my Sunday night thought process….

VERY unlikely image as I do NOT like to go shopping!!!

VERY unlikely image as I do NOT like to go shopping!!!

I had a “guest blogger” all planned out and was hoping she would carve enough time out of her day to make her post, but no such luck.  She is TOO busy, so I am doing my regular thing, and hopefully you will get to meet her in the next day or so.  🙂    there, I blogged it, so now she HAS to do it. Right??  (any guesses??)

So…that brings me to what I want to blog about tonight.   I tossed and turned last night in bed, and my thoughts went to what I will post next.

Here goes.

Do you know how many stores in my hometown that I have either NEVER been inside, or been inside VERY rarely?   many more than I would like to admit.  I go to the same grocery store, the same drug store, the same restaurants and the same gift shops.  I also get my gasoline at the same gas station.   Over and over and over.  This is good.  Loyalty is good.  BUT…..I am challenging myself and all my blog readers as well,  to step OUT of your normal routine and visit a DIFFERENT store this week.    I have in mind where I am going to go, but I also want to hear YOURS.    How many times have I been to a farm supply store?  or the little convenience store that is NOT on my “end of town” ?  not very many.   I may be pleasantly surprised what is in those places, or the people I find that work there.

And sometimes, just sometimes, if you look hard and find a little undiscovered place, one that is not the HOT SPOT in town, they will be pleasantly surprised to see a new face.  They appreciate the foot traffic, even if you are just there to browse around.  It feels good as a store owner to see new faces.  I hope you (and I ) are pleased with the welcome we receive.   Just for the fun of it, let everyone here know where you chose to go, and how you were treated.  With open arms and a great big smile??  or were you “ignored” because you were not familiar to them.    I am SO hoping to hear good reports, but regardless, it will be interesting.

Regardless if  you are from a large metropolitan area, or the most quaint rural area, I know there is SOMEWHERE that you hardly ever visit.  Please go there this week.

Try it out.  I plan to.


16 Responses to “my Sunday night thought process….”

  1. bejes Says:

    I went to a new place just yesterday. It was called Cafe Ceramique and it was AWESOME! Me and Machita had so much fun. Our waiter was not the most helpful person I have ever met but I am so glad I went and will definitely be back there again!

  2. simplyaltered Says:

    good for you!!! and especially since you got some kid-free time in Dubai doing it!!! 🙂 mark the box FRAGILE when you send it my way!!! 🙂

  3. Clara Says:

    As you know we moved around 5 weeks ago to another town in Iowa. I very, very seldom go into a hardware store but have needed to every week we have been here. I don’t even have to get into my car, it’s only two blocks away. I couldn’t believe how nice everyone was to me. I went in and needed screws for my bed because the movers lost them and they helped with that. One time Bob went in and was 8 cents short and they told him to forget it, he called me and I went up there and gave them the 8 cents and they said I didn’t have to do that. Some days it seems like we are in there every day and one reason is because they are nice and answer our questions.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      Oh, I love stories like this!!! kind of like True Value here in town. They are always so nice and helpful!!! and where in a big city would they let you leave without paying in FULL??? 🙂

  4. Mishelle Says:

    This is going to be fun to read. I have the opposite problem. I go into any little place that I find. I used to travel for work as a rep and I would spend lots of time in between sales calls just dropping into little places in other states. One of the states I covered was Minnesota and they have lots of undiscovered treasures there!! I’m glad my boss never discovered my obsession….

    • simplyaltered Says:

      funny!!! but keep looking, even if on the road and you go int he most UNLIKELY place. Make a point to do that, not just the places that appear like your style. Pick just the opposite. 🙂

  5. Diane G Says:

    I was pretty much in a rut with going the “usual” places each week too.

    A few weeks ago I decided to check out a “FreshMart” that I don’t usually stop at. They had all kinds of really fresh produce and the prices were more reasonable than the usual grocery store I shop at. There have been occasions since that initial visit where I’ve stocked up on fresh fruits and veggies at the FreshMart and ended up not even going to the grocery store.


