some interesting info..

ahhhh so close to home.

ahhhh so close to home.

Imagine how big I am smiling!!!

I was browsing the internet tonight (I know, imagine THAT!!!)  I can not remember WHERE it was I saw this, but did you know than amongst a few other words,  the word “STAYCATION” has been added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary for 2009  !!!!!!  yeah, can you believe it???  I know.  Seems trivial to some, but I found it to be VERY interesting and QUITE ironic.  The one year I have used this word over and over, I sort of assumed it was just a made up slang word.  It is not, it is in the dictionary now!!!    This is making our Staycation plans even sweeter now.  It is official, a Staycation is real .   🙂

Then searching the word, I found this image I just HAD to share with you…..with just a little imagination, it even looks like my house!  (only my hammock is all white)

All within the same week as random WORDS have been my main source of inspiration anyway.

I know, I know.  My mind wanders late at night.

Reminder:  add your words and read through the comments.  They are all GREAT!!!!


10 Responses to “some interesting info..”

  1. Diane G Says:

    I guess with the current state of the economy alot of people will be staying home or if traveling will do it closer to home.

    One of my most used words is GRATITUDE. I try to be grateful for everything I have and it seems no matter how bad things seem sometimes I can always look around me and find others who have it far worse.

    Diane G

    • simplyaltered Says:

      and these days you really do not need to look very far to see those who are in a near dire situation. VERY sad.

  2. BLT Says:

    We’ve been married 8 years this year…and have staycationed 6 of them. Guess we’re just old pros..AND…you should see our yard after all those years of tinkering/planting/designing!!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      good for you!!! and you get to look at and enjoy all those “Staycations” all year long, year after year!!! 🙂

  3. olold plow woman Says:

    Good Afternoon and my word to share today is GREAT. People often say how are you and how do most respond? Well I say Great sometimes people will than reply really? My answer always the same ” why be good when you can take it up a notch and make your day GREAT. If you are having a so so kind of day – take it up just one notch to say great and before long you will find that you are feeling just a bit better. I hope you have a Great Day!!!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      That is GREAT!!! I can just hear you with that response!! 🙂 and you have become a GREAT blog friend to me!! thank you!!

  4. kathy ferris Says:

    I’ve enjoyed your recent posts. My favorite word is CHERISH. I’ve learned to cherish even the negative events of life. Arguments, life losses, challenges always teach me something and result in my cherishing what I have. I love the hammock photo; wish I were there right now. Kathy

  5. simplyaltered Says:

    you are right, even from the negative things that come our way, there is always something positive to learn from it. Might take awhile to realize it , but the lesson is there if we look for it.
    I agree. Isn’t that hammock WONDERFUL???

  6. bejes Says:

    I too like words that are more than one word put together into one word. Linus does this a lot. Some examples include: Whereayou?, Lobyou, twofreetwofree (that would be the numbers after one when counting), and my personal favorite: Sankumommy.

  7. simplyaltered Says:

    awwww….that “sankumommy” one tugs at my heart!!!! DICKENS.

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