes and hearts to see them!!!

  28. Jesse Says:

    because god is the answer to everything! 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      of course he is Jesse!!! I am very happy you posted this and the word you chose . Good for you!!! I am MORE than impressed. 🙂

  29. Noelle Bolibaugh Says:

    MOMMY. This is my favorite word. I hear it a thousand times a day for the last eight years and counting and everytime it makes me smile. And I bet everyone remembers the first time their child said this word too…it’s simple, sweet, and now and forever my name. 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      this post made me smile!!! such an honor to have that name given to you!! soon enough, it turns to MOM. I remember Mommy well and it makes me sad to see my kids outgrown that word. 😦

  30. Judy Says:

    STRENGTH – kind of goes with faith and endurance. My husband
    has Alzheimer’s and I need a lot of good words.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh bless your heart Judy. I have a customers whos WIFE has it and I find the stories absolutely heartbreaking!!! I wish you lots of strength. You probably have more of it than you can even imagine. I guess God finds it for us when we need it most.

  31. Karen B. Says:

    My word is CHARACTER. Long before the Character Counts programs began in the schools and communities, I preached to my son and daughter about being of good character. A couple years ago when my daughter graduated from high school, she gave me a gift…a stitched wall hanging she said was “so you, Mom!” It said, “Thoughts become words, Words become actions, Actions become habits, Habits become character and Character is everything.” That is the moment I realized they actually heard what I said and saw that I lived by what I said.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh man, this one IS a good one!!! I was in love with the Charachter Counts program!!! good for you to send the message long before that!!!
      and thanks for the reassurance that the kids DO hear what you are saying, even if it takes awhile to realize it. I feel much better now. THanks!!! 🙂

  32. Julie Says:

    I see that someone else has posted a form of my word — CONTENT. Thought I’d post it anyway. My husband and I have watched so many people chase big cars, bigger houses, more and more stuff for so many years. He would say, “What are we doing wrong???” I would reply, “We just have different priorities.” and “You never know how much debt they have to go with their stuff.” When the mortgage crisis hit, we weren’t surprised. We were sad for the folks losing houses, but we also knew that too many banks had loaned too much money for the borrowers’ ability to pay.

    So, for years, I’ve been claiming the word “content” as I really didn’t want more things even though others were chasing them. I can probably thank my second daughter for a little of that as well because she was (and still is) horrible to shop with…so we just stayed home. I realized that I really didn’t miss the shopping and the regretting of purchases. I couldn’t think of anything that I truly needed that I didn’t already have…and I couldn’t think of much that I even wanted that I didn’t have.

  33. simplyaltered Says:

    “Content” can not be posted often enough to suit me!!! I am in love with the word!!! We are the same as you. For years , it blew our minds to see how people HAD to be living beyond their means, what were WE doing wrong??? only to find out , we must have been doing something RIGHT afterall!!! we lived on a budget, and we had to tighten our budget ALOT, but felt thankful we could do so. Now, look. Pathetic. I also have been very intrigued by these homes that are now called Mc Mansions. How true is that??? nice and big was not good enough, people had to take it to the next level. All unnecessarily!!!
    and I also have a daughter that HATES to go shopping. The apple does not fall far from the tree. I dislike it very much. I would go to extremes to avoid shopping if I could. Therefore, we find ourselves much happier at home with what we have and making it work. I remind my husband all the time (in a light hearted way) how low maintence his women in the house really are. He sees it loud and clear now!!!!
    Thanks for your input!! I could really ramble on and on with this topic!!!

  34. Susan H Says:

    One of my favorite words is “Fabulous”. I like it because my daughter uses it a lot and it reminds me of her when I hear it. 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      you are right, it is FABULOUS!!! and especially a when it is used by your daughter. Must be a very positive daughter you have raised. 🙂

  35. Maria Says:

    Indescribable was the word that came to mind. It is the title of one of my favorite songs.

