quench your thirst!!!

and it really WILL be freshly squeezed!!

and it really WILL be freshly squeezed!!

I am at Oskaloosa Hy-Vee all day tomorrow !!  squeezing lots of limes and handing out samples of  Simply Altered Cherry Limeades!!!!  yummy!!!   be sure to stop by and see me.

I will also be in the store all day Saturday.  Not sure what I will be sampling that day, but it is sure to be a signature blog item!!   yeah!!

Note:  I will have to take a break from Hy-Vee from about 11:30 to 1:00.  It is my sons turn to go on a church trip, my husband is working, my daughter is babysitting and I have the Hy-Vee things going on.  !!  makes me realize how lucky I am to normally be working from home every day.  I will actually have to juggle my schedule around like the rest of the world normally has to do.  Nothing like this, to make me appreciate how lucky I am to be available the other 363 days a year.

Stop by to see me if you can.


14 Responses to “quench your thirst!!!”

  1. Jesse Says:

    I’ll diffently be by there!

  2. Becky Says:

    We have been making these with Strawberries…YUM! I get the frozen strawberries with sugar and let them thaw and then blend them and pour them back into the container to use out of when I want one! You can put however much you want in to your liking! They are soooo good!

    • simplyaltered Says:

      oh that sounds delicious!!!! I will have to give it a try. My two favorite berries. Strawberries and raspberries!!! yum!!

  3. pat Says:

    Can you tell which post has the recipie for the cherry limeade. I can’t find it. thanks

    • simplyaltered Says:

      the post titled “Pure Refreshment”. if you can not locate it, just type it in within the “Site Search” box and it will pop right up. 🙂

  4. diane fynaardt Says:

    kelsey thinks we need to make a trip to osky today 🙂

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Darn, I did not see you today!! if you are around, stop by tomorrow and pick up a sample of “Simply Fantastic” 🙂

  5. kim Says:

    i am soooo mixed up on my days and time…i am not sure if i will be there 🙂

  6. Pam Taylor Says:

    very refreshing and especially more so now that I am using regular soda. Just can’t get the hang of diet…..Was good to see u Friday….

    • simplyaltered Says:

      I never believed my mom when she said once you get used to diet, you can not drink regular. Another word of her wisdom. I drink ONLY diet now. She would be proud. 🙂
      Nice seeing you too…thanks for stopping by (twice) !! 🙂

  7. bejes Says:

    I really like those drinks, I also like the word winner, which is what I am going to be with all these terrific words I have been posting today. Woot Woot!!!

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