my idea of multi-tasking

$35 worth  !!!!

$35 worth !!!! buns, strawberries, crackers, grapes, yogurt and deli meats.

My idea of multi-tasking!!!  I got exercise, got some sun and did some grocery shopping!!!   and an added bonus, I am working on completely  humiliating my kids all at the same time.  It is working well.

I got some work done to my bicycle and tended to some badly needed repairs.  I like to take a leisurely ride, but still have this feeling that I should be accomplishing something at the same time. Of course,  I needed a bicycle basket!!    I got one today after my kids ROLLED their eyes in embarassment, with the THOUGHT that someone they know,  just might HAPPEN to actually see me!!!  oh, the humiliation.   (LOL)   I have to admit, even my husband thought I was crazy, but he attached it to the bike none the less.  It is really neat.  Snaps on and off very easily, so it doubles as a shopping basket, and if I wanted to go somewhere withOUT the basket, like a bike trail (oh my!!!)  I could.

I was off.

Took a ride uptown, stopped at my favorite book store (The Book Vault) remember the link???   I picked up a book ironically titled “Why is My Mother Getting a Tattoo?  .. {and other questions I wish I never had to ask}    funny huh???

Then to Hy-Vee for a few groceries.  I have to say the benefits are endless, as you DO have to shop VERY wisely when you are limited to a bicycle basket.   I managed to get $35 dollars worth of groceries inside it, the book I purchased, my purse and a cell phone all inside.  VERY strategically packed mind you.  🙂

…and back home I went.  It felt good.  My kids give me a hard time, all in good humor, but I think maybe, JUST maybe they think I am sorta of cool afterall.

Have a great week ahead, and REMEMBER……I am still taking your favorite words!!!!  submit more anytime you feel the notion.


20 Responses to “my idea of multi-tasking”

  1. bejes Says:

    Very nice Kel! I too am limited to a basket for grocery trips, only mine is under a stroller. Any way, I guess I will add my word now. It has been mentioned before but I like to use it a bit differently. The word is …wait for it….awesome. I do not use it to explain something terrific or wonderful. It simply stands alone, after something that is so rediculous that all you can say is……Awesome.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      yeah, I thought of you with the stroller. Atleast I don’t have a toddler to pack too. Not sure I could do that!!!
      and the word? I swear I was thinking of that the other day when LTC made a post to FB. Yep, you have certainly put that word “awesome” in a whole new context!!! it is SO you!!!!!

  2. BLT Says:

    Alright…as if I don’t have ENOUGH to read ALREADY!!!! Another book to add to my ever growing list!!! One more reason to buy a Kindle (space consideration)!!!

    It’s great to see you on your bike! What a great contribution to the environment and your health!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      oh a Kindle. When are you getting one??? I am still amazed of such a thing, but then again, almost should have been able to predict that would be next!!! I can not imagine the space savings with that!!!
      The book??? exactly like my family. How one question takes 100 phone calls / e mails, and everyones opinions have to be voiced. 5 girls in the family…..imagine that!!!

      • BLT Says:

        Not sure on the Kindle because of yesterday. The New Yorker came out this week (well..YESTERDAY!) with a BAAAAD article on it. Makes me have second thoughts.

        And I real A LOT of CURRENT fiction/poetry…Tinhouse, McSweeney’s, etc., which is 1) not available and probably will NEVER be available on Kindle and 2) would not be the same on Kindle as it’s so much about the EXPERIENCE of reading which would disappear with a Kindle..the art, the layout, etc…so as of yesterday, I’m second-guessing myself but would LUV to have it for my 1800s collection..(Tocqueville, Hawthorne, Nietzsche, Marie Corelli, etc., etc., etc.!!)

        Therein lies my dilemma…all those oldies I could store but I LUV the smell and feel of musty old books that are dog eared from traveling through 3 centuries of time and all those people, miles, boxes, etc., to get to me… The New Yorker brought my love of that EXPERIENCE to the forefront in a significant way yesterday.

        Guess I’ll be spending a lot of time at the PP Booksale and the Pro Life Booksale this fall!!! But I’ll keep thinking about the Kindle and let you know!

  3. wanda schultz Says:

    Hey Kelli

  4. wanda schultz Says:

    Hey Kelli
    I used to have a bike like that and it had a basket too…the “grown” daughters said all I needed was “Toto”…hmmm. Still looking for a used, working food processor. If you hear of one, will you let me know? Wanda

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I have a little black poodle that I just might try to get in there!!! wouldn’t that make for a fun update??
      We are still looking for procesors, but they are hard to come by anymore .. I think the Osky gals are buying them all up!!!! but Kris goes all the time, so she will keep her eyes open.

  5. Linda Says:

    Good for YOU! I’ve got copd, and need to exercise. Due to back problems, I don’t get near enough though. This just may motivate me to try harder.
    If I may….I’d like to add my favorite word….Ability.
    Having an adult handicapped son (Reye’s Syndrom when he was seven) left him with many many challenges. I hate the word disability…..people often don’t see the ABILITY that such persons do have.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I am flattered to see that I am motivating someone. I need motivation myself, as I have some weight that has somehow found me once again!!!
      Reyes? I am unfamiliar with this, but yes disability is such a sad word. Sounds like with a mom like you, it is easily managed or overcome emotionally. Good for you and your son!!!

  6. LaVonne Says:

    Looking good Kel!

  7. Lana Schippers Says:

    I don’t know which part of your story is funnier…the humiliation…or that book. You are so funny…I am sorry I missed so many years of knowing you when we are related Kelli.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      two words. ME TOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and it has certainly been WAY to many years) ok, I knew I would end up with a paragraph!! what was I thinking???? 🙂

  8. diane fynaardt Says:

    You go girl….. ( another favorite saying)

  9. stampit74 Says:

    When I see this picture it makes me think of my “Daisy” ATC!
    I love bikes!! keep in shape! Grandchildren love bike riding w/their grammie!!! I know from experience! lol

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I better keep at it then, as it is going to take me awhile to feel “in shape” again!! my legs are BURNING tonight!!! ouch!!

  10. Prudence milner Says:

    LOL Awesome! I love it!

  11. simplyaltered Says:

    Thanks!!! my legs are NOT loving it though!! ouch!!1

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