  36. Brook Says:

    I think “Acceptance” is my new favorite word…for this week. After hitting some unexpected road blocks recently, I am reminded of one of my favorite sayings…”Just put on your big girl panties and deal with it!”

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I love it !!!!!!! I had a roadblock today with my son, and I reminded him out of every mistake you make, there IS a lesson to learn from it!!!!!! funny how we I want my 14 year old to know that, yet we as adults are still dealing with that life lesson!!!

  37. LaVonne Says:

    Well, my favorite word is GRATEFUL! And I see it hasn’t been used yet. Had to think real hard how to describe it. I try every morning and before sleeping, to thank God for a few of the things I am grateful for. I also try daily to voice something I am grateful for. God blesses us SO many times a day with SO many things and people, it is impossible to list them all. And alot of the things, we so often take for granted. My Grateful List is never ending.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yes, and I have always given you full credit for being the most GRATEFUL friend that I have. 😉

  38. dlw Says:

    My favorite word is “miracle”. Our son was gravely ill when he was 5 years old. He was in the hospital for 3 months, with 10 weeks of that being in intensive care. We had a lot of support from our family, friends and the whole town of Oskaloosa. He was on a lot of prayer chains and through the grace of God, he survived. He is fine now. That is why I believe in “miracles”.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I remember that well having nieces and nephews that same age. What a MIRACLE he is!!! thank you for sharing such an inspiring story. A true testament to never give up hope.

  39. Gina L. Says:

    My favorite word is patience.
    I used to be one of the most impatient people. My friends, family, often nicknamed me “Mrs Instant Gratification”. I put my mind to something, and I do it or want it done. This has worked for many years, until I started gardening. I started out with a clean slate, the first year I planted some Persian Lilacs, a small Rhododendron and different varieties of roses. The Lilacs were looking pitiful, I had ordered them from a mailorder catalog, and all I had received were some funny looking sticks with a little root. My Rhododendron was a gallon size (it was the cheapest), the roses were all on sale for one or 2$. I was very disappointed the first year. Here I had envisioned this garden paradise, and all I had was some sticks and little plants. It is now year 9 in my gardening project. I am a long way from being done. I add every year. But my garden has taught me patience, and being humble. I thought I just had to plant something and it would be instant beauty, or at least some kind of flowers. I anticipated my Lilacs blooming after I planted them, until my neighbor kind of looked at me in a “snickering” manner, “you do know it takes 7 years for Lilacs to bloom?” This statement nearly crushed me. But they grew, they got nice leaves, and I was happy. My neighbors Rhododendron died after a few months. My little gallon sized one is now almost 6 ft. tall and wide. and puts on a spectacular display of pink perfusion in spring, and sometimes in the winter, if the winter is mild. My Lilacs started blooming in year 3, **YEAH**, and my neighbor couldn’t believe it. It was one bloom but we both looked at it, now all 4 of my Lilacs bloom in abundance each spring, and I savor the scent for all too soon they disappear. My husband says I have a green thumb. I don’t know, I just tell my plants when I put them in the ground, I did my part you do yours and we will get along fine. Most listen, and the ones that do not….well let’s not talk about peonies, who likes them anyways.
    Other people in the neighborhood walk by my rose garden every spring and smell the roses, and ask me what I do. And I think back of what I paid for them, it was really nothing, and some of them are the most precious roses ever. Native birds cherish my garden, meanwhile I have incorporated a lot of edible bushes, this year my Elderberries produced for the first time, while I want some next year, this years little crop belonged to my feathered friends. My sunflowers already inviting all the Goldfinches in the area, diving down from perched heights, hummingbirds take showers when I water the garden, they dance with the spray, an unreal experience, my husband was harvesting some beans and he couldn’t believe his eyes, he took some pictures with his cell phone, but the humming bird is hard to see.
    My backyard is an unmanicured delight for birds and wildlife. And while I sometimes threaten the bunnies for eating my stuff, they are just too cute. What’s another tomato. I only planted 50 tomato plants this year…lol
    My sister has been going through a hard time this year, in her 40’s like myself she became drug addicted and has been struggling with it. She finally went to rehab, and we had a few good conversations since then, unfortunately we live 2800 miles apart. She said you sound like our Aunt, who is no longer with us, but was one of the most laid back women in our family. She said what happened to you, you sound so “Zen-like”. I thought about it and finally it hit. You cannot rush anything. Everything has a different time table, whether it be Persian Lilacs, or finding your way back out of addiction.
    It was very humbling to realize, that most of the time you are not really in charge, and a higher power is trying to teach you….something different for everybody.
    I hope this wasn’t too long!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      wow…you really know your stuff in gardening of all types. I agree, it does take alot of patience, that is why gardening is my HUSBANDS job. I could never handle all the things you are involved with your gardening. I think you are a more patient person than you give yourself credit for. 🙂