    • simplyaltered Says:

      I would love to have a Fresh Mart in my town!!! man, that sounds awesome!!! lucky you. ….and anything to avoid the grocery store is DOUBLY wonderful!!!!

  6. Jules Says:

    I am planning a stop tomorrow when I am in town to a place I hardly visit, not too exciting but but it is for an exciting item! i am going to Aldi’s to get a cheap food processor they have in their ad, my little chopper isn’t doing the trick anymore with the fels naptha. This is a place I always think I will go because they have good deals on groceries but with children usually in tow and I have my list made according to my HyVee I rarely go there. So my stop fits the blog assignment and relates to Simply Wonderful!!!!!!! BTW I keep forgetting to mention since I am not on here much lately, I love the altered caffiene and the baby wipes, I gave them as a baby shower gift also this weekend!!! I need to try the cleaner as an addition to my other homemade cleaners.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      makes me miss our Aldis!!! I did not go there often, but do miss it on occasion. 🙂 and leave it to YOU to do both things with Simply Altered in mind!! you are good!!! and I have to admit, I have missed your postings. A little busy??? 😉

  7. olold plow woman Says:

    Well This Thursday my niece age 12 and I have a date to do exactly what you are asking we are trying out a new store in Valley Junction called Lillians. This store is only open 4 days a month and I hear they have those convertable flip flops that you were thinking about purchasing and I hear the deal is buy one get one free – I will let you know.

    • simplyaltered Says:

      that is tomorrow, so I am hoping you have a GREAT time!!! as much as I love Valley Junction, it seems I hardly ever get there!!! hmmmm….maybe this would be a good excuse??? 🙂

  8. Verona Says:

    I had mentioned to you that I had not been able to find Fels Naptha or Arm and Hammer washing soda in TX and would look in FL on vacation.
    Bingo! The first grocery store I tried had both–(Publix) I was so pleased. My husband doesn’t see yet how this going to make our life simpler if we have to grind it all up in the food chopper. 🙂 but, I’m going to try out your soap recipe next week.

    Boy, is Disney ever hot in August. I have visited with women from Alaska, England, Northern NY and Michigan–and they all agree with me. 🙂

  9. simplyaltered Says:

    tell your husband it is all a piece of the big picture….of simplifying!! 🙂 each piece is one step closer.
    and if he does not buy that?? show him the PLASTIC JUGS that are no longer being thrown in your garbage!! that usually impresses the men!! 🙂

  10. olold plow woman Says:

    Ok I took your advice try something new and what a great time I had. I took a vacation day on Wednesday and I watched the sun rise above the tres across the field in front of my home and than I was hungry so I went to the casino boat in Osceola and had a buffet breakfast alone – I NEVER do the restraunt alone thing – it was peaceful. I stopped at the walmart in town and than I stopped at the Harvest Barn between Osceola and Lucas Iowa and did a little shopping – wonderful place I hadn’t been there in 6 years so it was like going to a new store. My word for Wednesday was RELAXING because it was a day about me I finished it off in Chariton having truly a pefect glass of ice tea with my lady friends Now lets start my Thursday evening excited ment my niece of 12 years and I visited lillians in Valley junction – no switch flop shoes but they had alot of handbags so we giggled and bought handbags which I will use and than recycle by giving it to my sister and my word for thursday would have been Enjoyable. I enjoy every minute I am with my niece she truly is a wonderful young lady with a heart that loves to give. Our date for September will be to make dog biscuits to donate to Iowa Life Line.

  11. simplyaltered Says:

    I am so tickled you had a great time!! I have NEVER had a problem dining alone, actually alot of time, this is the way I prefer it. I will have to stop by this place at VJ. It sounds wonderful and your next date sounds perfect for such a giving person as you must be. WAY to go!!!! make lots of 4 legged friends happy!!!

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