  40. Christy Says:

    My favorite word is silly—

    I tend to be an excellent worrier—and I often have to remind myself to enjoy the silly things in life……So take time to be silly!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Nice to hear from you again Christy!!! I have been missing you ) 🙂 silly is right, and from the sense of humor I have seen on your blog, I think you display that word VERY well!!!

  41. Jules Says:

    Family is my word. Family is very important to me. It is what brings us here and takes where we go. We can add to our families, which I did again this summer and that is a most awesome experience! We can learn about our family of the past and wonder and imagine our family of the future. We can love them, cherish them, miss them, appreciate them and even take them for granted at times. My family is always there for me. i could go on forever but that is one of my favorite words!

  42. Shirley Says:

    Appreciate…….shouldn’t we all appreciate everything that we are blessed with…..even if we sometimes don’t see some things as blessings. To everything there is a purpose……..

  43. simplyaltered Says:

    Thank you Shirley. We are all so blessed in ways we sometimes overlook. 🙂

  44. bejes Says:

    Repurpose. What a terrific word. It is the opportunity to be totally creative, cheap, and green all together. Those are all terrific things to be. Just take something that you might not need or use anymore and transform it into something new, usefull, and AWESOME!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      and we all know who does the REPURPOSE the bestest of all??? Y.O.U !!!!!!! you pretty much rock at having that vision. Now, get a storefront open. !!!!!!!

  45. Dorothy Bowlsby Says:

    My favorite word is simply “Jesus”. By asking Jesus in your heart to be your personal Lord and Savior, your life is a lot simpler. Jesus is motivating, inspiring and encouraging! He delights in caring for us. He lays Himself out for us continually, He is ever guiding us, He is ever working on our behalf to make sure that we will benefit from His care. He is my Lord and my Shepherd, I shall not want.

  46. Tressa Wagner Says:

    My word would be “Peaceful” – this is the feeling I receive when I can provide for my family with frugal ways. I love to look for ways to save the money we (my husband and myself) work so hard for. I get a giddy feeling when I save so much at the store or when my girls need something and they know they only need to go to the pantry because it is probably already there – because mom found it on sale with a coupon.
    With one daughter preparing for college – the Back to School shopping was a little different this year. But I (we – all the great people I learn from) have taught her well – as she looked at the items she wanted, she would consult the coupon box first and then compare prices. That is a peaceful feeling to me knowing that I have instilled some frugal values to my children. Peaceful is a great feeling!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I love this!!!!!! it makes me SMILE very big!!! I am the same as you getting all giddy at saving money. Each time I use coupons etc I have to come home and announce it and report it to my kids and husband!! “look how much we saved” and everyone gets excited!!! it is such great lessons for the kids and I have even caught them plannning on what they are buying/eating whatever depending on where we have coupons for!!!!! ahhhh they do listen. 🙂

  47. blt Says:

    One more…simple. Life is so much more enjoyable, and so much more bearable, if we just simplify it. Simple gifts bring the greatest pleasures. Simple words emit the greatest emotions (thank you, I love you, I’m sorry, etc.). If we simplify our problems they become manageable. Clutter leaves our lives (and our heads!). We’re more open to peace and love and forgiveness. It’s just SIMPLE. Live simply.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      SO right!!!!! and speaking of simple gifts, I am having a home made Christmas this year. I did the same last year, vowed to make and create each gift ….and it is SO well recieved, I think I am doing it each year from now on!!!!!!!!!

  48. Dannitta Says:

    My favorite word(s) would be FRIENDS/FRIENDSHIP. I just started reading the book, The Girls from Ames. I realize, that while I don’t have 11 friends, I do have 5 friends that I have known since grade school. I even married one of them. As I am growing older I realize how important these people have been and continue to be in my life. I am the only one of us girls that stayed around here and even though with our busy lives taking us in all different directions over the years, we can pick up the phone and start talking and we can still finish each others sentences 🙂 We recently had a reunion and it was just like graduation was yesterday. So here’s to the Girls from Osky and the Guy from Eddyville. 🙂

  49. simplyaltered Says:

    that is very good Dannitta. I almost bought that book, but am trying to get caught up on what I already NEED to get read.
    You are SO lucky to have that group of friends, such long lasting friendships are hard to come by!!!! especially “girls” !! so funny to add in that “guy from Eddyville” too. I did not know he was from there. You really are blessed on all accounts.

  50. BLT Says:

    Today my favorite word is PUPPIES. Now…didn’t that put a smile on your face?!!! I love their fat little tummies, rollick-frolic tumbling play, soft fur and loose skin, and their SMELL.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      they are SO fun!!! kittens too huh?? we had a stray kitten this week at our house and you could not even go outside without it wanting to climb all over you!!! they are SO playful!!!!

  51. JDG Says:

    I would have to say my favorite word is MINDFULNESS. Really paying attention to what is happening in our own lives and being aware of what is happening around us. Taking the time to really be in the present moment. You have given me ways to “simplify” my life which has helped me to be more MINDFUL of the things I do out of habit( going to the same stores in town, buying and using the same cleaning products, always hurrying around) rather than slow down and really be MINDFUL and present in the moment.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      that is very true. Sometimes we just get oblivious to our surroundings!! I am very guilty of this. Which is kind of the way I got onto the laundry soap. I looked at my grocery cart, and looked for ONE thing I can do better at, ONE thing I could eliminate from my bills…..aha, I discovered it in a very big way!!! 🙂

  52. Becky Says:

    My favorite word is PEACE. No matter how hectic things get I feel peace in just knowing that God will take care of everything.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      VERY true. A little faith that all will be taken care of is what gets me through some tough days. 🙂

  53. keri Says:

    Right now, our favorite word is “shingle”. I know this sounds strange to have as a favorite word, but we just had a 10 mile wide, 30 mile long hailstorm (stones from ping pong to softball sized) run through our county in Iowa. A shingle, or more precisely a BUNCH of shingles, is all that’s keeping a lot of people in our area from losing all that they have; keep all of those that lost homes, crops, vehicles and livelihoods in your thoughts as we anticipate rain this week.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh my goodness, that is TOO bad!!!!! I remember many years ago, when we had a huge hail storm!! it was a nightmare, and one that certainly did not go away with the hail, the ramifications lasted long after!! Our thought are with you!!!!!!

  54. BLT Says:

    Serenity, Friendship, Stillness, Quietude, Balance, Moderation, Music, Awakening, Enlightenment, Awareness, Wisdom, Gentility, Courtesy, Nurture, Poetry.

    I don’t want to explain any of these. I just hope they bring a calmness and peace over your spirit and you stop to VISUALIZE and HEAR what these words bring to you today.

    Slow down and LIVE. EACH. MOMENT. of your day!


  55. simplyaltered Says:

    thank you for the SERENE words!!! each one of them make me want to take a deep breath in and RELAX!!!

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